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Working with the sequencer this morning I have run across a couple issues.


First issue:

I have made a clipboard file and loaded it in the location where I need it. Once I hit play it starts then locks down. Only choice you have is to restart the sequence editor and start over. I feel it starts before the lcb file has finished and causes it to lock down.


Second Issue:

Once the sequence editor is loaded and I head to the net to look up a page it locks the editor down and again only way to get around this is to reload LOR. 


I am running LOR and telling it no comm port assigned while I am sequencing. This happened a lot last year but looks worst now. Any ideas?



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I am guessing your clipboard is a nutcracker clip???

That clip may be very large and could be causing a load issue.

Do you have any issues if you don't load that clipboard?

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Yes, In the past it would play a little piece and lock down. I just locked down again and it's taking me 15 minutes to restart the sequencer but that is due to file size. 


clip board file is 61K and I did get to see it work but programming so many pixels makes it lock down faster. I always keep an eye on the task manager !!! Lesson learned in the past... 

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