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  1. I have a CMB 24 -V6 board for some unknown reason the all the lights are blinking !!! I have used led tester at the board and all 24 circuits work but they blink instead of being stead on can anyone tell me if it is a fallt with the board and would need returning to lor or is there some way of fixing the problem ? thanks in advance
  2. I'm trying to get a 5v output for my 16 channels on my CMB16D controller.. I originally thought I could just hook up a 5v power source to the board. But it looks like that was wrong after reading the manual... Unless mis interpreting it? The board manual says it can do 5v output, but I don't exactly know how. Does anyone have some guidance for me you'd like to share? Thank you and happy decorating!! Dennis
  3. In need of help! I'm trying to control 5v dc motors with LOR. This shouldn't be too complicated. I don't need speed control. Just on and off. I have been told that I need to use relays with motors and can't connect directly to LOR. I have a CMB16D controller, or a Servodog controller that I can use. I also have a 5v relay (sad-05vdc-so-c), as well as a DPDT relay... So I believe I have the right components. I have been playing around trying to wire this up but have had no luck. I'm in over my head! Haha. If anyone has some guidance or instructions you could help me with, I would be so great full. Even if just some generic answers. Thank you!! Dennis
  4. I hear my brain cells burning as I try to figure this out. Last year I ran DMX and LOR on different networks. I used the LOR usb to cat 5 dongle for LOR, and I used the Entec DMX dongle for my DMX. I just got the AlphaPix4 and a friend said I Could run just one network, using DMX only, for LOR Controllers and AlphaPix (DMX RGB LED ABCDEFG) Using Unicast I can control Lights connected to the AlphaPix from Sequence Editor Using Multi-cast, I cannot. (I have no preference uni or multi.. just testing) I cannot get my LOR controller to turn on any light and the green LED continues to blink. *** I've tried lots of things and cannot wrap my head around the concept. Network Preferences: Tried using Multicast and Unicast
  5. Greetings fellow light fanatics! I'm new to the LOR family, having just made the plunge last month. I bought the ShowTime Central package, which gives me access to the basic-plus version with SuperStar Demo, thinking that this gives me everything I need to get started. I also splurged and bought the Plug-N-Show pre-programmed SD card, in case I ran out of time and didn't get to build my own sequences. I shouldn't have worried... In less than two weeks, I've got three sequences completed that will provide an awesome 10 minute show using just the dumb LED light strings that I've been collecting over the past several years. I'm now considering buying an input pup, so that I can have the entire house lit until someone drives up to start the show (I live on a cul-de-sac that gets some drive-by traffic during the holidays, but I don't want to give any of my neighbors an epileptic fit with lights flashing all night long during December). So here's my question: How do I program an SD card with my show to use in my ShowTime Central controller? I've read through what I found online that looked like applicable documentation, and watched several helpful videos about setting up and checking hardware. I've launched the schedule editor on my PC, set-up a schedule to display the sequences, and it runs just fine... on my PC. The step I'm missing in all this is actually programming the SD memory. Does the show scheduler need to see it plugged into the PC to figure out it needs to update the SD memory? Or is there a secret command hidden somewhere that I'm missing? Or, is it as simple as just copying the sequences to the SD card and building the show from there? A little about me... I'm an EE/CS engineer that has been building, and programming, everything from single-board computers to artificial intelligence applications on distributed computing environments, so even if this were rocket science - which it's clearly not - I could probably figure it out. Actually, I'd probably figure it out on my own if I just continue to tinker with it, but it occurs to me that if I'm having problems with this, there's probably at least a couple of other newbies that will benefit from my having asked the question. Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone has to offer...
  6. Good Morning All!! I purchased (2) Pixcon 16 boards on the summer sale. Now I need to find power supplies for them. I presume I should look for the largest power supply the Pixcon 16 board can handle. Any recommendations on a good deal?
  7. My standard star is 29 1/2 inches from the top left tip to the top right tip. I have had a few people ask for stars that are larger than this. The largest star that you can cut from a standard 4' x 8' sheet of HDPE is 49 1/2 inches from the top left tip to the top right tip. With a star that size you can fit 10 concentric stars into it. Rick Turman at Reliable Formed Plastics has drawn up a design. If there is enough interest in it I will ask him to make some. Here is a page on my web site that shows the design: http://www.superstarlights.com/SuperStarConstruction/10ChannelStar.php
  8. We're building a 40 foot CCR 360 mega tree this year with two rows of 24 CCR's. Obviously, the leads are too short to pull this off so we did a test using one CAT 5 cable to provide the signals and power from two controllers to two CCR's. We purchased the CCR connectors from DigiKey and a Molex crimper. Granted making the cables are somewhat of a pain it works. Here is a video of the results: http://youtu.be/uk20FuSuKfY Now on to programming to ensure we can pull this off!
  9. I have read through some past forums about the Test Console in the HWU and how to test ALL the leds on the CCB string, but everything I have tried, I can only see first 5 bulbs lit and cant get the Channel Group Slider to be active and see more than 16 channels. When I turn on Extended Circuit Ids, I am able to move the slider and see rest of channels, but light do nothing when I change their intensity. Thanks!
  10. This year i wanted to livestream my display on youtube so that famly members and friends could see the display form other countries, Has anyone on this forum livestreamed their display? I was thinking of using an old CCTV camera and running the wires to an easy cap (RCA to usb converter) and having that run into youtubes livestream feature.
  11. My husband and I have decided to get into the light show game for 2016. I know the sale starts tomorrow. I'm thinking about getting the Showtime Central package since it comes with everything in a box. Then I can just add controllers each year going forward. A couple questions: 1) I've read mixed reviews of the FM transmitter that comes with the Showtime Central package. Considering I only want to broadcast to a few cars sitting outside my house, is it really necessary to get a transmitter from an outside vendor? I don't want to entertain the whole block 2) If I order the SD card that has pre-planned sequences on it, can I ADD sequences to that SD card for a longer show? Can I add those sequences in between the set playlist that comes on the card? 3) If you don't think I should get the Showtime Central package, what DO you think I should get, assuming I'm only going to start with 16 channels in 2016? Thanks, everyone!
  12. Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing the CMB24D Controller + 8 RGB single pixel ribbon. The idea is to create a smaller mega-tree with 8 rows, or if it doesn't look dense enough, add to my existing megatree (link below). According to the store info, it requires an external power supply and enclosure. I really have no idea what I'm looking for there. It looks like there's a PSU available on the website here: http://store.lightorama.com/1260waposu.html, is that any good? What enclosures would you recommend? How hard is it for a noob to cable this up? Is soldering required? Is this really the best solution for a "dumb" single-pixel mega tree, or are there better solutions out there (specifically all-in-one, assembled kits, for lazy people like me.) Last-Year's Megatree:
  13. I have upgraded from the mini director to the standard director this year. Will the director handle the new intensity files & enhanced network? Using a computer to run my show is not currently possible. Thank you.
  14. I want to incorporate some linear actuators into my Halloween show. I have some frightprops controllers, but was hoping to use LOR because the 3 axis skull I have, is using the Servo board. I wanted the linear actuators to open the lid of my column slowly, and then raise the platform of the skull up. One the sequence was finished, I then wanted to lower the platform, and close the lid. So, how should I wire the linear actuators so they can function with LOR, or how can I wire LOR and the frightprops controller together, so at least LOR could trigger the frightprops controller? Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Now that it's time to start thinking of next Christmas, I want to start by testing my controllers. Normally I just run all the controls in the Hardware Utility with a C9 on each circuit. Is this adequate? For the past 2 years I have noticed flickering after blackouts and cant find it with controller testing, in the programming (Sequence Editor) and I changed the cat5s. What do ya'll do? Do you had a testing routine beyond the Hardware Utility? Do you simulate your full load or C9 it as I do? Brad
  16. i need help, my cmb24d the light o rama harware not recognize the board in mode DMX. but in LOR yes it do. I need use it in DMX. I have it connected to a 12 V 20A. and I'm using only one LED strip thank you!!!
  17. I have an ELL located in the same room as my PC. It transmits to 3 ELL's at various locations in my yard. Each of those 3 ELL's is connected (via a 6 foot Cat5e cable) to a pair of LOR controllers. I am adding some CCB's to my display this year. I am planning to connect them to one of the LOR controllers in the yard. My question is whether the ELL's can handle the bandwidth demands for the CCB's. I just purchased 2 CCB's at the April sale, I may buy one more CCB for this year's show. All of the LOR data that my PC sends goes through 1 ELL to the other 3 ELL's. Will they be able to handle all the added traffic for the CCB's? If they will, does anyone know the maximum number of CCB's I could run with my ELL-based network?
  18. I run my show from a mini director using 2 LOR 30A controllers. I daisy chain my director to the first controller and then that to the 2nd controller. This year I hope to add some CCRs to my roof and location will be closest to my 1st controller. Can I run the Cat5 cable from the CCR controller to the 1st controller and just plug it into the 2nd Cat5 connection? My inclination is that should work fine since everything will have unique addresses and both ports are active since I could plug my 2nd controller into either connection. Am I missing anything? Thanks for your assistance. Tom
  19. I'm new here and new to the hobby (although I did use a gemmy "controller" with about 5000 LED lights last year). I have been playing with the software but the only hardware but all I own so far is the CMB24 which I got from the synchronized Christmas spring sale. I'm anxiously awaiting the LOR spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers! I have ordered some dumb RGB lights and rectangular modules from holidaycoro, waiting for those to come. I also have a 12 v, 400w (33 amp) power supply on order. For my first project / experiment I plan to use the RGB modules for landscape lighting - I plan to mount these modules in existing landscape light housing (currently solar and not very good, or colorful!). I have purchased 18 gauge 7 conductor direct burial sprinkler wire. I plan to use one conductor each for RGB and 3 conductors for the common positive. The total length will be about 50 feet. With all that said, my actual question is can these be wired in parallel or do they have to be wired in series? My plan is to use 4 conductor waterproof connectors spliced into the main wire so the at the lights could be easily removed for repairs. It seems that wiring in series would be more difficult as I would have to have a wire in and out of each fixture. Now I vaguely remember from my limited number of college physics classes that wiring in parallel actually decreases resistance, which is a good thing for a longer run of wire (ie the light at the end should still be bright) but will the decreased resistance lead to an overload of the modules? Am I over-thinking this? Also, and maybe this is a question for holidaycoro, do these modules have resistors that prevent overload as long as an appropriate power supply is used? Additional information - I plan to use about 12 modules for this and run it from a single RGB channel on the CMB24. Since the max per channel is 4 amps and it is stated on the holidaycoro website (and I know I need to test it) that 20 modules use only 1 amp with all colors on, using one channel should be no problem. Any suggestions or clarification would be helpful. Thanks Ed
  20. Hello dear light-creators. I have been working on DMX controlled snowfalltubes. And have 4 working examples now. I used arduino Atmega328 chips to get to the point. I wanted triggerable, RGB DMX tubes of 1 meter long, 30 pixels in a row. I use WS2801 pixelstrip for that, back to back in a 1 meter acryllic transparant. Designed a very simple pcb for that, with Eagle and had 5 pcbs made. I am not a very good programmer, so I used 1 arduino for the DMX input and for each tube per pcb an other, in total 3 atmega328 chips, which are low cost chips. Each tube takes 4 dmx adresses, which are easy to program. the channels per tube are 1 RGB and 1 enable channel for easy trigger. One PCB take thus 8 DMX channels in total, driving 2 tubes. The first firmware is very simple, but I came to the idea to enhance the firmware, to also have the possibility to let water drops fall down and fill the tube for instance. see also: http://www.fotodick.nl/paginas/dansendelichtjes/Dansendelichtjes10.html. More in the future as programming continues Dick The Netherlands
  21. I have an E1.31 network already running and can control it from software. How do I figured out the DMX addresses so I can control it from a DMX controller?
  22. We had a Cosmic Color Bulb string go bad on us Monday night. It had been working intermittently throughout the night, then just went dark. I had opened a ticket and throughout the night, the help desk support team had been very responsive providing suggestions to determine what the problem might be. When it was clear it was a bad string, they overnighted me a new string Tuesday for Wednesday - Christmas Eve. I can't thank them enough for their prompt and exceptional customer care. These devices aren't perfect and for the amount of time we work to put our displays on, for only a few weeks, every night counts and they certainly believe that too. Thanks LOR for providing such excellent service.
  23. stctbird91

    Dimming leds

    What is the device called that has a 390K resistor in it and plugs into the end of a stand of leds for dimming purposes?
  24. Will LOR software and hardware work with other lighting equipment such as Renard hardware. I have an chance to buy a bunch of RGB equipment and lights at a great price and need to know if the two products will get along. Thanks
  25. I have added 6 new CTB16 controllers to my show this year and they all tested out and are being recognized by the LOR program but whenever I run a show or even the sequence editor none of them are working. Every controller is listed in the hardware tester and the green light is on steady for all 12 controllers. They are all numbered correctly and are running off of AUX B like my controllers from last years show but none of them functioning.
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