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Cat5 jack not working - Need clear phone connection advice

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OK, I am almost panicky here. I have 4 controllers and bought 4 more. One I had to return the motherboard and get a new one before it worked. I tested the RJ45 connections to all 4 of them to make sure they were recognized by the software, and they all worked. What I did not do was test both RJ45 connections. Now I am deploying the whole thing and did one last test on both RJ 45 connections per controller and discovered that 2 controllers have one bad RJ45 jack where the software doesn't recognize it. I have read a lot of postings talking about mixing the phone and cat5 to get around this. I think I can do the following but would feel better if someone can give me a straight answer. This is what I a going to do..

My two controllers that only have one good RJ45 are Controllers 8 & 9.

1. Computer to Controller 1 ==> Cat5

2. Controller 1 to Controller 2 ==> Cat5

3. Controller 2 to Controller 3 ==> Cat5

4. Controller 3 to Controller 4 ==> Cat5

5. Controller 4 to CCR Controler 5 ==> Cat5

6. CCR Controler 5 to Controller 6 ==> Cat5

7. Controller 6 to Controller 7 ==> Cat5

8. Controller 7 to Controller 8 ==> Cat5 from RJ45 on Controller 7 to Phone jack on Controller 8 via phone wire

9. Controller 8 to Controller 9 ==> Cat5 from good RJ45 on Controller 8 to good RJ45 on Controller 9 via Cat5

If that is correct please say so or tell me what it should be. The last thing I want to do is cause something to short or blow up. Some other questions

1. Does the phone cable have to be reversed wire in order for this to work? I have seen several references to this and read some conflicting information.

2. How can I test that the computer can detect all the controllers in the chain? I can do it singlely, but thought there is a way to the whole chain. Is it the same process?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide..


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Are you sure the controllers are addressed properly? Double check. If no joy, you probably should look at the jacks real close and make sure the pins aren't bent or stuck. It may be as simple as that. I would also rule out cables by swapping them or replacing them with another.

Crunch time: Take one of the bad controllers and put it at the end of the line. Don't forget address. That will get you past one. If you get the other figured out you are golden.

The hardware utility is what you will use to find the controllers and test functionality. As far as using the phone jack I am out on that one without doing some study.

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You do not have to move your controller to the end of the chain, though that is the easiest solution for some people. The way you outlined your plan (phone out of RJ45 of controller 7 into phone jack of controller 8) and then cat5 out of RJ45 of controller 8 into RJ45 of controller 9 will work. I have at least 10 boxes with one broken RJ45 mixed throughout my 80 controller display, works fine.

Open up the hardware utility - the LED status light should be solid on the controller if you have a working cable/connector. Just look at the LED status light on all 9 controllers - if the last one is solid red all of your cables are fine and the computer sees all of the controllers.

Good luck!

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