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Seeking Software/Interface for Marquee

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Looking for software/interface for a marquee sign.


Recently purchased a Marquee sign from Bill Foleys estate. Have been unable to find the software/interface to program the sign.

The boards are marked " LEDVISION INC. Ackley, IA USA -  https;//www.ledvison.com - P/N LC300-MAIN  Ver C March 2001 and the sub is LGC300 Ver A".


The main board and its sub board each have 8 - 8 X 8 RGB modules making up the full marquee.  Modules are about 2 inches squeare.

It has both an RS485 and an RS232 interface  connected via a 3 different RJ12 - 4 conductor connecors.


I have a similar marquee, not as many segments - and I program it with "Palcom" software, not sure if it will interface.  I see this main board appears to have a keyboard interface, which my other marquee does not.


I know it works, as when i fire it up the program in memory runs and gives Bills Chistmas message.


Any help would be appreciated.



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