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Amps per channel question

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Just curious if I'll be overloading my controllers this Christmas so I thought I would ask so I can take the necessary precautions before hand. I have the basic 27 channel dumb DMX controllers found here...  http://www.holidaycoro.com/27-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-12v-DC-p/24.htm The board will handle 2 amps per channel or 15 amps per controller which ever comes first. My question is this... is the 2 amps per channel referring to the three (RGB) channels combined or is it saying 2 amps per red, 2 amps per green and 2 amps per blue channel? I have a few windows I'm lining with the lights on the controller and they are SLIGHTLY above the 2 amps when all are lit white, but if the amp rating means 2 per each channel then does that mean I can go to 6 amps on that channel? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions


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Good afternoon Roboticbrad



The amperage is per hardware channel,  so each connector output can handle it,   up to a max of 15A  total, with a standard board, as far as I know 1A per channel is the limit.


no 1  :  R  max  1 A


no 2 :   G  max  1 A


no 3  :  B  max  1A


no 4 :  R max   1 A


no 5 :  G max 1 A




if every channel would be full on it would take 27 A,  that is above limits without modification


however you could modify the board to handle more than15 amps


than you would have to use extra wires soldered on the back side of the board,


search auschristmaslighting.com for description of this modification


or if you could understand dutch look in my forum   http://www.fotodick.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2076


there you could see the extra wires soldered plus a hint for extra wire on specific spot.





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So if I am slightly above 2 amps on one of the 9 RGB channels then I should be fine without modifications? If 1 amp is the limit, then I'm guessing 3 amps is the limit per RGB group? I won't be going over the 15 amp per board limit since I'm only using a few channels. Thanks again.


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