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3 channels bells - One channel for bow and One channel for each bell.

Holdman Star - one channel for the cross, one for the X and one for the star burst.

294803=16285-star and bells.JPG


Holdman Star.lpf

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Here's my prop for a 64 channel (4 colors of 16 channels each) spiral tree. I took the 16 channel spiral tree prop from Cyberfix and converted each string from individual bulbs to a light string. That let me use the 4 colors each without posting 4 separate props on top of each other in the visualizer. On my spiral tree, I've got white and red in a superstring running clockwise and green/blue superstrings running counter clockwise. By simply assigning the channels in reverse order for the green/blue from the white/red for each string, the visualizer gives a pretty good approximation of the color strings running the opposite way during the playback.

Here's the fixture layout showing the reverse channel assignment to show the white/red strings wrapped in the opposite direction of the green/blue strings.



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This is a 32 channel Firework. It has 8 legs or sticks, and each leg or stick has 4 channels on it. There is a 33rd channel for the center ball, you can delete that if you are not using it.

This is the first prop I have made and it took some work, so I wanted to share it with others. Thanks to everyone for sharing theirs, I have used several of them for my display!

Have fun!


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