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2015 Pacific Northwest Regional C.L.A.P. Mtg

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So, what is everyone bringing to the swap meet at NWCLAP.  I know Default mentioned some pixels.... what else is coming?  Anyone have anything?

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I always got some translucent Vinyl  (different colors) I use white rope lighting for the 2 faces I have, and have used this to cover the rope lighting creating red lips, green eyes, brown hair, etc to the faces. Cheaper than buying different colored rope lighting. If interested let me know colors people might be interested in and I'll see if I can find that color. Most of what I have is 2x3, 2x4 sheets, some maybe larger. Again I'm not looking for any money for the stuff I bring.

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Wow!  Mom Nature gave a  us  a "Chamber of Commerce" weather day. Great presentations,  great company, great food & fun!


Thank you to our presenters who provided a TON of great info.

Thank you to our host(s) Nancy Foley & her brother Gary Kuhn for another fabulous lunch

Thank you to our sponsors:


The Demented Elf

Seasonal Entertainment


Creative Displays Inc



Christmas Light Show

3G Lighting

Canny Systems

Seasons Greeters

DigiPointe LaserWorks

Wireframe Concepts


Thank you all for your support in attending. The camaraderie and sharing is what drives us to keep this event alive and growing.  Don’t forget Charles Enos Blow Mold Swap Meet on July 25th. We can use this as another opportunity to meet and talk about specific subjects.


Presentation postings & downloads will be on our website, a link will be provided in a coming email. 

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In all the hubbub of the mini. I forgot to write down who wanted a snowman. If you attended and it was you send me a message. I have pricing info now.

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