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The Kickstarter project is in "Review" status right now, just waiting on Kickstarter to make sure it complies to their rules.  The nature of the clip makes it kinda hard.  It is on the fringes of what they deem acceptable. They don't like the reward tiers to simply be more of the original product. 

I on the other hand want the "Rewards" to simply be pixel clips.  I want to make sure that the more you give, the more you get back.   I set it up so each reward tier has more and more pixel clips.  We'll see what they think.  If they don't like that structure, I may have to set it to just one "Reward tier."  Right now the tiers are set up like this:  $21 = 100 clips.  $75 = 500 clips   $150 = 1000 clips $225=1500 clips  Etc.


I'll keep you all posted and will notify everyone when it goes "Live"




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Kickstarter is a great thing... but takes FOREVER to get things to get rolling.  Still waiting on them to approve my changes.  Looks like maybe next week now.

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Heard back from Kickstarter today!!! They have approved the reward structure, which is good for all of you so you can get the number of clips closest to what you really need. They did want me to be a little more thorough with the time line for production so I listed a step by step. My changes are done, so I've ping-pong-ed it back to them. Waiting again. Hopefully a response won't take as long this time.... hopefully!!!!


There's only 324 Days to go!!!!

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