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Controlling MADRIX with LOR

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CLP-Brad    2

As many of you know I'm a big time supporter of MADRIX and LOR. In the instructions below will show you how to control MADRIX via the LOR S3's timeline using E1.31 and nothing else. Hope it helps. I will also be creating a YouTube video showing the steps.


This guide will show you how to configure Light-O-Rama S3 software to trigger effects within MADRIX using E1.31. Triggering can now be done through software control and no longer requires external USB DMX adaptors or an iDMX1000.

MADRIX will allow you to trigger effects via E1.31 while outputting to standard DMX controllers. You do not have to have an E1.31 controller connected for this this process to work.

Before going any further you must have a LOR USB 485 Converter connected to the computer. Although we will not be sending any DMX commands out of this unit, the LOR control panel requires it be connected to send an E1.31 stream.

Minimum Software Versions:

LOR S3 version 3.6.0 (Advanced)

MADRIX version 2.14.x

Step 1: Configuring LOR E1.31

  1. Start the Light-O-Rama Sequencer (version 3.6.0 or better)
  2. Start a sequence as you normally would
  3. From the Edit menu select Preferences > Network Preferences
  4. Make sure the DMX tab is selected
  5. Click the Advanced button
  6. A list of DMX universes will display, select Unv 1
  7. Select Use E1.31, then select Multicast
  8. Click OK
  9. Exit the program without saving

Step 2: Configuring MADRIX

  1. Start MADRIX
  2. From the Preferences menu select Options
  3. Click on the Devices (Network) tab
  4. Click on Enable ACN E1.31
  5. If you have no other E1.31 devices connected change the Count of ACN devices used to 1, otherwise enter the total number of ANC universes MADRIX will be controlling
  6. If you are not using other devices such as ArtNet uncheck the other options (USB DMX devices do not require any of these options)
  7. Click OK
  8. From the Preferences menu select Device Manager
  9. Select ACN id:00001, Univ:00001
  10. Under settings select Input
  11. Click on the DMX Input tab
  12. Click on the first row (Universe 1)
  13. From the DMX-IN Device drop-down list select ACN id:00001, Univ:00001
  14. Turn on the Remote option (located on the upper right)
  15. Under Remote Control select Micro 3 Channels
  16. Click OK
  17. Change the fade value to 0
  18. Save your setup and exit MADRIX

Step 3: Your First Sequence

Make sure all programs are closed. Start the programs in the exact order as shown below. If you do not, you will not be able to control MADRIX. Also make sure the Comm Port Status indicator located in the lower right hand side of the LOR Sequencer shows blue. If it does not, exit and use LOR Hardware utility to find and assign the Comm Port.


  1. Start the Light-O-Rama Control Panel
  2. Start LOR S3 Advanced (do not move on until you are asked to load or start a new sequence)
  3. Start MADRIX
  4. Load your MADRIX setup file you created, make sure Load Patch and Load DMX Device Settings are both selected when prompted
  5. Go back to LOR S3 and start a new sequence (or load and existing one)
  6. From the Edit menu select Preferences > DMX Preferences > Allow DMX Editing (you should only need to do this once)
  7. From the Play menu make sure Control Lights is selected (you should only have to do this once)
  8. In the timeline click on the first device button (ie. Unit 01.1)
  9. Enter the following settings

  • Name: DMX
  • Device Type: DMX Universe
  • Universe: Universe 1
  • Address: 1


  1. Click on the DMX button in the toolbar
  2. Using the chart below enter the DMX vale and apply it to the timeline

Once you click play LOR will send the DMX values assigned in the timeline to MADRIX in real-time. In MADIX you will notice the green marker will jump to the assigned bins as your LOR timeline is playing. I highly recommend leaving bin 1 blank as this is the default location when MADRIX is not receiving DMX information.


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cenote    16

Thanks Brad, I was introduced this past weekend at C3 to this product, and got a hands on experience with it and see it work seamless next to LOR with my display components. I little pricey, but something I am very much considering adding next year. The effects with ease that can be generated by this program is amazing.

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CLP-Brad    2

Here is an example of MADRIX controlling pixels and video. My entire house is being controlled by MADRIX using LOR S3 as the timeline. Yes MADRIX can be pricy, but the amount of time it can save you is well worth it. Using LOR and MADRIX together is the perfect production setup. The both have their strong points.

If you want to give MADRIX a try with LOR go to www.madrix.com and download the free demo. The demo will allow you to do everything including output. But every so often, the output will cut out for a few seconds and after 1 hour it will require you to restart the program.

As for price, drop me an email at info @ holidayroadlights . com and I can get you a discount on it. But be aware MADRIX is not a replacement for LOR S3, it is a tool you use in conjunction with it.

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D Long    0

Hey Brad

I met you at Christmas Expo when I bought Madrix and 10 of your light tubes. I have upgraded to Madrix 2.14a and LOR S3 3.80 I sucessfully reconfigured Madrix 2.14a and LOR S3 3.80 IAW your instructions in PlanetChristmas article. My question is how do I get from my USB port to the the light bars DMX input. I like the idea of E1.31 controlling the lights just don't how to hook it up. I'll thank you ahead of time and will probally see you in July at Expo.

Darryl Long

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JonB256    1

Brad, what are the pixel resolutions of your 5 arrays? And, what pixel controllers did you use for them?

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-klb-    41

Until they fix it, you have to have at least installed a USB-485 or one of the variants. But it doesn't have to be present to drive Madrix from LOR, only the driver software has to be properly installed.  I use my laptop with nothing plugged in at all for previewing what LOR is cuing Madrix to do.  Though I do prefer to have a Madrix key installed if at all possible. 

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viennaxmas    19

Thank you - this is excellent information and comes right in time for my show planning.

One question: are you running Madrix and. LOR on the same computer?

I agree on the time saving - seems I can do 9000 channels in LOR combined with LSP if I have a lot of time. Using the Madrix demo, I could do the same in 2 hours...

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-klb-    41

The show at the fire house runs on 2 separate computers. Though from doing the sequencing on my laptop, it should do fine on one system.

Since I only touch the computers at the fire house about once every 2 weeks once the show is live, stability and problem isolation is key. For home use, where I am usually closer to it, and don't have 5,100 cars each season, different standards apply.

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Greg Young    12

I run Madrix (basic - 16 universe), LOR,  and OTSDJ, all on one machine, without issue.

I use 2 network cards, one for my home system, the other dedicated to Madrix (running sACN) to avoid bogging my home network down with continuous DMX packets..

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