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This is a single channel prop I designed (crudely after many minutes of work.) to use for a wire frame that displays "Merry Christmas" in script.

I made this by:

Creating (or locating) an image that I liked.

Using that as the background when I opened Visualizer and making it as large as possible to fit on the screen.

Essentially from that point, I just used a light string to trace out the image and then save the fixtures/props.

Merry Christmas.lpf

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Hey folks made these hope they are useful.

I tried the other icicles available, but they didn't look good on angled roofs. Fine for straight areas.

So, I used Holiday Lights Designer 4.x, on my house image. HLD can do icicles, and also angle them properly. Got tired of waiting for the wishlist.

I then used the HLD decorator wizard to capture my images. Cleaned them up in Photoshop.

Then used LOR Object creator, to create my icicle fixtures.

Keep in mind, these were for my home roofline dimensions. So, if you strech them out a lot, they might not look to good.

Might, consider using more than one to satisfy your looks. At least, I think these look pretty decent, especially on angled roofs.

Hope they help. Gonna send as a zip file. The fixtures are within the zip.




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