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Quick start-up question

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Hi All,

I recently purchased a LOR1602W controller/ShowTime MP3 director package. I got behind getting all the lighting installed, and am finally ready to hook up the LOR equipment. I already have sequences done and that part is ready to go.

I have a question about setting up the controller and director. If I do not want to do anything special, does it ship in basically a plug 'n play configuration? In other words, can I just connect everything up, insert a memory card with my show and power up? Or, is it absolutely necessary to connect the computer for initial configuration?

The documentation is very complete and extensive, and I am sure the answer is there if I look hard enough, but if there is no absolute need to connect the computer, this would save me some extra work. I need to mount the LOR equipment in a way that makes it difficult to connect to a computer.



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