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What ever happened to SUPERSPEED ?

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To add to this, after the 500k came out last year, I updated all controllers to the new firmware. 1 controller out of 7 did not work after starting a sequence. The other 6 plus 4 ccp controller s worked just as expected. This was on 485s < 2 years old. There were no issues controllers or sequences with the exception of the lone controller.

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#1 Is there ANY way to know if the RS-485's are 500k compatible ?  I bought them about 14 months ago.

With 100% certainty? No, there is not. The USB485-ISO, however, seems to have a pretty good track record of being able to handle the 500k speeds. You could test by creating a sequence with 12+ CCR's (or even 12+ CCB's) and seeing how they respond. Remember, even if you have only one CCR, a sequence with 12 CCR's in it will still flood the network. Doesn't matter what is connected, the data still goes out.


#2 I've read conflicting reports that if ALL the controllers on a network are not 500k 'compatible' it will wreak havoc in the signal processing speeds and cause 'issues.'  Anyone verify that ?

If you have any non-G3 controllers on a network with 500k compatible devices, you will have problems. I've not tested it myself, but I know the people at Light-O-Rama have, and have encountered the error. Any non-500k compatible controller should be on its own network. This includes CCR/P/B controllers that have not been updated with a current revision of firmware.

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