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newbie in TN


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This newbie needs help! Should i start with a 32 channel controller or a 16. i have a set up great for a 32 controller but i dont want to bite off more than i can chew at first. plus what up grades should i get with the starter package also i want to build my on extension cords if this will save me some money. and when should i buy this stuff to get the best price and where. and please give me all the advice that you can thank you.

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Hi Jason, and welcome to the addiction!

I'm assuming you are planning for next year since you haven't ordered anything yet and it is 2 weeks till Christmas.

That being the case, start shopping Christmas week. Some stores will start 1/2 price lights the week of Christmas, others will wait. pick up lots of lights, you WILL find places to put them.

Your planning on making your own extension cords, but I'd still pick up a few dozen after Christmas if I were you.

For the controllers, the summer sale is your best pricing. I'd wait till then to pick up the software too since you get 1 year of upgrades, no sense wasting it like I did by getting it in the last week of December last year. I'm not sure what the starter package includes, but if you are thinking of starting with 2 controllers, I'd suggest the advanced version of the software as there is a 95% chance you will be adding more controllers after your first year.

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Being in TN, you may want to plan to attend the Planet Christmas PLUS meeting in Gatlinburg June 30 - July 2, 2011. People from around the globe will converge there to discuss Christmas decorations. There will a trade show where vendors will show off their wares.

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Check Menards for extension cords now! If they still have rebate program going, you can get 20' for $2, 40' for $3 after rebate. Cheaper than buying SPT wire and ends. The advantage with making your own is custom length, less connections possibly failing and less bulk.

Shop everywhere now for lights. Watch sale prices and current inventories. If inventories are low, don't wait for sale if it's something you really need. Try to be consistant in what you get especially with white bulbs. White is the most inconsistant color. Around here, Walmart has the biggest inventory on mini's, every store is getting low or out on LED.

Even though it's late for Christmas, you can plan on Valentine's day or Fourth of July, look for lights accordingly.

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jasonbeaty wrote:

i live in manchester (coffee county) if you or anyone else have any advice for me it sure will help me get started thank you

Since you live so close to Murfreesboro, you need to go Ken Maxwell's house and display, he has one of the best in Middle Tennessee. I live around 3 hrs from there but my wife is from there and we always have to go by there and check his display out. Last year I went up to him(he is always out there directing traffic flow) and we talk about LOR, lights and strobes and arches....etc... He is one of the nicest and down to earth kind of guy I have ever met. Some of the guys doing this type of hobby are rude...etc..well around my area they are!!! But he has a GREAT setup for his controllers and lights. So check him out and talk to him if you havent already!!!


NEVER enough LIGHTS!!!


NEVER enough EXT CORDS!!!!

AND Always Make More Time for Putting Up the Display then you Think you Need!!!

And Just Slowing Build the Display over the years!! you dont always have to jump into it with everything you can afford at the time bc you will get burned out on it and its should be FUN to you....ALWAYS make it FUN!!!! The first year I only had 8,000 lights, then 15,000 and last year my first year of using LOR i had 20,000 lights with 48 channels and this year is over 60,000 lights and 128 channels.....check it out at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722

and ALWAYS ask Questions before if you dont know what you need to do.....

If i think of anything else, i will let you know.....

hope this helps out and i agree with all the others above this too
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