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A note about eMailing LOR S2/S3/S4 files....

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Most of the files that the LOR software suite creates are plain text files in XML format. Those files are pretty much bullet proof - that is, until you eMail them.

Depending on all the servers your eMail bounces through, weird things can happen to a text file. The next thing you know the person who you mailed it to is complaining that the file is corrupted, doesn't open properly, throws an error, etc. What's worse is it could work one day and not the next should your eMail decide to take a different path through the intertubes :) .

So how do you stop eMail from messing up your sequence/visualizer/prop/etc? ZIP it! For Windows users that means opening a Windows file list (you know... like My Documents), finding the file you want to send, right clicking it, selecting 'Send to' and then 'Compressed File'. Now eMail the ZIP file rather than the .LAS or .LEE or whatever.

ZIPing a file will prevent the different mail servers from mangling your file. And you'll be much happier in the end. :)


ZIPping a file also makes it much smaller. If you are trying to post a sequence or some other file here and you are getting an error that the file is too big, ZIP it and try posting that.

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