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  1. I have 3 CTB16PC light o rama boxes. 2 of them I've added on this year my #1 and #2 box are working my #3 box is blinking red when I try to sync all of them. Now if I hook my #3 box straight up it will have no problems it turns on and off without a hitch. #3 box old unit use to be 2 I switched it to #3 my #2 box use to be #27 I switched it to #2. I have the CAT 5 running to #1 middle plugin and then another CAT 5 in the right plugin to #2 middle plugin then another CAT 5 from #2 right plugin to #3 middle plugin. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hello. I'll be honest, I am completely new to LOR and RGB devices. I've been watching tons of videos on YouTube by HolidayCoro and LOR, but I still need some additional device from some of you pros out there. Below I have posted an image of the right of my house with a quick sketch of where I will be placing the RGB LED strips for the 2015 season. I plan on purchasing the LOR CTB16PC and the LOR CMB24D and a 12V power supply. I will be securing them in weatherproof containers just between the front door and the window on the right. I need advice on the best approach of powering the LED strips (each window, door I want to be independently controlled). What extension cables would be recommended? I've been seeing lots of discussion on RGB signal amplification. Is that something that I would need as well? http://postimg.org/image/u5sb4cb3r/ Thanks for the help in advance! -Adam
  3. Is it possible to wirelessly control LED costumes? I've done it using an arduino microcontroller and xbee transceivers, but it would be much easier with the sequencing editor instead of writing code. Also, has anyone used the sequencing editor with arduino?
  4. I'm sorry if this has been answered before, I searched with no results. Some of my LED lights will not completely turn off when I'm not running a show. It appears as if it's about 5% or less of light that keeps glowing. Is this common and is there a solution? I bought all my lights from the same vendor and they are full wave rectified. It's not all of them, but a good amount remains very dim... frustrating! Is this just something I have to deal with on LED's?
  5. Hello everyone! So I have a question, Do you need to get a regular controller for RGB or do you have to use a RGB controller? And also, I am just getting started with Light o Rama so I am still learning so bear with me Thanks for reading and Shine on!
  6. What is the lumen output of the CCR devices: ribbon, bulbs and pixels compared to a regular C9 incandescent bulb (the big ones)? LEDS of the past never had much brightness and since my house is on the other side of a cove, there is possibility of not being able to see my display. Right now the 7W incandescent C9 work just peachy! I have seen C9 equivalents where they put 6-7 LEDs in one bulb in order to get the brightness equal. How about the Lightorama stuff? My whole new display depends on whether it can be seen from 250 feet away.
  7. Hello! I have been an avid light o rama user now for the past 5 years making Christmas shows as well as Halloween shows for the neighborhood block party each year. The past two years I have incorporated 8 CCRs to the roof line and feel I have really set the bar high and each year try to do something more. This year I wanted to incorporate some DMX 512 lights. I know you need to buy a special controller to connect the light to the light-o-rama boxes, but I am very much so shooting in the dark here on how to do anything with DMX. How do you program the lights to move, change color (the ones I am looking at are 3 color LEDs) etc. Do you use the same software you use to make light shows in the past? do you need new software? Like I said, I have no idea on how to do anything with DMX, but have years of LOR experience. Any help in this would be awesome!! We put on a show for all the kids in the neighborhood each halloween (about 50-60) and since I feel this will be a huge undertaking, I am hoping to learn this now so I am not rushing this fall. Appreciate the help guys!!!
  8. mikewlaymon

    I'm stumped?

    MegaTree: PixLite 16 (e1.31/16 output) 16 - 50 pixel strips 1 universe per strip Universes 21-36 Software: SE 3.80 Advanced All LMS sequences Situation: Run hardware test pattern on PixLite card - all strips light up Run test pattern on xLights - all strips light up Run a sequence from SE, strip #4 does not function (at all) - rest of strips/sequence is just fine. The universe (24) is set up just like the other 15 universes for this MegaTree in Network Preferences. Everything looks good in Channel Configuration (checked for duplicates). It happens on all sequences (however, I did use the same lcc config on each one). Why is #4 not working!!! I know I'm missing something???
  9. Thank you to the folks that have answered many questions over the years. I've exhausted my search skills and must post the question that many have asked before, and their answers didn't solve my issue. I have 2 CTD16PCG3 One of them is 1 day old. I read that I needed to change the unit id on my new controller, so I used the Hardware utility (HU) because there are no switches on the controller. After that, it would no longer connect. The other connects fine, unless I daisy chain it to the new problem controller. My original controller works fine with the Cat 5 cable, and I've swapped numerous cable just to be sure. I have performed 3 resets just to cover my bases. I have tried to daisy chain them in different ways, then went to the sequence editor to see if they would work there, and maybe just not in the HU. In the sequence editor, the original controller works, and the problem does not. I even tried changing the unit number from 1 thru 5 just for grins. The LED blinks green on the problem controller, no matter what I do. Where as the good controller will go solid as soon as I plug it in. It seems the USB is fine, and the cable is fine. I have tried changing the Unit Number back by choose Any device, and it fails. I checked the box that ignores errors and it says "Unit iD may have changed, cannot verify" but it still does not connect, despite all the times I've clicked that darn refresh button. I'm at your mercy. Again, it worked until I changed the unit ID. Hindsight, I believe I changed it incorrectly. I used the SET NEW ID instead of Change Existing. There's got to be a cure for the common noob mistake.
  10. I have downloaded sequences from Superstar Lights. Purchased the audio files. Setup the correct configurations using two networks. Exported into sequence editor and used hardware utility to build my show of six sequences and send to the SD card. Hardware utility program says card is complete. I plug the card into the G3- MP3 director and the display says "error no show on card". I am using a class 4 card with 8gb size. I can check the files on the card with my computer and it shows there are files for each sequence and one config.bat file on the card. What else do I check
  11. I bought a ccr kit from holidaycoro and i cant seem to get started. I have to lor 16 channel controllers and kind of was under the impression that the pixlite 16 was plug and play. the only way I can get my computer to recognize the controller is to hook into the eithernet port instead of the usb485 and then set ip. dont know what to do the get it to rub with lor. Please help!! Its Nov 29!
  12. Show Editor (Non-Beta) when a sequence that has a filename with non letter character such as "(" or ")" is used to run upon a trigger, the sequence will not load when a trigger is hit. It will produce an error in the "status window" and continue about its business. for example: For example.... I have sequence file name Frozen (withMatrix).lms when the Trigger hits.... it gives me an error something about cannot find or load the sequence or somethign like that. When I renamed the file to FrozenInt.lms it had no problem loading and running the sequence. I will try to replicate the error later tonight for further clarity.
  13. I saw these cheap and easy to use controllers on the internet. Would it be possible to use them with LOR? They do 8 channels and only that company's lights, but are quite cheap. http://www.syncrolight.co.uk/syncrolight-controllers.aspx Also, they do have a weird data cable. Only 3 pin. Thanks
  14. I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen to them and what to do... I have a few of the 27 channel dumb DMX controllers found here... http://www.holidaycoro.com/27-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-12v-DC-p/24.htm and when in demo mode they start off running a pattern. First red on all channels then followed by green, blue, yellow, light blue, violet, and white. After this it then runs the same colors 1 channel at a time then repeats the process. However a few of the controllers are now acting as if there's an error, they now go through the first seven colors and then the LED light on the controller turns off and back on and the it repeats the same 7 colors again skipping the individual channels test. I've done many things to see if I can fix the problem like rewiring or moving to other channels on the board and sometimes it fixes it and sometimes it won't. Does anyone know what this means or have had it happen to them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -Brad
  15. doakra


    I am a newbie. I have searched but haven't been able to find my answer. Hopefully someone here can answer some things for me. I don't have the option of leaving a PC connected to the system. If I purchase the LOR1602Wg3, what additional hardware will I need to buy from LOR? Is this unit truly "stand alone"? I know I will have to purchase either software to create shows or purchase shows, or both. I am just trying to understand exactly what it will cost to get everything to get a system up and running without keeping a PC connected to it. Thanks for any help.
  16. HI y'all, Two questions I can hold the reset button on the CCR controller and cycle through all the colors but during the show 5 of the ribbons don't come on at all. I reset them and nothing.All the lights on the controllers are steady on and Hardware utility finds them all. Second part When I run the show on Com6 the CCR tree works and when I run on Com5 the LOR lights work but they will not run the show on both while on one or the other.
  17. I have the mDM-MP3 player and want to convert to an external power supply. The manual says an adapter that is 9 volt DC, 50 mAmp is required. The lowest I have found is 210 mAmp. Could this adapter work? Thanks in advance
  18. HELP! I have used LOR for a number of years. Until this year I have use the LOR network. I am moving to DMX to give me additional flexibility. I have my two 16 channel Show Time units working without problem on DMX. I am using a ENTTEC OPENDMXUSB interface between my comuter and a DMX Distro amplifier. I am using a standard CAT5 cable between the Show Time units. That is working like a champ. I also have 3 other displays using DMX that I cannot get to work. I have a large tree with LED RGB strips on it. I have 8 stips and 8 PX24506 units driving the strips. I start my DMX Addresses for the other displays at 64 to make sure I am not in the range of the Show Time units. When the sequence calls for the first LED RGB strip to illuminate, all strips come on on all three displays at full intensity for all RGB channels. Once the LED stips come on, they will not go off untill I power down the display. In testing, I removed one control box for a window display wit two of the PX24506 units and carried it into the house to directly connect the DMX interface to that unit -thereby eliminating the distro amp. I have tried many switch combinations. I can occasionally get a slight response, but nothing like the programmed colors. I cannot get the LED strips to go off once illuminated unless I power down the power supply to the control box. Each PX24506 unit has 10 DIP switches. I have no information on how they should be set other than they are "standard" DMX settings. By that, I would think that they are binary addressing switches. I have tried setting the switches in both on and off combinations for my desired addresses with no response. I have seen a little response if I change the addressing to the first 8 channels of DMX but still not the colors nor timing I am trying to send. I have tried both using a resistor termination and not termination. If I do not connect DMX and power up the unit it will go into a default mode of moving though the RGB color list. Has anyone got any idea of what I need to do? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  19. Need help to understand how to configure Cosmic Color Bulbs to work in the sequence editors. I had someone else tell me there is a post somewhere in the forums that explains it, but I've searched and can't find it. What I have are 7 CCB controllers that we want to put together into a flat tree (12 strands of 50 in a triangle and 2 strands in a five level star). I've been able to piece together that I need to set two ids in the controller to manipulate each strand, create the tree in the visualizer first, then import into superstar, but I'm missing where the channels get assigned and how many channels should be assigned. For example, running through the tutorial, I created a string of lights and assigned a red, green, blue, white channel to the string, but that seems as though it would be driving a 16 channel controller with 4 strings of dumb lights not 50 bulbs. I looked at the tree and globe sample and it looks like I need to create some fixtures, but I'm missing something. If there is a post in the forums on how to do this, please point me to it.
  20. CanelaLights


    First year, 32 channels, and programming since May. 10,260 LED lights later (only the strobes are not LED), Canela Lights are up and running!!! I still have a few things to shore up; after 1500 feet of SPT1, I had to resort to linking extension cord after extension cord to do the test run and some of my strobes are not working. I have to say that the Easy Linkers are the Bomb-dot-com. I don't think running CAT5 across the entire house would have been very efficient. These little wireless boxes make the WORLD of difference! Check out the first video at facebook.com/CanelaLights.
  21. OK I am confused. I have all my CCP sequences done in Superstar. They play great and looks good. However, I see problems during the show. I looked in the sequence editor and check the controller id's and then looked in the visualizer and they are different. Visualizer they are" 4,5,6,7,8,oa,ob,oe,od,of. But in the sequence editor (through exported from Superstar: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,. I am using 8 CCP controllers and am using them in duel mode. And I am running these on aux 1. I see there is a problem here and I need to change something, but what. I am hoping I can change these controller id' instead of renumbering all the sequence channels. I think I can change the id's with the hardware utility, however I may have to wait until the season is over to take my pixel tree down so I can unhook the cat5's from the controllers to renumber them. I believe I can only have one controller connected to change the id's. And it's too cold to do it now.
  22. I have my lights up, and my Transmitter went down, I dropped it and it is shot. I had the FM whole hose transmitter and it was okay, I am looking for suggestions about a replacement for a day or two before I order something. Anybody have any "stay away at all costs" advice?
  23. I have had nearly a dozen triacs fail on 5 different controllers the first few days of the display, so I figure why not show everyone how I've been replacing them? I understand LOR will provide this service, but doing it yourself can save lots of time. Bad triacs happen to most people eventually. Best be prepared! View the video on Youtube to see the annotations and video description with more info.
  24. I have had 8 triacs fail in 1 night. 8 out of 336 channels. 4 controllers affected, all PC versions and all 4 years or newer purchased soldered directly from LOR. All channels have between 400 and 800 mini-lights and are running the same sequences as last year. All ran fine yesterday. This failure rate just seems ridiculous to me. Maybe if I had 8 throughout the whole season, but if this continues I'm going to pull my hair out. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Did you continue to get failures? Is this worth contacting LOR directly? I have fixed these before and am in the process (luckily I have spare triacs), but no way will I have time to keep this up.
  25. I have recently acquired a D-light ACx16 Controller. It requires a USB485 adapter and I can't find anything for D-light anymore. I am wondering if the LOR adaptors are compatible with the D-light controller. Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dane Meyers
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