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Blown Controller from 220v, others now won't link


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Wiring screwup this afternoon and one controller got 220v apparently. Heard a pop and smelled it when I opened up case. I moved CAT5 to bypass it, but it appears that the 5 controllers after that point will not get a sync now. Red lights just keep flashing.

Is this possible? Would it be the main chip on each one? (I have several controllers on the shelf that had a channel or two out that I might be able to rob something off of...)

Anybody with thoughts?

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Well, it appears that the CAT5 failed as well. I ran a new CAT5 to the next controller, and it works. Very strange.

Feel better now, only toasted one today... But then, the day isn't over yet!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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