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The Walking Dead Theme Song

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First off sorry to bump this again I see its been going on for years. 

I'm a new member to the forum, but I started the Light O Rama thing about 5-6 years ago with a Card (soldiered myself) and a homemade singing pumpkin face (where I learned cutting strings of mini lights sounds like a better idea then it actually is). 

This year I added RGB and for the first time modified all my sequences myself to accommodate them (I was kind of proud of myself for this one). Where I'm going with this is id like to give building a sequence from scratch a try and I decided the walking dead seems like an easy place to start because of its lack of vocals and repeating tune. I was hoping someone could share one that is done so I can use it for reference as I go until I get the hang of this? I would also be happy with any other relatively easy (Halloween themed) song.

If anyone could send to Sean55455@gmail.com it would be much appreciated


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I haven't started doing a Halloween show yet.  Might get there in time.  I'd just like to see a video someone has for this sequence. 

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Hello im new to the LOR world and was wondering if its possible i could get this sequence s well? tanks! clint.goven@gmail.com

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I'm also adding RGB for the first time this year and first time for Halloween. I'd love to have the waliking dead theme James if still available or any Halloween with RGB.   




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