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Candy Cane Pinwheel Sequencing Question/Help

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I have a visualization of a 12 channel (Canes) Candy Cane Pinwheel (Graciously lifted from the User Props/Fixtures section... THANK YOU !!! ) ...


I was wanting to perform a 1-4 chase. Meaning the chase starts with cane 1,5,9 on then shifts to 2,6,10 then 3,7,11 then 4,8,12 before repeating (looks like a 3 bladed prop spinning). This if course was easy enough to do with Scene Setup.


What I am trying to accomplish is to have all of the canes on at say 30 to 40 percent intensity while the full on (100%) chase runs. This is the same effect you would see if using the 1-4 chase in Xlights.


Problem is how to do it? If I pull Red/Green/Blue intensity down to say 30% for some time period then run the chase during that same time period, all I get is the dim lights on.. no full on chase can be seen.


I have done this in Sequence Editor by setting the intensity of a grid (channel 1-12 for some time period) then setting each cell to full on and the effect is exactly what I see in the xlight test pattern.


How would I do this in SS. I'm thinking becasue the canes are actually defined as RED and GREEN there may be something in that process. Note that I am using RGB On (AKA RGB White) to turn everything on and off in anttempt to avoid issues with SS trying to color match.


Any suggestions?



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Unfortunately you will have to set the Candy Canes to 30% only during the time that they are not 100%. Currently you are setting an effect that says to keep the channel at 30% and then there are other effects saying to set 100%. This is what I call a channel collision. SuperStar has to decide which setting to use. Currently it uses the command with the longest duration and throws out the shorter command. In most cases this ends up working well, but there are cases such as yours that it is not what you want it to do. I realize it would be desirable to be able to set a priority on the commands but currently that ability is not in SuperStar.

So to do what you are describing you will need to set the 30% command only during the time that it is not 100%. I realize that is a major pain, but it is the only way.

Also, as you say, your candy canes are red and green, SuperStar will only look at the red setting for the red lights and will only look at the green setting for the green lighs. It will ignore the blue and white color settings.

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thanks Brian ..


Actually not that hard to do ..

Cane 1,5,9 on at 100% then canes 2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,12 on at 30% in the same time frame ..

Then shift for each of the 4 possibilities ..


Although.. (right tool for the job. Since there are 12 single channel, non-RGB, incandecent canes) its actually easier in SeqEd..


Appreciate the feed back ..



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