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Superstar Sequence Issue

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I am going to try to explain this, hopefully someone understands what I am trying to state and can help.....


I have 8 CCP's separated into two networks, AUX A and AUX B.   On my first and last controllers on AUX B, the lights and sequences are not timing correctly.  When the morph goes down from the top, the light strands on these units is off by a second or two.  When there is a morph from the bottom (where they lights are started from) these strands are ahead by one or two seconds. My sequencing is timed correctly to the music, it's just these two strands are faster in doing the morphs or slower (from the top) when doing the morphs. If I do a morph around (horizontally) the first 10 pixels on all channels along the bottom, these two controllers light up about 16 pixels instead of just the ten.  It's almost like everything is double from the bottom up. When there is a morph along the top (horizontally) around each strand, these two controllers do not light up any pixels until they exceed 10 pixels.  So if the morph only controls 10 each per strand, these don't light.  When it goes to 11, these strands only light 1 pixel each.  It's like the whole row of lights for these two controllers are shifted up by 6 pixels.  


Any ideas why this is doing this?  I am running 500K on red usb485. 



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One thing to check is to make sure these two CCPs are set to the full 50 pixel resolution. Do the following:


1) Disable shows and make sure Sequence Editor is not running

2) Launch the Hardware Utility

3) Select the com number that is associated with the Aux B network

4) Click on the "Refresh" button, it should find the controllers on the Aux B network

5) Select the CCP controller that has the problem

6) Click on the "Configure" button at the bottom of the dialog box

7) Sort of in the lower right is a setting that has to do with pixel resolution. Make sure it is set to 50

8) While you are at it, check on the other Configuration settings for this controller, make sure they are the same as the controllers that work

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