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New way to display my 12-CCR Matrix

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For years I used to mount my 12 CCR matrix to this Blue Hawk 48-in x 50-ft Green Plastic/Polyresin Perimeter Fence I liked using this because at the end of the season I could roll up the fence and store the CCR's away and not worry about them, the only draw back was the ribbons would droop and I could never get a tight safe/no stress fit for the ribbons, so I lived with it,


Then for the past few months I was thinking of a better way to create my CCR matrix panel, so I been pondering on many things and what won the contest in my head was this the Tuftex 96-in x 26-in .32-Gauge Clear Corrugated Polycarbonate Roof Panel I purchased a 2-12ft sheets and 2-8ft sheets which I can make the matrix 4ft x 18ft in a wood frame and since these panels are clear I can mount the CCR's behind the panel and now the CCR's are protected from the UV rays and also protected from the rain, I will put a tarp behind the panels which i will buy at Harbor Freight, and another positive is the way these panels are slotted or ribbed, I have an easy lay the slot and put a dab of removable glue and the ribbon goes in perfectly.


next weekend I put it all together, I will take some pictures,  I'm curious is anybody else doing a matrix and it so, how are you mounting your CCR's?

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Very slick.  Should work out well.

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