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Price Reduction for SuperStar Licenses and FREE upgrade

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2 hours ago, bajantechie said:

Thanks Guys.  

Patiently waiting for the summer sale now...

Same here... Need the price to drop a little for the summer sale. Going from the 16 channel starter last year to 3 more controllers for a 64 channel show including the neighbors house and putting it on an wireless easy light linker (hopefully that works since lor sells it) 

A bit more challenging than the starter was last year but I got the addiction bug now lol. More channels, more lights... and dragging the neighbor across the street into the show this year lol.

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Just a little info about the sales. The Springs Sale normally has lower prices but is limited in stocks, it's usually first come first serve. The Summer Sale prices are normally higher then the Spring Sale prices but they have unlimited stocks. Just my observation from watching them the last five yrears.

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48 minutes ago, Derkngoogly said:

What if you have 80? I see nothing listed for price to upgrade software. 

This thread is almost three years old.  There was no such thing as an 80 CCR license at that time...


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