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General Guidelines for Bug Reports

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For Beta Testers:

What is a bug:
When software does not do what it is supposed to do then that is a bug.  For example: You click the stop button and the music does not stop, the program crashes, etc. A more nebulous bug is performance. If the function works but does so in a manor (such as too slow) where the usability of the product is in question then that should be reported.

What is not a bug: A function that you believe should be there but is not, the look and feel of things, etc...

In this forum please only report bugs (including poor performance)... Please place non-bug stuff in the comments forum.

Information to report:

Report Number: (Your initials and a number, ie. DB01 would be my first report number)

Module: (ie. SequenceEditor, ShowEditor, Hardware Utility.... )

Software Version: There may be multiple version of the beta released

OS Version: Windows platform

(Give as much detail as possible, for example: "Open of new sequence file causes program to crash but only when there are 10 files already open and only if it is an animation sequence)

Repeatability: (Try to repeat the problem and if you can, list the exact steps to cause the problem)

Hardware Used: If this is a problem with hardware control, then describe the type of hardware involved... LOR1602W, DIO, X10, Dasher .....

If this is possibly related to a particular sequence please save it and attach it to your bug report.

Duplicate Reports: Try not to report the same problem that someone else has already reported BUT If you have additional information, can reproduce it, think you know what the problem is then do report the additional information.

In the official list we will mark something Reproduced / Cannot Reproduce to indicate if someone other than the original reporter can reproduce the problem. If we cannot reproduce it but you can then please report that fact.

If you have a additional information on a previous Bug Report place it as a REPLY to the Original topic do not create a new topic...

All topics (except the guidelines and such) should be bug reports.

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