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George Simmons

Apparently not all Gen3 boards are created equal

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I was under the impression that Gen3 boards could be used in a 500K network.


That's apparently not the case.  I had a HS network of three Gen3 boards, one set of CCBs and 4.5 sets of CCPs that absolutely refused to light.  I checked, rechecked and then re-re-checked everything.  Finally, in desperation, I reset the network to 115K and it all works.  (well, sort of anyway - apparently 115K is nowhere near fast enough to carry all the commands needed by those lights.)


So, my questions are:


Why do the Gen3 boards not work at 500K speed?


Can I get a refund from LOR for the price difference between the HS 485USB and the regular speed adaptor?


Have I missed a memo regarding a critical firmware update to make "older" Gen3 boards 500K compliant?

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If memory serves, there was a firmware update a while back that brought everything up to snuff for these HS adapters. It was in one of the update releases, but I can't remember which one. 3.11.2 should have that firmware attached to it. Last year, all of my Gen 3 boards had the newest firmware and they ran on the HS 485s, CCB and CCP too.


Edit: Looks as though the firmware I was speaking of came with the 3.9.0 to bring it all up to speed with the 500k. That's the last one I know about. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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