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Dale W

How many songs will you have for Christmas 2007?

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You must know Pastor Hagan Jr.. I have a few CD's from Rhema Singers and Band. Also the "Higher" CD by Eugene Gregory. It's very very hard to program anything praise and worship Pentecostal. If you could keep an ear out PLEASE let me know if you could find something for next year. I had a really hard time finding music this year, people said they would help and NO one came through but you guys. The biggest problem is I can't edit, so I must depend on short songs or preedited songs. With next year being bigger I really need the help.

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I have 11 songs. Some of which are edited.

White Christmas -- Drifters
Merry Twistmas -- Drifters
Blue Christmas -- Porky Pig
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree -- Cindi Lauper
Small, Small World -- Disney
Pink Panther Theme Song
Yellow Snow
R U Ready 4 This--- Edited to 1:16
I Want a Hippopotomus For Christmas
Armed Forces Medley -- Air Force Band
Christmas Vacation

Plus the Voic Overs and Closing Remarks

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Just worked out my final schedule last night. Running every 30 minutes, with each show lasting 18 minutes (I live on a cul-de-sac, so this give traffic time to move in/out).

  • Intro (1:15)
  • Queen of the Winter Night (TSO)
  • All Is Well (Michael W. Smith)
  • Promotion for Local Charity (0:45)
  • Carol of the Bells (David Foster)
  • Christmas Eve Sarajevo (TSO)
  • Wizards in Winter (TSO)

This was the approximate timeline we had last year as well and it worked out pretty well. Short enough so that people in line wouldn't get impatient and leave before seeing the show.


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Here is my list... Plan on 2 shows on alternating nights... All are 32 channels

Appalachian_Snowfall TSO
Boughs_Of_Holly TSO
Mad Russian TSO
Queen Of the Winter Night TSO
Siberian_Sleigh_Ride TSO
Wizards_of_Winter TSO


I Believe in Magic.....

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9 songs -- 19 minutes -- 32 channels -- 6,000 lights. Have another 32 channels not used yet -- after I get the display up and going might add more lights and more songs.

1. Caroling, Caroling -- The Manhattan Transfer (1:24)

2. Deck the Halls -- Mitch Miller (1:46)

3. Carol of the Bells -- Manheim Steamroller (3:53) One of my favorites

4. Frost the Snowman -- The Beach Boys (1:52)

5. Winter Wonderland -- Dean Martin (1:54) Don't laugh he did a good job

6. Coca Cola Theme -- (1:00) Another favorite

7. Faires -- Manheim Steamroller (2:29)

8: Santa Claus is Coming to Town -- Manhattan Transfer (3:02)

9. We wish you a Merry Christmas (1:35)

Voice announcement will have Diana Krall Sleigh Ride and Vince Guaraldi Linus and Lucy as background music.

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We're splitting it up into multiple shows this year to help control traffic.

Haven't decided on the actual order of songs each night.

Wizards in Winter - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Winter Wonderland - Johnny Mathis
Dominick the Donkey - Lou Monte
Linus & Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
Sleigh Ride - Boston Pops Orchestra

Christmas Eve Sarajevo - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Need A Little Christmas - Johnny Mathis
Chopsticks ('Twas the Night Before Christmas) - Elmer Fudd
Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Harry Connick Jr.

Sunday-Thursday will have most likely 8 of the 10 songs playing, but we haven't decided which ones.

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I have 15 songs in my first year but for me it's not necessarily the number of songs but the playing time. Those fifteen songs run around 55 minutes, I then have about 5 minutes of lights on before the show starts again the next hour.

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Wow. You guys have collectively put in a *lot* of work!

This is my first year, with my Mighty-16 Channel system.

Here's what I've sequenced so far:

Intro: Mission Control Check - Apollo 13 Soundtrack

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo - TSO

First Noel - Russell Cooke: Hammered Dulcimer

Mad Russian - TSO

Three Kings, What Really Happened - TSO

Wizards in Winter - TSO

The show runs about 20 minutes.

I'm currently working on Silent Night from "Muppets Family Christmas", I'll add that one when its ready.

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Here is a link to my Show songs and order...

From comments last year I learned that our attendees generally fall into one of two groups... "acid heads" and "old foggies".... well at least that is what my son calls them. some people don't like the rock music and think it is not appropriate for Christmas and other folks think that classic songs are too boring.

Sooooo, this year (as you will see from my page) we have alternate nights of rock music and classic music, but on the weekend we run both shows. It is interesting to see from the crowd that I can determine which show is playing by looking at them. Parents with young kids and older people seem to come on the "classic" night, and teenagers come on the rock night. Shows have played only a few nights but the response to this layout has been better than I hoped. People like the split.

Also, I only have about 30 minutes of songs on each night because I want to keep the traffic moving. Last year I had about a one hour show and that was much too long.

We also have an intro to explain parking suggestions and a little information. Each song is announced before it starts, and at the end of the show is where we give the thank you and beg for charity donations ;-)

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Most of these are borrowed from other people. Much thanks to all.

THX intro

Linus & Lucy

Feliz Navidad

Wizards in Winter

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Little St. Nick

Deck the Halls

Santa Claus Boogie Woogie Choo Choo

Jingle Bells

Christmas Canon

Blue Christmas

Nutcracker Suite

Boughs of holly

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

So this is Christmas

You're a Mean One

Carol of the Bells

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Steve Nanning wrote:

This is my first year, with my Mighty-16 Channel system.

Steve, welcome to the madness! Let's see a picture of your house lit up!


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I've decided that I have not given myself enough time to complete a sequence like Fantasmic! so this years display will just include 2 shows: Believe...in Holiday Magic and Standing in Motion. I think this will give me a change to improve the first two and get more ideas for my favorite fantasmic.
It still looks great!

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I am new to LOR have done woden projects for years, I have made 8 deer 3-D style and a 3-D sleigh,3-D interlocking tree I line with rope lights, I have bought 2 controllers and want another by next weekend, So I will start my first year with 48 channels, I have been working on three songs for two weeks and I can't quite get them right, I am computer savy and have no problem with quick copy and paste features but my mind is trying to do it all at once, I even made two leaping archs and got them working in the garage, I want to thank each and every one of you who share all your ideas and I hope I can get my wish list complete by Thanksgiving night because I turn the lights on every year at thanksgiving for the last 22 years. Hope to have done. Thank all who post helpfull info. I will post some pictures when I get everying up and running.

Sleigh Ride -TSO

Christmas Canon-TSO

Carol O the Bells-Monique Danielle

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Over the years, I've found that the more songs I put into the mix the longer people stay around. Normally this isn't a bad thing until you get a traffic jam infront of the house and people start blowing their horns.

Most of my neighbors enjoy the display but they don't like the extra cars it brings! So I keep the shows short to keep the traffic moving along!

I have 12 songs sequenced and only run 3- 4 songs at any given time. Each week I change out the songs so that repeat visitors can get a new show each week!

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i am a newbie for LOR this year, using my old static display set up. using 32 channels and 8100 mini ... for now. my show will run just over 30 min and 5 min break between. my song list:

intro/break = 6yr old niece doing 5min,3min,1min and 5sec count to start show
Reflections of Earth -- intro & chaos
Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
2 songs from Nutcracker -- Tea & Candycane, each about 1 1/2 min
Sleigh Ride - instramental
THX-Pixar Intro
Christmas 24/7 - TSO
Wish Liszt - TSO
Wiz in Winter - TSO
Candlelight Processional - 5 1/2 min medley from EPCOT
Fantasmic Finale

sorry had to use all the TSO, and used to work at DisneyWorld for 12 years so have a love/hate feeling for the rat, but the music is too good for LOR!!!

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