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OK, I don't get it.


I have a sequence.  I have pixels...normal channels...CCR.....etc.  I want to add effects to it in PE.  So, I migrate the information into PE.


I see the channel information in PE.  But when I hit preview....nothing.  PE preview does not show any of that information.  It only shows the new stuff I create in PE



So, I am guessing that everything is working correct.  


This migration just shows me that there is something there.  It will still work when I play it in SE????  


PE will only show me the new effects I create in PE and that will be in the intensity file I export??


So, if I want to create some effects on an RGB pixel bush in PE that already has SE sequencing...how will that work??  



I know Matt said that if you hit "remove prop data from sequence editor" that it will reduce the file size etc....but will it incorporate or erase my old sequence data?

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The workflow for migration from SE to PE is as follows:


1) Create your preview in the Pixel Editor. For props that you want to migrate from SE to PE, the channels you set up in PE must match the channels that have been set up in SE.


2) Open a sequence that you want to migrate. This sequence should use the preview where you have taken care to match the PE prop channels to those in SE.


3) Select Sequence > Migration Tools > Import from Sequence Editor from the menu. In the import window, you will see a list of all props where the Sequence Method is set to PE. For the props you want to migrate the value in the PE Channels column should match the value in the SE Channels column and the Delta column should be 0. If the delta is not zero, then there are problems in your channel assignments (could be in SE or PE) and migration will produce incorrect results. If the SE Events column is no, that means there are nothing in SE to migrate. If the PE Events column is yes, then those events will get overwritten during the migration - so beware.


4) Click the checkboxes for the props you want to migrate. Then click the Import button.


5) The props that were imported should look exactly, pixel for pixel, like they did in SE (assuming your channels matched in step 3). Verify this by playing back the PE sequence. If it does not look correct, then recheck you channel assignments in both SE and PE, and then re-import.


6) If the import looks good, then you can proceed with removing the events (ramps, shimmers, twinkles) from your SE sequence. Select Sequence > Migration Tools > Remove prop channel data from Sequence Editor from the PE menu. In the popup window, select the props that were successfully imported in the previous steps. A backup copy of the original SE sequence is made with the date and time of the import appended to the filename. The LMS/LAS file will be changed as follows:

  • ramps, shimmers, twinkles removed from imported props
  • channel names for imported props will have "Migrated to PE-" added to the beginning of the name
  • network information information will be removed (LOR or DMX, unit id/universe #, etc.)  - so it will no longer conflict with the data in PE



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