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SC03 Pixel Editor Poor Audio Quality

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Report Number: SC03

Module: Pixel Editor

Software Version: 4.0.2

OS Version: Windows platform 7.0 / Windows Media Player Version  12.0.7601.18741


When Playing a sequence back in Pixel Editor the audio quality is very poor. It sounds like the audio is very compressed and has almost no dynamic range. There is also an issue with the frequency response. It sounds like there is a 6 to 8db roll off around 8K. There is also something going on in the lowed as well. I haven't had time to play a pink noise file and look at it on my SMARRT rig. But there is defiantly a problem. 


I only use WAV. files, nothing compressed and no MP3's.


If I play the audio file from Windows Media Player it plays fine. If I play it from the sequence editor it plays fine. There is only a sound quality issue when it is played from the Pixel Editor.

Repeatability: Constant

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When playing back in the main Pixel Editor window, it is playing back compressed, mono audio. If you open the preview window, it will play back with full fidelity. Dan has complained about this too, so it is likely to change before the beta period is over.



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