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List of Known Issues for LOR S4.0

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This is the official list of known issues for LOR 4.0 Beta.  Beta Testers, please check this list first before you post any issues that you should find in the code. 


Please note.  This list is current as of the most recent build of the Beta, which is currently V4.0.36.  You should always upgrade to the latest version of the Beta available when testing and or checking if a bug is resolved.  

Format of Listings below:

ID (module) (category): description

ID: An identifier for the issue, such as "DB01".

Module: The portion of LOR that this applies to, for example "Sequence Editor" or "Hardware Utility".

Category: One of the following:

  • Show Stopper: The software will not be released without this fixed.
  • Nuisance: A change may be made to fix this, but the software may be released without it fixed.
  • Nuisance: A lower priority "Nuisance".
  • Document: May be fixed by providing better documentation.
  • Document: A lower priority "Document".
  • Feature: A new feature that will be added

The following issues have been reported, and have not yet been corrected.

  • DL01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Pixel Editor App Crash
  • JMW02 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Incorrect Positions in Simulation
  • DT01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Pixel Editor fails to load
  • JMW01 (Installer) (Nuisance): Installation failure with programs running
  • JF01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Error Message in PE (unhandled exception)


The following issues have been reported, and developers have made fixes but those fixes have not yet been released to Beta.

  • None at this time

The following issues have been reported, developers have made fixes for them, and those fixes have been released in the latest version of the Beta, but they have not yet been reported as retested by Beta testers.  If you are a Beta tester who reported one of these issues, please retest it using the latest version of the Beta, and post a report in the issue's thread saying whether it has been corrected or not (thanks!).

  • BY01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Preview Design Parm Name error
  • BL01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Unable to find audio in sub-directory
  • SC03 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Poor audio quality
  • IN01 (Sequence Editor) (Document): Using intensity files as sub-sequences
  • CS06 (Visualizer) (Show Stopper): Visualizer not simulating all items in normal renderer
  • DG01 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Visualizer does not render duplicate DMX Pixel Fixtures.
  • DM03 (Hardware Utility) (Feature): Add DMX testing to Pixel Console in HWU
  • MB02 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Problem with lines in PE
  • SS01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Save As keeps same modify date
  • CS09 (Pixel Editor) (Show Stopper): PE Non responsive/crashes
  • DM04 (Hardware Utility) (Feature): Allow for easier testing of CCR/CCB/CCP in HWU
  • SC06 (Pixel Editor) (Show Stopper): PE Generated incorrect intensity file
  • JRW03 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Pixel String Creation not displaying existing fixtures
  • JRW04 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Visualizer won't use existing Props
  • LCS01 (Hardware Utility) (Nuisance): Off button in HWU does not turn off all pixels
  • DM06 (Hardware Utility) (Nuisance):  Pixel Console does not correctly reset sliders on UID change
  • DM07 (Network Preferences) (Nuisance): Import/Export of registry to filename with special characters could fail
  • DM08 (Network Preferences) (Nuisance): Better defaults for DMX Universes.
  • DH01 - (Hardware Utility) (Nuisance) HWU Crashes on open of Pixel Console
  • JRW07 (Control Panel) (Nuisance) Show player status window not updated
  • JLM02 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Visualizer on top
  • CS10 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Visualizer and cut CCRs.
  • JWM01 (Sequence Editor) (Nuisance): Long time to save LCC file
  • JEM01 (Sequence Editor) (Show Stopper): Channel Grouping


CLOSED - No Action

The following issues have been reported, and the issue could not be reproduced or was otherwise not an error that required a fix.  Please re-open these issues if you can duplicate the error.

  • CS03 (Pixel Editor) : Pixel Editor renames all DMX props to Univ 1.
  • SC04 (Pixel Editor): Timing Grid Issue
  • NS01 (Visualizer): No Response from Visualizer
  • JW09 (Visualizer): Visualizer on primary screen
  • JH01 (Sequence Editor): SE Fails to play with spacebar when RGB channel selected
  • TC15 (Net Config): Network Preferences flagged as Virus
  • RB03 (Pixel Editor): Pixel Editor Migration
  • JM04 (Sequence Editor): Import Configuration with RGB Channels in Tracks



The following issues have been reported, developers have made fixes for them, those fixes have been released in the latest version of the Beta, and Beta testers have reported that these issues have been resolved. 

  • CS05 (Superstar) (Nuisance): Intensity File saved in wrong location
  • DD02 (Visualizer) (Show Stopper): Visualizer Arch Wizard [confirmed]
  • DD04 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Custom Prop Crashed PE
  • CS04 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Pixel Editor use of CMB 24 DC card as an RGB controller on LOR network  
  • CS02 (Visualizer) (Nuisance):  Advanced Rendering Engine Selected Inop.  Workaround:  Exit and Restart the Visualizer after changing the rendering mode.
  • RB01 (Visualizer) (Show Stopper):  Visualizer deleted fixture 1 of prop after playback.
  • PM02 (Tray) (Nuisance):  Tray throws error on reboot
  • PM03 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Playback may be blank
  • WM01 (Network Prefs) (Nuisance): Network Preferences Runtime Error
  • PM01 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Visualizer exits with ESC from Adv Rendering
  • KH01 (Visualizer) (Nuisance): Visualizer does not remember advanced sim mode window position
  • RB02 (Pixel Editor) (Show Stopper): Pixel editor not saving all user data in the Light-O-Rama directory.
  • CL01 (Hardware Utility) (Feature): Easier way to test pixels in HWU
  • DM01 (Visualizer) (Feature): Back up S3 Visualizer file before saving to S4 format.
  • TD01 (Pixel Editor) (Show Stopper)Pixel Editor will not open sequence.  Workaround:  Run Verifier on sequence and correct any error #27s.
  • DM02 (Hardware Utility) (Show Stopper):  HWU Pixel Console crash
  • BV01 (LORPost) (Nuisance):  In some instances, the Post Install Process (LORPost.exe) may not move all files when changing directories.
  • BV02 (Listener) (Feature):  Listener requires DLLs to be installed that might not be needed.
  • MB01 (Pixel Editor) (Feature):  Highlight Thumbnail in Effects
  • BV03 (Listener) (Nuisance): Listener queuing commands for adapters that are not present
  • BB01 (Superstar) (Nuisance): Superstar could lock up if a visualization ran out of rows
  • BB02 (Superstar) (Nuisance): Clipping error on text in a Matrix
  • DD01 (Visualizer) (Document): Visualizer does not simulate DMX channels.  Fix:  The Listener MUST be running for DMX commands to be properly sent to the Visualizer.
  • TD01 (Firmware) (Nuisance):  Incorrect firmware version displayed for CMB16 V1.32 firmware (Shows 1.31)
  • RR01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Pixel Editor not controlling lights.  Workaround:  Use the default listener port.
  • JT01 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): DMX Channel settings
  • JRW02 (Pixel Editor) (Nuisance): Hex Vs. Decimal in PE
  • DM05 (Hardware Utility) (Show Stopper): HWU Main screen incorrect size

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