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Denise Nelson

CC Floods: How do you program them into software Visualizer

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just received the Cosmic Color Floods and need to know the following:

1. How do we place them in the Visualizer. Do we just use the generic 'draw flood lights' icons or is there a special one for these CCF's? If so, where?!?:shock:

2. Under Device Type, do we choose "LOR controller"?

3. In the program: How do we place them in the program and how do we tell it what color to show, how long, etc.?

(We have the Advanced program 3.2.4v; with SuperStar license)

If there's no icon at this time, will LOR be adding them in the next version? When?


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For right now, you'll have to create Cosmic Color Floods as normal RGB flood lights in the visualizer. Create a Floodlight fixture, change the channel type to RGB, and wire the 3 channels.

The current visualizer does NOT simulate the 2 'strobe' channels for CCFs, so you'll just leave those out of the mix.

2 - That depends on how you are talking to the CCFs. Are you using DMX or straight up LOR? Most will use LOR and so YES, choose 'LOR' and match up the Network/Unit/Circuits.

3 - I don't think the Sequence Editor yet knows about the 5 channel CCF, so add it this way (I'm no SE guru, so if someone, ANYONE has a better way please post!):

Open your sequence

Right click where you want to insert the first CCF and select Insert RGB Channels (above or below)

Now right click the RGB channel you just created and select Insert Channels/Insert Multiple Channels Below. Insert 2 more channels (these are the 'strobe' channels).

Click the RGB channel, name it something, and set the parms correctly. (Device/Unit. Circuit will be 1)

Click the 2 regular channels and name them the same, but add 'Strobe ON' and 'Strobe Off' (so you know what they are). The params should be the same, except the circuit numbers will be 4 and 5.

Repeat these steps for your other CCF, starting with circuit 6, and the strobe channels being 9 & 10.

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BrianC wrote:

Is S3 required for them?

The manual mentions that you should have version 3.1.x or higher of the Hardware Utility, which would (to some) imply that you would need 3.1.x or higher of the LOR Software package.

All things considered, I would imagine you could use later versions of S2 to program the effects of the floods. The sequence I used to test with consists of 2 RGB channels, and 4 "on/off" channels (for the strobe effect programming). Nothing special about the channel layout there.

If you are running them on S2, I would imagine you would see some oddness within the Hardware Utility. The only thing the comes to mind would be updating firmware on the CCF controller with S2 software. I have no idea it would work or not.

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