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Controller Purchase Question before MadGrab Sale

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Ok all,


Currently have one 16 channel controller and G3-MP3 Showtime Director.


Going to add a 2nd 16 channel controller and looking at those listed on sale for the Mad Grab.


See the LOR1600W and LOR1602W Computerized Controllers.  Looks like they have some kind of Director built in?


Is there any reason I wouldn't just add another CTB16PC 16 channel controller and run that to my existing Showtime Director MP3?



Trying to figure out if the 1600 and 1602 would be an upgrade or if they would just conflict with the Director I already have?



Thoughts and clarification of what the 1600 and 1602 are and do are MUCH appreciated!  Thanks guys!

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The 1600 series are for commercial applications, and the . . .PC (Planet Christmas) series are for residential use.


Just get the CTB16PC and use it with your G3-MP3 Controller.


One key to the sale is to load up your Cart with something at regular price (like fuses) just before the sale; then at Zero Hour, add the sale items you want and checkout quickly.

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Thanks Ken!  That's exactly what I was wondering.


And great tip on the sale.  Just cancelled a work meeting to make sure I can be there when the sale starts and will have a cart with something in it ready!


Appreciate it!

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