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Does anyone have some Papagayo pgo files marked up?

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I am working on code for nutcracker that will take images and flip them on a megatree or matrix. It will use a pgo file as  an input. I am looking for anyone who has marked up a song and has the pgo file that i can use. I would prefer songs that you have not edited the wav so i can but the song from amazon and use.


You will be able to select from halloween or christmas skulls, christmas trees, elves, santa, pumpkins and they all would work on the song. I plan on allowing the words of the song to show below the image if you choose to. It will sort of be like a sing-along then.


so if you have pgo files please let me know or send them to sean.meighan@oracle.com.



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Just fyi - we tried using papagayo and it was almost more work.  One big thing that I'd suggest is if you're using .05 spacings for your timings, try to have papagayo 'snap' its effects within .04 seconds so you don't have a lot of half covered boxes.  When sequencing faces, we found the human threshold for error detection to be .05 vs .10.  Good luck sir : D :D :D


PS - We did "what makes you beautiful" by One Direction - and might have the file if you're still interested?  Just let me know :D

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