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Sopwith Camel 3D Wireframe with Snoopy

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A few months back, I had asked about plans for making a Sopwith Camel for Snoopy.
Well, I have had a little success a it.
I purchased a Sopwith Camel model (flying wood type) that had a 28" wing span. I took the plans to my local Kinkos and had the plans “blown up” to twice it’s size making it a 56" wing span.
I took quarter inch round steel rod, bent it as necessary around the plans and welded together, with my stick welder. I used a metal bender, wheel puller and a vise to bend all my shapes to scale.
Put on a coat of spray paint, and added lights. Found a “stuffed” Snoopy with goggles, hat, scarf and flight jacket. Hung the Sopwith between the house and trees in the yard.
I think it came out pretty good.

Photo links:


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Great effort. Very impressive wire work. Any interest in producing for profit? Maybe 5 or 6 so they can swoop down out of the sky? Great job . So jealous.

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