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imawlkr2    8

OK, so this is the first year I am running multiple houses/sequences on one computer.  I have a big LOR display in my neighbors yard that plays 5 sequences.  I am now outlining my roof in RGB for Halloween as a test for Christmas.  I just want the RGB lights to change colors from purple to yellow to orange to white and back (Halloween colors) during the LOR show next door.  Do I add an animation sequence that is, say, 3 minutes long in the animation section of the show editor and select play concurrently, or do I add it to the background sequence section?  I don't want to go back into each sequence for the neighbors display and add the 163 pixels and sequence each one.  I was hoping to just put in a generic sequence to play continuously and will start and stop each night with the other set-up.


Hopefully my rambling didn't confuse anyone. 

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Don    245

Sequences in the Animation and Musical tab will play at the same time. 


If i understand your situation correctly, the channels on your roof are not part of the "show" but are connected to the LOR system. So long as those channels are not defined in the sequences that are used in the show portion of the display, then you could make an animation sequence and load it into the animation tab.


It would then run at the same time as the other musical sequences in the display.

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