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Take care when buying or selling used LOR equipment…

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NOTE: LOR allows customers to sell/swap LOR equipment on these forums BUT and/all transactions are between the buyer and seller. If there is a dispute between the buyer and seller they can post this dispute to protect others that purchase and/or sell HOWEVER I ask that others, not involved with the purchase, not post in said threads... This allows feedback to be by those involved. If you think that someone is being unfair or "STUPID" about things then please send a PM to me or LORADMIN.

In general there will be no issues purchasing used LOR equipment. However LOR sells controllers in various form factors (kits, partially assembled, fully assembled) and you must make sure you are getting what you are expecting.

In many cases people will describe the specs of the card being sold regardless of how or if it is wired. For example, someone may have a CTB16D for sale and advertise it as a 40 amp controller. If just the card with heat sink is sold then no issue but if the controller is pre-wired, it may not be wired to handle the full 40 amp load. In other cases people who received a kit soldered together by an amateur thought they were purchasing a LOR assembled product... not good!

THINGS TO ASK WHEN PURCHASING USED LOR EQUIPMENT (this info should also be included in the description but if it is not in the description then ask).

1. Was the unit completely assembled/wired by LOR. Either a LORxxx unit or a CTB16PC-ReadyToGO…

2. if the unit was NOT completely assembled by LOR, was it a solder kit or pre-soldered by LOR

3. If the unit was wired by the seller, did they use LOR supplied wires and if not then what type/size wires are they

4. does the card have heat sinks installed

5. if soldered by the seller what level of experience is involved. I would ask for a closeup photo of the backside of the card.


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Please also watch out for scams: there are people out there with elaborate schemes to separate you from your money or equipment.

  • You should never EVER wire anyone money, or send gift cards/etc.  These are UNTRACEABLE and a sure indication of FRAUD.
  • If you accept a check, even if it looks official, you'll want to make sure it is on a US bank (if you are in the USA).  Call the issuing bank on the check to ensure the check is good.  Then wait several days and call AGAIN.  Better yet, don't accept a check and instead insist on Paypal where you will have at least a LITTLE protection.
  • Anyone who pays MORE than what you are asking and then wants a refund of the difference (or says, here is extra for shipping just send me back the left overs) is a scammer.
  • There are several world known shippers that you should use.  Never ever agree to use the buyer's agent unless it is a known and trusted shipper (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc)

A quick google turns up MANY pages about scams:





Remember:  Buying and selling should be a very easy process:  Someone posts something for sale.  Buyer agrees to pay.  Seller receives payment.  Seller sends item to buyer.  Any deviation from that should be met with a VERY skeptical eye.

If you are EVER IN DOUBT about any transaction, buying or selling, post the details here.  Do it BEFORE you exchange any money or goods - now is not the time to be embarrassed.  An honest seller or buyer will NOT be angry and will 100% understand.  Many people here can help you spot a scam before it catches you.

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