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Video in Corner – Again

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I am testing an entire newly deployed system new computer including video card, new projector and VGA to cat 5 converters - All new.  I am having the same problem if not worse.  The show launches video opens full screen and plays normally one cycle then the next go around the video will be in a small window in the top left corner then occasionally back to full screen on a subsequent loop.  My show is one video. Has anyone overcome this? 


Thanks Brad

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So what do you think?  I change from .avi to .wmv (just because it renders fast) and the testing is positive so far.  Could .avi be the issue?

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Unfortunately this is the worst year ever on this video issue.  In the past the video would hang in the corner one in around 6-8 cycles.  This year the video hangs in the corner 9 out of 10 cycles.  I’m about to give up on video or find a new controlling software.  Very frustrated. 

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Hey Brad!

I was having a similar problem to yours. With the video showing in a small box in the corner occasionally.

My setup is a bit different from yours. My projector is close enough that I don't use any VGA converters. Just a straight 25' video cable.

However, I did have as VGA A/B switch installed between my computer and the projector, so that I could switch to a 2nd monitor next to the computer for programming.

I found that whenever the projector had the 'box' problem, I would flip the A/B switch to see what it was doing inside.

And to my amazement, the problem would immediately go away.

So...  I went to my local Radio Shack, and got a true powered VGA splitter (their item # 26-1264) and installed it in place of the A/B switch.

Now the projector and the monitor are always running together, and I have not had the 'box' problem since.

(Well, at least not that I know of. I don't watch the show 24/7. But I haven't caught it yet!)

Can't really explain why this would make a difference. Perhaps the video card in the PC being unable to tell exactly what kind of PNP device is connected?

But it seems that having the local monitor always connected seems to be having some positive effect.

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A BREAKTHROUGH!  Ok, my normal set up has been running with 2 monitors.  Monitor 1 as the control monitor with all the usual icons and windows stuff.  Monitor 2 as the video output.  With all this trouble we have tried everything including flip flopping 1 and 2. 


Now I have 1 monitor output.  I removed all the linking icons and hid the bottom tray.  Now when the show video starts, the full screen video pops up and covering the desktop (I set the desktop to black).  I have not once observed the video in the top left corner anomaly.  


My set up is a VGA cable out from the video card to the transmitter half of the VGA-CAT5 converter then CAT5 cable, CAT5-VGA receiver, VGA cable, projector.  The CAT5 transmitter has a VGA out, so I have a monitor on that output for control.


So far so good.  Thanks centauri61032




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