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DMX doesn't display in Visualizer unless...

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There is now a checkbox in LOR network configuration for Enhanced network.  Apparently a LOR network can be one or the other.


Enhanced network is used for the new enhanced protocol that was introduced in S4.


I was trying to confirm what I think I know - specifically what controllers will work with the new protocol.  I'm going to have to re-arrange some of my networking since I have several controllers that won't handle the enhanced network (my old AC controllers) and a couple I don't know about for sure.  If everything except the old AC controllers will handle the enhanced protocol (after some firmware upgrades), I will only have to pull one piece of cable to make it work and I have plenty of conduit space to that location.

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The LOR Enhanced protocol is a new (to S4) addition to the LOR protocol.  It is part of the overall S4 change to help with large channel counts (although there's no reason you couldn't use it with small channel counts).  LOR Enhanced is required in order to use intensity files (which are the new S4 files generated by the Pixel Editor and in some cases SuperStar) for an LOR network.


To turn LOR Enhanced on for a network, go into that network's settings in Network Config, and check the "Enhanced" box.  You may then have to stop/start various programs (like the Sequence Editor) in order to get everything to fully start using your new network configuration.


In order to use LOR Enhanced:

  • You must have a Pro license.
  • The Comm Listener must be running.  Typically this just means the LOR Control Panel must be running.
  • In order to control actual lights on the network, the controllers/firmware must support LOR Enhanced protocol.

Regarding that last point: I'm sorry, but I personally am not sure exactly what controllers do or do not support LOR Enhanced, and for those that do, I am not sure exactly what firmware levels are required.  If there is any question about this, I suggest asking on our helpdesk, where the question will presumably be routed to someone more knowledgeable about the controllers/firmware than I am.  Also, if you've got Pro and your controllers are hooked up, it's easy enough to check whether they work: Just change it to an enhanced network, make sure the Comm Listener is up and running, and try it out.  If they work, great; if not, there may be a firmware update available that will make them work.

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I'm pretty sure I just replied to your help desk ticket about which devices will support LOR Enhanced.  For everyone else:


Generally, the controller has to be able to support 500K.  Not that 500K is a requirement for LOR Enhanced, just that those devices are newer and will have the firmware updates (already done or in the future) needed for LOR Enhanced.


This includes:

G3 'normal' controllers


Cosmic Color Devices 

Pixcon16 (not released yet)


The Pixcon16 is actually kind of special in this regard.  It can run either in E1.31 mode (which would be DMX so LOR Enhanced does not apply), or in LOR mode on an LOR network.  When run on an LOR network, the Pixcon16 can ONLY be run at 500K, and can ONLY accept enhanced protocol.  It will not run at any slower speed or on a non-enhanced network.


Please note that your equipment (even if on this list) may not work with Enhanced until you perform a firmware update.  The S4 installer comes with the most recent firmware releases so you may need to update from there.

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Is the LOR network configured as an Enhanced network or not?


That was it.  Changed the config on the one network being used for the testing to Enhanced and Visualizer displayed both the E1.31 and LOR traffic (with no dongles plugged in, and "Control Lights" un-checked).


Now this weekend I get to verify what devices will and will not do enhanced network and then see if firmware upgrades fix that...

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