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Are they C7 or C9.. help me determine

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Hi Everyone..


Newbie question... i dont have an image but can get one if need be.


I have a bunch of the old school strings of lights (incann) with the red/orange, blue, green and white bulbs. are these C9 or C7? i prob bought them 7-8 years ago


can someone help me determine if they are C7 or C9 ..... or give me a recommendation on how to determine it without buying a bulb of each size. is the part that goes into the socket the same for C7 and C9. thats what i need to determine.


Thanks in advance

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C7 = standard night light bulb, has a smaller base than a C9, a C9 WILL NOT fit in a standard night light socket.  At least none I have ever seen.


C9 = slightly larger base, if the bulb won't fit {as also described above} in a standard night light socket, then it would be a C9.  Again, I've never seen a night light socket that would accept a C9 bulb.

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