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How I learned about Light-O-Rama -

Favorite Decorating Holiday?

Found 4 results

  1. A user recently suggested that I make a sticky post giving links to various videos that I have made, showing features of the software and such. So, here it is. I will try to keep this list up to date as I make new videos. Background Effects: Shows basic use of Background Effects mode, including demonstrating that using the "Off" tool with Background Effects doesn't seem to do anything.Beat Wizard: A demo of the basic use of the Beat Wizard.Channel Button Colors #1: Shows the effects of the various View / Channel Button Colors settings.Channel Button Colors #2: A bit more about View / Channel Button Colors, but specifically with its "Cell" setting.Channel Group Effects: Shows how effect tools (such as the Fade Up tool) behave when applied to channel groups in different ways.Chase: Basic use of the Chase tool.Chase Fill: Shows a potentially confusing way in which the Fill tool behaves, both inside and outside of channel groups.Copy and Paste: Shows a basic copy and paste between two sequences.Copy via Group: A little trick to quickly copy a bunch of contiguous channels from one track to another.Delete Group: A trick to quickly delete a bunch of contiguous channels.DMX Universes: Shows how to configure LOR to use DMX universes.Drag and Drop into Group: Shows how to move channels into a group by dragging and dropping.Drag and Drop within Group: Shows how to move channels within a group by dragging and dropping, and also a trick to create a group that contains only certain channels (such as your red channels).Edit Media File: Shows something you can do if your sequence can't find your song file.Fade Down Up Chase: Uses the Chase, Copy/Paste Multiple, and Fill tools to make a chase of an inverted fade through an "all on" background.Foreground and Background: Shows how to use "Foreground Effects" mode and "Background Effects" mode.Force to On or Off via Subsequences: A trick to force a channel, or a bunch of channels, to only have "on" or "off" effects (e.g. no fades or twinkles). Warning! This trick is not guaranteed to work in future releases of the software... it's really more of an unintended side effect rather than a feature.Group but Leave in Place: Shows how to take advantage of the Channel Grouping dialog's "Leave copies" option in order to make multiple channel groups listing different channels in different ways.Group Parts: Shows how to make multiple channel groups that list the same channels in different ways.Mirror: Uses the Chase tool to produce a simple mirror image effect.Move to Group via Temporary Group: A trick for quickly moving a channel into a group that is far away from it, using a temporary group.Move to Group via Temporary Group 2: Expands upon the same idea to quickly move a channel to a specific spot within a group that is far away from it.Move to Group via Temporary Track: A trick for quickly moving a channel into a group that is far away from it, using a temporary track.Moving Tracks and Channels: The difference between the terms "track" and "channel", and how to move each of them.Multiple Clipboards: How to use more than one clipboard to copy and paste different things.Negative Chase: Use the Chase and Toggle tools to make "negative" chases, including on RGB channels.Random Fades: A trick to make random fades in your sequence.Simulated Dual Shimmer: Using Foreground Effects, Background Effects, and the Custom tool to make a sort of interlaced fading up-and-down shimmering effect.Simulated RGB Twinkle #1: Using the Toggle tool to simulate a twinkle on a set of RGB channels.Simulated RGB Twinkle #2: Building on "Simulated RGB Twinkle #2" to make a simulated twinkle with color on a set of RGB channels.VU Wizard: The basic use of the VU Wizard, which allows you to build sequences (or portions of sequences) that act like a VU meter would act on your stereo system.What's New in LOR 3: Warning! This one is over half an hour long. And it doesn't even show everything that's new in LOR 3!Windows Shell Commands: An introduction to Windows shell commands, which are a way to get LOR to tell your computer to run external programs whenever a particular sequence starts. Warning! This one is over twenty minutes long.
  2. Brad Ford

    Channel Configurations

    Is there a way to transfer my channel configuration to other pre-existing sequences? (without the manual, 3 hour channel by channel way...lol) Brad
  3. LightORamaDan

    S3 Tutorials

    Hello, We have posted a number of tutorials for the S3 software. They can be found on the support page at www.lightorama.com Here is a direct link: http://www.lightoram...orialLinks.html Best regards, Dan
  4. Here's a video giving an overview of some of the changes in LOR 3: http://www.lightorama.com/LOR3Demo/WhatsNewInLOR3.swf Edit: It's a pretty long video, so here are approximate timings for its various sections: Intro: 0:00 LOR Visualizer: 0:07 LOR Super Star: 2:02 Channel Groups: 4:33 Channel Groups within Channel Groups: 11:18 New Paste Modes: 14:44 Paint Sequence: 16:47 Native DMX Support: 21:17 Compressed Sequences: 22:08 Custom Keyboard Mappings: 23:55 Variables in Windows Shell Commands: 26:33 Quickly Changing the Unit Number or Network of an Entire Controller: 27:56 In "Insert Device", you can now set the unit name: 29:07 In "Add Controller", you can now set the new controller's network: 29:36 Select rows or columns directly from the right-click context menu: 30:02 Protected Sequences: 30:29 Hide and unhide a track with a single mouse click: 32:06 Hide the Tools panel completely: 32:20 New Information in Tooltips: 32:34 Persistent View Settings: 33:34 Outro: 34:28