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  1. I have used LOR for several years. This year I am moving to DMX. I have 2 16 channel Show Time controllers that I have used on the LOR network. They are running great on DMX. No problem there once I realized I had to define the channels as DMX in the sequencing software. My problem is with my DMX decoders I am using for my LED strips. I am using the PX24506 decoder units. I have 12 of these units. I have a DMX distro amp and lines running to my tree which has 8 controllers and to two groups of windows each with 2 of these decoders. I am running from the DMX Distro Amp to my LOR Show Time controller number 1 and then using a standard cat 5 cable between the two show time controllers. As soon as I try to play a sequence, all LED strips come on full white. These are RGB strips. I get no control through DMX for these units. I have pulled one of the window boxes and brought inside to plug directly to my DMX unit (ENTTTEC OpenDMXUSB). I have my sequences set to start my LED strips at DMX Address 64. In testing I do get minimal response when I set my DIP switches on the PX24506 units to addresses 1 - 10 but it is not the appropriate control.I only get random switching of colors that are not my color mix specified. I cannot send a signal to turn off the LED strips. I am using the RAW DMX protocol. I an at a loss for the setting of the DIP swithches on the PX24506 units. There are 10 DIP switches. I was under the impression that these were basic binary address setting switches but an now not sure. HELP!
  2. josuemtz

    Adding RGB

    I'm new to the LOR and would like to start expanding my show. I know it's already too late for this year, but want to start figuring things out for next year. I bought a 27CH RGB Controller, I've created a 3 pin XLR to CAT5 cable using the following pinout RJ45 pin 4 to XLR pin 3; RJ45 pint 5 to XLR pin 2, and RJ45 pin 6 to XLR pin 1), I also have an external power supply. BUT I cannot get the board to communicate with the program. I've watched about every youtube video and have read information on the forums, but I can't quite figure out my problem. I've read some information that LOR with communicate DMX without the need of a "converter" such as entec, but I dont think my board is really a DMX board, but rather a dumb board. I've tried setting it up as just another LOR device with RGB channels, but again cannot get it communicate. I currently only have a 16CH controller. Any ideas? I've also heard some people get together in the sacramento area. I'd like to join you guys for your next meeting and meet some people that I can learn from. I'll appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Josue
  3. I just purchased a 1602 Mp3 to run a pixel mega tree. When I run the sequence through the computer the tree runs just fine. When I download the sequence to the SD card and plug it into the 1602 the lights lag behind the music. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
  4. This year so far has been a struggle with my CCRs. I had to send in 2 for repair and purchased 2 for a back up. We started to put our 12 ccr tree together for halloween and I have one strip that stays lite in red. It is the entire strip. I looked for breaks with no luck. I have never seen a strip just lite in red. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?
  5. I have 4 controllers this year and im having a problem daisy chaining the contollers they all work great on there own. When I hook them together with cat5 cable only the first contoller works. The Led is solid on the first one blinking on the second. I have tested the cat 5 cable. What else could it be.
  6. My first year with four CTB16D controllers Ver 4.01 and v3.12.0 Advanced software. I can't seem to run a controller/lights from the sequence editor or run a show. Searched the forums, watched the videos, still at a loss. I'm sure it's one (correct) click of the mouse and I'll be back on track; so any help will be GREATLY appreciated. - Running on comm 11 @ 57.6K - Hardware Utility finds all four units (01 through 04 CTB16D) and I can run the light tests on each unit with no problem (controller board led comes on steady when the Hardware Utility starts up) - When I exit the Hardware Utility the controller board starts blinking again - I start up the Control Panel to open Sequence Editor (also tried skipping the control panel to open Seq Editor) - - Checked Network Settings, same as in the H/U, all good there - - Little blue box in the bottom right corner - - Control Lights checked in the Play menu - - I built a test seq for just one controller in order to troubleshoot (still no luck) - - I tried building a show with that seq, tried to schedule a show, tried Show on Demand, (again, no luck) - - "Status" says show is playing, no errors - LED blinks all the time, unless connected to the Hardware Utility Thanks for having a look
  7. Hi All. Anyone else using My T Brite 5mm LEDs? I have three power cords that have direct shorts on them. While the fuse blows on the LOR controller, the channel gets frozen to on when it bloes. My suggestion is to use one of those orange safety powerboards with a 5 am breaker on to test every power cord and string before you plug them into your LOR controller.
  8. I have added in CCR's to my show this year. I tested them before I took them out of the box. I put them out and when I go to hook up the last controller on the network it works fine until I plug in the network cable from controller 5 to 6. Then the CCR controller for #6 dies. No red led's to show network status. NOTHING...... Any ideas? I have tested the network cable and its good. I just cant figure out what is happening. I want to get this figured out before I hook up the last one I have left.
  9. I searched through the forums for a similar question and did not find one. I'm using v3.11.2 of the sequence editor and hardware utility on a PC running Win7 64bit. I created a couple of musical sequences and tried using the hardware utility to write them as a show to an SD card. I followed the G3-MP3 user guide to create a "plays anytime powered" show with two sequences in it. I can open the SD card on my PC with explorer and see the following files on the card: S1CONFIG.CFG S1FILE01.MP3 S1FILE01.SEQ S1FILE02.MP3 S1FILE02.SEQ However, when I plug the card into the G3-MP3 and power it on, it displays the message (after initializing) "No Show on SD Card". Is there a limitation on the size of SD card the directory will read? We have a 512MB card with one of the LOR purchased sequences that plays fine. The SD card I'm trying to use is a 32GB Class 10 SanDisk card. Also, does anyone know (did not find it in the docuemntation) if there is a standard connector that will plug into the trigger receptacle?
  10. Does anyone know what kind of time frame I might be looking at if I send one of my boards back to LOR? I purchased 4 kits this Summer, but I only have 3 working. I had the boards soldered by someone else, one of them came back with the processor in backwards and before I realized it I had already plugged it in. Now I'm experiencing several issues and thinking it might be best to send it in for repair. I know it's crunch time for LOR right now so I was curious if anyone had any info?
  11. So i am getting ready to do my light o rama show for this Christmas, last year was my first year and got the whole lighting thing worked out but to control it was very tedious. I ran cat 5 from the LOR controllers outside into my garage and used a Cat 5 to USB adapter from light o rama and plugged it into to my old laptop in the cold garage, while I did the programming inside the controlling was very hard to do in the garage. This year i would like to use my much more powerful desktop which is upstairs this means i would have to run cat 5 up to my room just for LOR... I did my research and believe that this is not the case... If i were to use DMX and E1.31 i could control this from my room with out running cat 5 so here goes my assumption. I would run the cat 5 into the garage and convert into DMX with a crossover cable allowing for it to communicate with a E1.31 bridge, the crossover cable would connect to one of the 4 universes on the bridge and then would output as E1.31 using IP, from there i would plug it into my Ethernet jack in my garage and then connect it to my network, this would give it an IP and allow me to go to my network connected desktop upstairs, and access the whole LOR setup over E1.31 and IP from there i would use LOR S3 advanced with support for E1.31 and connect to the LOR network using the IP allowing for me to connect to lights... This is the map that i planned out and assume would work Lights -> 2 CTB16PC LOR Controllers (Daisy Chained)-> RJ45 Crossover Cable (LOR to DMX) -> E1.31 Bridge -> Network (Ethernet) -> Computer -> LOR S3 (Using my normal shows and standard controls) This is what i believe is true from the research and reading i have done on the internet, if this is not true someone please tell me before I order my supplies to add this functionality to my setup. Here is the area i have questions about... 1st --- If I want to add DMX lights (non LOR) to my setup can i connect these to the second RJ 45 connector on the E1.31 bridge and will this allow for me to control the DMX lights on the LOR S3 and will all of these lights on the same universe... or does S3 not use universes? 2nd --- Can I expand in the future adding another E1.31 board to my setup adding another IP on my network and still use all the lights in the same show 3rd --- Can I add support for E1.31 sACN allowing me to control the light show on any device on my network and if I use an external IP and port, control outside my network... and what would I need to add this functionality to my setup 4th --- WHERE CAN I FIND A E1.31 BRIDGE!!!! I have searched for a good one that uses RJ45 connectors for DMX in and E1.31 out (but i guess i could just use 3 pins for dmx) and have found 2 reccomended ones that are both out of stock i found one kit but don't know how hard and how long it will take to build. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas for what E1.31 Bridge i could use I only need 1 maybe 2 (in the future) DMX universes Bridges http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22&products_id=245 http://www.j1sys.com/ecg-d4/ Kit (in stock i might get it if it isn't that hard to build) http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=157 Other Options (Would These Work???) E682 ??? http://www.advateklights.com/shop/mantis-pixel-mapping/38-pixlite-4-controller.html These 2 Look the most compelling for what I need and there price would they work for what i need http://www.advateklights.com/shop/mantis-pixel-mapping/38-pixlite-4-controller.html http://www.j1sys.com/ecg-d4/ or maybe the kit...http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=157
  12. Has anyone ever removed all the 1 1/2' female "pigtail" power cords that are connected to the outputs of the LoR 16 channel AC controllers and used a 10 conductor "snake" instead? Sending out all the Neutrals and Grounds seems to be redundant. What if a 10 conductor cable was used for a long run (that's 1 LINE per channel (8) plus a common NEUTRAL (1) and a common GND (1)), then close to were you need to plug-in your lights you had a 'breakout box' that the snake connected to, with the breakout box having 8 switched outdoor outlets? Could money or frustration be saved doing this over having 8 extension cords?
  13. When ever I try to start the show I keep getting a serial port error saying " Error:(8002) Open of serial port has failed. Any suggestions? THANKS in advance
  14. How do I "configure" this device? I connect to 20 pin connector....then how is that assigned? Thanks, David
  15. Hi guys. I was debating to dive into some RGB lighting to do some cool color changing, chasing FX etc. I know many smart people here have already gone down that road. I read many of the faqs but I am still a bit confused. Not looking for something overly complex. This will be an experiment of sorts. Maybe just put some RGB lights on the two front eves of my house and integrate with my existing 16 channel controller. Any recommendations? Should I get the LOR RDG Controller add on with light strands and start there? What about a single Pixel strands? Will that work with my existing controller and accomplish what I want? Maybe I should steer clear of RGB and just do it with regular lights and additional controllers. So much to consider. Sorry for for the noob questions but I just got started in this stuff for Halloween.
  16. What is the Maximum Supported RS-485 Speed for the CTB16 Series of Controllers? Do different versions have different maximum speeds? Blue Board, Green Board, CTB16D, CTB16PC, etc.?
  17. Just curious if I'll be overloading my controllers this Christmas so I thought I would ask so I can take the necessary precautions before hand. I have the basic 27 channel dumb DMX controllers found here... http://www.holidaycoro.com/27-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-12v-DC-p/24.htm The board will handle 2 amps per channel or 15 amps per controller which ever comes first. My question is this... is the 2 amps per channel referring to the three (RGB) channels combined or is it saying 2 amps per red, 2 amps per green and 2 amps per blue channel? I have a few windows I'm lining with the lights on the controller and they are SLIGHTLY above the 2 amps when all are lit white, but if the amp rating means 2 per each channel then does that mean I can go to 6 amps on that channel? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions -Brad
  18. So I'm looking to add to my light show. but on a low budget of $500 bucks in total for addition lights and controllers. Currently only have one 16 channel LOR Controller. Video here of past show So I'd like to go with RGB controller(s) CMB24D Board is the one from LOR so I'm thinking maybe that one. But I'm open to suggestions, Looking for 24 channels to power 8 strips something that can tie in with my current 16 channel LOR controller. But after that I don't know where to go. So I guess main question would be What strips are compatible with the CMB24D Could I use these strips Ebay Link with the CMD24D. What sort of power supply would I need for 8 of these strips with the CMD24D Thank you.
  19. I have outdoor speakers playing the music and I lower the volume manually at the amplifier as the night goes on. Sometimes I get distracted by my wife, baby and/or toddler and I forget I am at a high volume late in the night before my silent animations begin. My neighbors are really cool, but I don't want to be abusive! I would like to automate my volume reduction process. One thing that comes to mind is to make complete duplicate musical sequences with MP3 files that have had the volume reduced and just have different volume leveled shows. It's just a lot of work and a lot of duplicate files cluttering my computer. And, I wouldn't want to lower the volume I am transmitting at at the same time -- just the amplified speakers. I can imagine other methods, but don't know if the hardware or software feature might exist. (e.g. An amplifier that has a timer built in, or an inline resistor in the speaker wire that is time driven, etc.) I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Thank you in advance for sharing your creativity!!!
  20. Not sure if it is a defect or human error. I have a new 16 channel lor controller with 16 sets of 5mm multi color led lights plugged in. when I test it channels 9-16 dim just fine, but channels 1-8 only dim slightly and then turn off. I've gone into the configure window and changed 1-8 to dim curve01 but it doesn't help anything. help please! Thanks
  21. I'm increasing my channel count significantly this year. I will have 584 AC channels and 5 CCRs. Should I be adding a second network?
  22. First, thanks for reading and helping :-) This is my current setup: PC Running S2 -> USB485B -> ELL(transmit) -> ELL(receive) -> Several CTB16PC & CTB08D units This is what I want to do: I want to dabble in DMX lights, foggers, and other things, who knows. I've read what everyone has said: start simple, work your way up, etc., despite already having intermediate knowledge of DMX prior to LOR. Nevertheless, I want to control one fog machine (just for example) so that it shoots fog at a specific point in my musical sequence. Lets say its a 1 channel DMX fogger and channel 1's value represents the % of fog output. (100-255 is 100%). These are my questions: What is the simplest way to do this with the hardware (Ill figure out the software part later) And what is the best way to do this so that I could add RGB fixures, or even a snow machine down the road. ;-) Lastly, I've been hearing the terms "dumb" and "smart" (I assume this is what determines if I need a DMX controller or if I can use my USB485 (but how?) )...what constitutes a smart and a dumb DMX-controlled device. Thanks!
  23. Hello all, I recently came across what I believe to be SPT wire at a garage sale and managed to pick it up for 50 cents. That was a great deal for 30+ feet of wire. My only problem now is that I don't whether it is SPT 1 or 2. It has no markings on the insulation, which looks pretty thick. The copper itself looks to be either 18 or 20 gauge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. This is my second year. Last year I ran everything on One (1) network, but I am thinking I should have more. My show ran well for the most part last year. Although a couple of times I saw things lag a bit. Here are the number of devices I have: 4 times CTB16-PC 2 times CMD24D 10 times CCP/CCB for outline of house and yard 6 time CCP for MegaTree (new for 2014) I have done some searching around, but couldn't find any recommendations.
  25. Okay I am having an issue with the CMB24D board only working with half the outputs.(13-24) I have the following hardware and have simplified the connection to troubleshoot the issue. The unit was working in full capacity in my July 4th display. Hardware: · CMB24D – Board · (8) 10W LOR RGB floods · (1) PS-LED-12V-200W power Supply (LOR Unit) I am using the hardware utility to identify the issue and can only get floods 1-4 to operate.(all colors at this time). When I try to turn on floods 5-8 nothing happens at the flood side. The utility shows turning each output on and full functionality. What I have tried to this point. 1. Checked connections – All Connected tightly and correct. 2. Checked Fuses – Nothing blown 3. Checked power supply and connections – ALL Tight and correct voltage. 4. Connected each flood to channel 1 and check for issues. (Each lit up when tested on Channel 1) 5. Disconnected all Floods and tried switching them to different connections. Flood Outputs 1-4 work whatever flood is used and flood output 5-8 does not. 6. Looked for any shorts or burnt issues with the board and did not see any. 7. Switched Cat5 cable 8. Insured Cat5 cable was not close to any power wires. 9. Jumped up and down – No Result Any Help would be appreciated as I did not have an extra board lying around. Thank you – Chris
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