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  1. jonnyci

    PixLite in LOR

    Hello I am having a heck of time trying to get my Pixlite 16 to play anything in LOR. I have no issues with Xlights. Everything plays just fine. In LOR I can get all of my LOR controllers to play just fine as well, I just cant get my 16 strip pixel tree to work. I have a separate universe set up for each strip of 50 pixels. I have LOR Channel Config setup the same way I do in Xlights. Even if I take the fseq file that is working in Xlights and convert it to .lms and try to play it in LOR, I get nothing. Any thoughts? Suggestions? HELP!! Thanks Jon
  2. I've got something weird going on with one of my controllers. It just started today. I have a sequence loop where all the lights are on. The loop is 1 minute and repeats. I use one loop in the evening before my show starts, so that my lights are just static on. I have another loop after the show shuts down in the evening to leave some of my lights on at 50%. Well, it just started where at the beginning of the loop the lights are on, and then they all shut completely off for the remainder of the loop. The lights are on for about 5 seconds, and then off for the remainder of the 55 seconds of the loop. Then they come back on for 5 seconds again, then off. I unplugged all of my lights and brought the box inside for testing. All channels seemed to run normally in the hardware config mode. So I put the box back outside and reconnected my lights. In the hardware config mode I had all of the lights on and everything worked properly. They stayed on for a good 5--7 minutes without any issue. So I started my schedule and when the pre-show "lights on" show ran, the same thing happened. I have 2 other controllers that are part of the "lights on" pre and post show and they are not doing this. The lights stay on for the duration of the loop as expected in these 2 controllers. And my regular show works perfectly as well with no obvious untoward effects of any kind that I can see. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
  3. If I have a purchased Show w sequences on an SD card -- how do I download those sequences to the Computer to add new sequences to the existing and then reload back to the SD Card to play as it with the additional sequence's? I can not see the Sequence files in the editor or show Editor when I try. I have copied all the contents of the SD card to the computer but I am stuck at that point. Sequance editor V42.6 show editor same etc
  4. Hello, Been having some frustrating issues with my CTB16D board. Since just today, I walked outside to see that my stand alone sequence was not running properly. Instead, channels 1, 3, 5, and 14 were flashing in a random, rapid fashion. Also, upon inspecting the controller, the status led was off. No flashing, no solid red, just off. The only way I could get the controller back up and running was by resetting it by setting its address to 00 and applying power. Then the status LED flashed like it normally would if it has no connection. (because it was not connected at this time to a showtime computer). Is this a known issue? Firmware? IF i'm forgetting to cover anything ask away. current firmware is 1.0.4 At your leisure. Thanks
  5. Probably a stupid question but nagging me anyway so might as well ask. Is it even possible for a damaged CAT5 cable to do physical damage to a CCP control box? Have had a couple blow. Can't see signs of any damage in cable or in box but strings go out. So something is wrong. Fuses not blown. Things were running great but I went back to an old CAT5 to reach the 100' to my box. And the signal passes through three other boxes before the damaged one, rest of show running great. Then after about an hour the box went, lost a whole string of pixels. At my wits end of buying new cables, replacing boxes under warrantee and the problem still occurring. Luckily I have a back up but now some what afraid to use it until I know if I also need a new 100' CAT5. P.S. these guys at LOR support are just fantastic. What a great company!
  6. I am selling a G3-MP3 Director which is only one year old and only used last Christmas. It is the full kit and includes the Director, 4GB SD card, SD card adapter and manual. It is very easy to use and ran trouble free for me all season. I did install the latest firmware on it so no need to do that yourself. The G3-MP3 Director can replace your show computer in running your shows. You upload your sequences onto the SD card and put it in the G3-MP3 Director and run the show from there. It connects directly to your LOR controller via a network cable which also supplies its power. There is an audio output for you to connect if you wish to purchase an FM transmitter. I am asking $150 or best offer. I will send Priority Mail with tracking for no additional cost. More info on the G3-MP3 Director can be found here: http://www1.lightorama.com/stand-alone-show-directors/
  7. I have 2 CMB24's bothe with 4 spots and 4 rgb dumb ribbons. One works fine. The other only the first 12 channels or one half the unit are working. When running hardware utility to test the last 4 RGB channels will not fire. I am thinking it could be the fuse, which I will test first, but am open to any other possible reasons. I have to wait until the rain stops to get on the roof and check out the controller. Thanks JT
  8. Is there a frequency mapping chart for the easy light linkers, to use in Australia they have to be modified to only work between 915 and 928, they come out of the box from 902mhz to 928 MHz Alan
  9. I know its last minute.... but i have 2 songs done for my show this year... and I would really like to have more... its has almost taken me 6 weeks just to program this 2 songs.. its only my second year and I am still having trouble programming songs... if anyone here is able to help me with some programming, i would really appreciate it.. I know this songs like a lot ot ask, but if i could send you the layout channels, and maybe you can program any song you have with it.. Of course i can pay for you help through paypal or direct deposit... whatever works best for you.... from what i have heard most good programers can program a song in about 8 hours.... as for me its taken 6 weeks for 2 songs... So i havent gotten the feel for it yet.. but i would really like a nice show this year... last year was a let down for me, because i didnt has for help... so please let me konw your price and if you could program a song thank you.
  10. I just purchased a couple of PixCon 16 controllers. I hooked up a few strings of WS2811 pixels, 12V, 100 pixels per string. One string per port. I am blowing fuses at the ports when all the lights are on. Using the rule of thumb, 3 pixels per watt, I figure each string is pulling around 33 watts. At 12V that comes to under 4 amps which is what the port fuses are rated at. Anyone else having this happen to them? Thanks for your help.
  11. Two years ago I modified 10W flood lights I bought from Amazon. They worked but weren't bright enough since I have a street light across from my house. This summer I decided to try to modify 30W floods lights I saw on Amazon for about $32 each. I bought one and modified it using a 36V power supply, resistors, and Light O Rama CMB24D controller. I did turn down power supply to 32V since controller power max input is 30VDC 30A. I've tested it and ordered 5 more. They've been running in my display for over a week now without a problem. I've received two different version of flood lights from Amazon which are manufactured in China. I'm posting a link to pictures from my dropbox. Hope this helps out a few who are thinking of modifying 30W floods. Version 1: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gm9gn5ub4sfz4dj/AAABPoCWLqzGCYZNFEgIVugYa?dl=0 Version 2: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v725t60cvz3fv8c/AACyq-HBAeHDymh_Pdy6FA63a?dl=0
  12. Want to run DMX on my controller. Manual says that needs Firmware V4 or higher. When I try to upgrade in Hardware Utility it will not accept any of the listed firmware. Has anyone done this upgrade or know which firmware to use?
  13. Hey All, Hopefully someone can help me out with this. I am running a 12 CCR tree with a 6 ch star on top. The entire show is being run off of the mp3 G3 show director. 6 of the ribbons are connected to one of the network ports and the other 6 and the star are connected to aux network. For some reason every sequence is lagging tremendously (almost 30 seconds). They all start out just fine and then after about one minute they start to fall behind. The music is not lagging at all it continues to play straight through. Do anyone have any ideas of what this could be? Both networks are running on 57.6K speed. I tried the 500k but nothing played. Thanks any help is greatly appreciated! -Nick
  14. We have 48 controllers all connected with CAT5 across a very large property. The entire show is plugged in using the G3 mp3 director. There are two CAT5 wires that plug in to the mp3 director. One goes to one half of the show which has 24 boxes and the other goes to the other 24 boxes on the other side of the property. I did not make any software changes with the network. All I did was plug it in to network 2. Was that a mistake? Do I need to go in to the sequence editor and assign all of the controllers on one side of the property to network 1 and the other half to network 2? I noticed when I add the show to the SD card there is an option to have a second network but it is grayed out and says "not active". Could that be my problem? It says "dual network directors only." Do you know how to activate the second network? Do I do that in the sequence editor? When I turned the show on tonight I would say 90% of it turned on without a problem but then after a few minutes the controllers that are the furthest distance away show on the display "no connection" and then all controllers after that one do not work. All of the CAT5 is store bought from Fry's Electronics so the wire probably isn't bad. I only have 768 channels which compared with other people's shows isn't that much. Do you really think this is a network issue or perhaps there is just too much CAT5? I have the speed set at 500k. Is that too fast? Should I slow it down? Could I use some light linkers to help? We have 24 of them.
  15. I have this RDS encoder: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/181936628645?item=181936628645&lgeo=1&vectorid=229508&rmvSB=true And this FM transmitter: http://www.amazon.com/0-5-Fail-Safe-Long-Range-Transmitter/dp/B003FO4UHW/ref=sr_1_19?s=mp3&ie=UTF8&qid=1448932987&sr=1-19 The only problem is that the encoder only has one input and output, is it possible to still hear stereo instead on mono?
  16. I have 16 Residential Controllers in my LOR network. My show ran perfectly Thanksgiving Evening and for the next 3 nights. Monday evening my Star Towers were not working and I found a completely "dead" controller. Here is what I have done to troubleshoot the problem: 1. Checked the power source to the controller 2. Checked the extension cords and plugs used to supply power to the controller 3. Changed both fuses in the controller (left & right) 4. Moved the "jumper" from pins 4 & 5 to pins 5 & 6 attempting to resent the controller, nothing happened, it would not power up, I returned the jumper to pins 4 & 5. I do not understand why the controller will not power up. Working perfectly at the close of my show Sunday evening, would not power up on Monday evening. HELP! Ronnie Floyd
  17. I have an matrix 25X20 using 5 LOR Cosmic Color Pixel and can not seem to control the brightness correctly. Example I loaded BubblesRiseand Pop.scb from the clip board and then just selected the Bubble,red and modified it so it was just in the center of my display. It looks great on Super Star Sequencer but after exporting it Sequencer and playing it all the red look the same brightness intead of fading out on the edges. Is this a limitation of CCP or is there some way to correct it? If it is a limitation of CCP should I have purchased something else? It is not only this image but all of them do this........ I just gave that as example....... Thank you Rod
  18. Hello everyone. I have a CTB16PCg3 that has stopped working. I have a total of 2 controllers, and this is second year for this unit. The unit was working properly when I put it up Thanksgiving, and worked properly Friday, but today, when the show came on, I noticed that my leaping arches weren't working. I opened the plastic outer enclosure to find that there is no Green LED. The first unit is still working. I plugged the unit into another outlet, and still nothing. I replaced the 2 fuses in the unit, again with no change. Looking at the unit and board, I don't see anything obviously blown, burnt, etc.. So, I am stumped, and lost 1/2 of my light show I have not seen anything in the forums about totally dead controllers with NO green LED at all. Very sad to have lost my arches, and hoping someone can help me troubleshoot the issue and get things working again. Thank you for any information! Jeff
  19. robongar


    I've often seen issues on this forum related to blown " Triacs". What are they? What causes them to blow? Is there a way of protecting them?
  20. Hi to all. My system has been working fine until yesterday. All of a sudden when I'm in the Sequence Editor my lights are blue when the red boxes are entered and my lights are red when my blue boxes are entered. All other colors work fine? Everything else works work as it should. What Happened? Any help will be greatly appreciated. System; Light-o-rama v3.11.2, S3 software upgrade to advanced +. 3 - CTB16PC controller Units 1- USB-485 1- SanDevice E6804 Control Board 2 - GE G-35 Color Effect RGB strings, 50 each 1- 5V DC 8.0 Amp power supply
  21. have 8 controllers and hardware utility finding all 8 controllers however channels 1-8 on #4 not working. First year this has happened since 2010. Bad controller? Thanks fellow LOR. Bryan
  22. I purchased 6 of the RJ45 Waterproof dongles to allow quick connect and disconnect to Cat5 cable without having to remove the covers of LOR controllers and CCR controllers. It is pretty easy to connect a Cat5 cable to the dongle, but disconnecting it is a nightmare. The RJ45 connector is so far inside the dongle that you can't get to the tab to press it to release connector. It certainly seems to be designed to permanently connect to a Cat5 cable. Of course, what happens if the connected Cat5 cable goes bad?? Perhaps there is some trick to getting the RJ45 connector out of the dongle??? Initially I plugged the RJ45 connector at the end of dongle cable into the other dongle connector. That is when I learned how difficult it is to remove. After many attempts using a screwdriver, I was able to press down the tab and remove the connector. The tab did get mangled in the process. I noticed that the other end of dongle has the female RJ45 connector much closer to the end of the dongle. I was able to get that connector out with only a little difficulty. I tried plugging another Cat5 cable (with a boot) into the dongle and by having the boot, it was very easy to pull it out. Unfortunately, the dongle is designed for bootless connectors, and I could not screw the end of the dongle all the way on with the booted connector. Overall, I am very dissatisfied with these dongles. Just a couple of design changes would make these so much more useful.
  23. DMX Newbie here. I cannot find ANYWHERE on the basics when it comes to hooking up a DMX universe (HARDWARE) to my LOR sequences. I've done all my due diligence and simply do not understand how to connect the hardware. I'm sorry if my newbieness sets anyone off, there simply just isn't one youtube video or lamens explanation that shows from the begininng how to setup the hardware (along with the software). I have a Enttec Open DMX Ethernet device that has BOTH a 5-pin DMX IN/OUT. I'm trying to hook up a Chauvet Geyser Fog Machine with a 3-pin IN/OUT (also has a 5-pin). My questions: 1.) Do I go from Laptop > LOR Interface > LOR Box > Enttec > DMX ?! 2.) Do I go from Laptop > LOR Interface > Enttec > DMX?? (If this is the case, how do I keep my existing LOR seqence running?) 3.) If yes (or no), what do I do next so I can control/further set up my dmx device? 4.) If I have a 3-pin male & 5-pin female -- will that work? (I originally thought the dmx device was only three pin, that's why...) Thank you so much, I cannot wait to set this up. Jake jkitaeff@gmail.com
  24. Hello, First off I'm a newbie at this so I may be wrong about a lot of this. Here's what I'm trying to do. I have the lor 16 channel residential controller with built in dmx and a dmx decoder for rgb light strips. Here is the decoder : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q1N1NVK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_LO0uwb15P560C I want to control everything in one network using ableton and the dmxis plugin so I can use my Mac. Unfortunately I am getting no reading that I get a dmx input. Even when I try to use the lor program I can't control the rgb strips but the lor controller works. Here is how I have it set up: Computer> usb out to rs485 adapter> rj-45 input on the lor controller> out the other rj-45 port on the lor controller to the dmx decoder. It only has inputs for the individual wires for data + data - and ground. I cut the end of the cable going into that and put the blue/white wire into data +, the blue wire into data - and orange wire to ground. When I touch those wires to the rgb controller is does change to a different color on the strip with each touch but I can't actually control it with the programs. Am I wiring this up incorrectly or am I missing a component. I think I need to get something like the idmx1000 or the holidaycoro actidongle (active dmx dongle). If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
  25. Hello all. Quick intro about me. A long time ago i was a member of Do it yourself C and made my own board for my moms house and put on a light show. if your interested here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI93rYJLA2I now 8 years later my mom is running a botanical garden and wants her own light show! its too late for custom stuff so she is looking to puchase a large kit from you guys. Although I am more experienced than most in this field your products and website has me and her alittle confused. i want to make sure she doenst over or under buy what she needs. Here is her email to me--- " Hi Nick! So here is the main website for the product:http://www1.lightorama.com/ We want to put up a tree like this :http://superstarlights.com/SuperStarConstruction/CosmicColorRibbons.phpIt does this (this is just one sequence)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BbOf-WhXxk So we want to add this tree but I want to be sure i get the correct hardware. I think I can get the starter kit. I think this is the set up I need. http://www1.lightorama.com/stand-alone-show-directors/ Then I would buy the already made sequences:http://superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php Let me know what you think..... " She will be putting a tree like the one shown with the exact light stands and channels so she can just purchase the already made sequences. But it will be on an island with only power so she will be using the easy linker pair (i think!) to transmit the sequence from her PC to the ShowTime Central Starter package hardware. http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html **She will not be trainsmitting over raidio signal she will be hardwiring speakers to her PC(?) Im looking for a fast response as she just informed me that the prices are raising. OVERVIEW- Basicall this is what she will need. Please correct me if im wrong. 1. Residential Series 16 channel starter package http://store.lightorama.com/rese16chstpa.html -- My first question is how many channels does this setup need? Is it expandable and compatible with RGB Cosmic Color Ribbons? Can I expand it to the amount of needed channels? 2. (12)- Cosmic Color ribbons (included is ribbons, controller, and power supplys) http://store.lightorama.com/cocori.html 3. Easy Linker Pair http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html 4. THe sequences she wants http://superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php I know that is alot to advise but its not really straight foward how your hardware and sofware works with echother for a more advance system. I hope you guys can help us and if there is a better spot to post for support let me know please. Thanks in advnace -Nick
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