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Found 228 results

  1. I have a controller that is misbehaving. 4 Channels: 6 @ on 50% 9 off 13 @ on 100% 15 @ on 50% A board reset took care of the channel 9 problem. I have read that it is faulty triac if the channel is at 50% but have not found a post about a channel stuck at 100%. Replacing them today, hope those that are more experienced will weigh in on this one. Thanks in advance.
  2. So I have a LOR Pro 1602 - CTB16DV7 Blue with 4.40 firmware. My HW Utility sees it fine. I can't see any visual differences in the color of the triacs and it's extremely odd based on all the threads I've read on triacs to only have 2 channels (6 & 16) running 100% on LED when the unit is turned 100% on instead of having a couple of channels that STAY on when the unit is turned OFF. I'm using 2 power cords (30A config) and I've already tried switching around fuses from two other Pro 16 boxes with no luck. I've also reset the controller and it comes back up with the correct designated channel and firmware version. Any suggestions on how best to further test/find the problem without breaking out the rubber gloves and praying I don't cross a wire putting a voltmeter on it and if that's the only option, please point me to a video or pics that show the bast way to confirm hardware failure. Thanks in advance
  3. I am new to light o rama and have the G3 MP3 integrated in the 16 channel controller. I set up the USB adaptor to the Net 1 RJ 45 jack and it connects to the PC however I want to daisy chain all my CCR controllers off the Net 2 RJ45 jack however it doesn't recognize any other controllers when I use the Net 2 jack. I am able to daisy chain if I run the USB adaptor to the CCR controller first and then from there daisy chain into the Net 1 jack of the G3Mp3 but if I try to daisy chain into the Net 2 jack it doesnt work either. Does anyone have experience with this? I think the Net 2 jack might be defective. Thanks.
  4. So in finally added a second controller and also have a projector this year. Problem is I have no clue how to implement a projector. Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to integrate video? Basically I have two video files. One file I just want to play in a window during my normal musical sequence. The other I want to actually use the audio. I am assuming it's not as simple as inserting a video into a sequence I have already created. This is only my second season so I am still learning. Thanks everyone.
  5. I have a CMB 24 -V6 board for some unknown reason the all the lights are blinking !!! I have used led tester at the board and all 24 circuits work but they blink instead of being stead on can anyone tell me if it is a fallt with the board and would need returning to lor or is there some way of fixing the problem ? thanks in advance
  6. I'm trying to get a 5v output for my 16 channels on my CMB16D controller.. I originally thought I could just hook up a 5v power source to the board. But it looks like that was wrong after reading the manual... Unless mis interpreting it? The board manual says it can do 5v output, but I don't exactly know how. Does anyone have some guidance for me you'd like to share? Thank you and happy decorating!! Dennis
  7. In need of help! I'm trying to control 5v dc motors with LOR. This shouldn't be too complicated. I don't need speed control. Just on and off. I have been told that I need to use relays with motors and can't connect directly to LOR. I have a CMB16D controller, or a Servodog controller that I can use. I also have a 5v relay (sad-05vdc-so-c), as well as a DPDT relay... So I believe I have the right components. I have been playing around trying to wire this up but have had no luck. I'm in over my head! Haha. If anyone has some guidance or instructions you could help me with, I would be so great full. Even if just some generic answers. Thank you!! Dennis
  8. I hear my brain cells burning as I try to figure this out. Last year I ran DMX and LOR on different networks. I used the LOR usb to cat 5 dongle for LOR, and I used the Entec DMX dongle for my DMX. I just got the AlphaPix4 and a friend said I Could run just one network, using DMX only, for LOR Controllers and AlphaPix (DMX RGB LED ABCDEFG) Using Unicast I can control Lights connected to the AlphaPix from Sequence Editor Using Multi-cast, I cannot. (I have no preference uni or multi.. just testing) I cannot get my LOR controller to turn on any light and the green LED continues to blink. *** I've tried lots of things and cannot wrap my head around the concept. Network Preferences: Tried using Multicast and Unicast
  9. I cannot find this issue anywhere. When I try to Launch Light O Rama Network Configuration, I get a run-time error '380', Invalid Property Value. (My property is valued too low, yes, but the new pool should make it better than "invalid". LOL JK Ok, I've un-installed LOR, and re-installed it. Rebooted several times. I've attempted to launch the Network Config. with the LOR dongle plugged in, and without. I've also tried with the ENTTEC PRO plugged in, and without And with the Control Panel loaded and unloaded. Any suggestions ? Gratefully, Michael
  10. I am trying to set up my new rgb mini tree in the pixel editor. My sequence is done and controls my trees. I am using a HolidayCoro AlphaPix 4 and my trees are 140 pixel each, 135 for the tree & 5 for a star. I have 3 tree per output, (total of 10 tree) they go over 3 universes. I can get the first tree and star to work in the right color (red) but the next two trees are in blue. Do you have any suggestions to set-up props in pixel editor?
  11. I am using the LOR 1602x controllers. I am building a home with dedicated circuits for the LOR controllers. I asked for dedicated circuits for each of my controllers. The electrician put in some plugs that share the common white. He used a four wire (red, black, white, green) this four wire goes into one receptacle, the red goes into the plug, then another 3 wire goes to the next receptacle with the black from the 4 wire being tired together to the three wire and goes in the next plug. The whites are tired together and a white is going to each plug and the ground is tired and sent to each plug. The four wire is home-run to the breaker box and then the red goes to one breaker and the black goes to another breaker and the white is shared between both breakers. Hope my explanation makes sense. I originally was thinking I was to get a home-run from each plug to the breaker box. Is the way it is wired OK, or should it be a homerun for each plug to the breaker box?
  12. Ok, so i've had this working on a different computer in the past, but my old light controller died and now my new computer wont work with my DMX King. I can fire up the DMX King utility and control the lights, so I know the combination of the PC + DMX King + DMX Light works. LOR S3 can see the DMX King in the Network Preferences, and I can pick that adapter. I've tried RAW DMX and Entec Pro. I've tried rebooting. I've tried powering things up in different orders. Every time LOR fails to control any lights. Running LOR S 3.9.0 I'm stuck. Any troubleshooting tips out there?
  13. Hi fellow users. As the topic says, i have a cmb24 and channels 16 to 18 are turning the lights on when i connect the pigtails, rather than doing it via software. I didnt have a joiner so the wires were resting on the sofa and it slipped and black touched red by mistake, does anyone have any idea what it could be thats turning them on straight away leds? or cmb24? thanks
  14. hi first go at dmx using lor software problem is i made up a test sequence in lor running it though a separate com port (5) though a holiday dongle version 2 into cat5 and into a ray wu 27 channel dmx unit . but the lights are not going on as programmed into lor ,( they are going on all over the 27 channels) but seem to be in a consistant pattern) ) the lor listener is working fine i am getting dmx signal at the dongle (green flashing light) on the controller the red light is flashing has any one had this problem or can solve it for me ? thanks in advance
  15. On step 6 of the quick start guide for CCB trying to test lights. When 'all on' is clicked only the first four bulbs of the first string light up. When using the configuration box test and click 'all on' only the first 11 bulbs light up. I vaguely remember this happening with my CCR's but I don't remember the solution. Any help would be appreciated. I've tried reconnecting and reconfiguring but that didn't work.
  17. I'm looking for some expert electrical advice here. I've read about the topic of GFCI trips in the forums and have gotten opposing view points from people whose opinions I respect. I'm having trouble with GFCI's tripping in the rain. This is Seattle and we can get rain every day in December. I think I'm getting a lot of little faults to ground that add up and trip the GFCI. I've been able to isolate it to channels with lots of light strands on them. I know about trying to isolate the strings, by keeping them off the ground, and being leery of metal frames, but sometimes you just need to have lights on the ground for the effect you are looking for. Below is what I'm getting for feedback. One viewpoint is to increase the number of GFCI's and put each controller on it's own GFCI or even 2 GFCI's (one per side). The thought is that having each controller on it's own GFCI helps to prevent lots of small ground faults from adding up into a larger ground fault that is big enough to trip the GFCI. At a very minimum, if i had a GFCI trip using this system it would minimize how much of my show went out. The other school of thought says this will just increase the number of trips, that a GFCI only requires 5ma to trip and no ground fault is too small to avoid tripping the breaker. They say i should minimize the number of GFCI's and focus on connections being kept dry. This brings up even more questions. Are the ground faults only occurring at the plug connections, or could they be occurring at each light socket as well? I do try to keep the plugs and sockets as dry as possible, elevating them when i can. What do any of you electrical engineers have to say about this? Should I go with the idea that more GFCI's I have, the less likely small faults will accumulate and trip the GFCI? Or do I minimize the GFCI's and try and keep all my lights away from any possible path to ground?
  18. HELP! Season just started and I have ONE song that for some unknown reason won't run on the SD card. A little help from the community is greatly appreciated to get me un-stuck. Here are the facts: 1. running LOR 2.8.12 2. all sequences have the "lock" symbol next to them 3. ALL other sequences run perfectly FINE on the SD card during the show 4. the ONE song (Straight No Chaser's "12 Days") won't after multiple tries 4a. I have re-set the audio file AND re-exported as an MP3 in Audacity 4b. I have re-set the main channel configuration to the exact same as every other sequence 4c. I have re-saved the sequence multiple times ... to no avail 5. the sequence WILL play via the sequence editor PERFECTLY FINE... just not on the SD card either alone as a single-song show OR with the other sequences Totally frustrating. I'm sure there are other data points y'all need... happy to answer as I can. THANKS!! Show is running fine w/o the song... just sad as it's one of the kids' (and neighborhood's) favourites. (sigh) - JM
  19. I have added 6 new CTB16 controllers to my show this year and they all tested out and are being recognized by the LOR program but whenever I run a show or even the sequence editor none of them are working. Every controller is listed in the hardware tester and the green light is on steady for all 12 controllers. They are all numbered correctly and are running off of AUX B like my controllers from last years show but none of them functioning.
  20. I have set up my lights the same as previous years, but for some reason, this year when they run they seem to be temporarily tripping the UPS on my entertainment center. The breaker doesn't trip, but the power drops low enough that UPS switches to battery only for a second or two, then it's restored. Strangely (at least to me), none of my lights are on the same circuit as the entertainment center. They are all plugged in to largely unused circuits shared by unoccupied rooms. This has never happened in the past, and the lights themselves never stop running and never lose power. If I'm watching TV, the battery in the UPS will eventually drain to the point that the system just loses power. I'm not even sure what else to check at this point. This only happens when the show is running. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I have 3 CTB16PC light o rama boxes. 2 of them I've added on this year my #1 and #2 box are working my #3 box is blinking red when I try to sync all of them. Now if I hook my #3 box straight up it will have no problems it turns on and off without a hitch. #3 box old unit use to be 2 I switched it to #3 my #2 box use to be #27 I switched it to #2. I have the CAT 5 running to #1 middle plugin and then another CAT 5 in the right plugin to #2 middle plugin then another CAT 5 from #2 right plugin to #3 middle plugin. What am I doing wrong?
  22. I'm sorry if this has been answered before, I searched with no results. Some of my LED lights will not completely turn off when I'm not running a show. It appears as if it's about 5% or less of light that keeps glowing. Is this common and is there a solution? I bought all my lights from the same vendor and they are full wave rectified. It's not all of them, but a good amount remains very dim... frustrating! Is this just something I have to deal with on LED's?
  23. mikewlaymon

    I'm stumped?

    MegaTree: PixLite 16 (e1.31/16 output) 16 - 50 pixel strips 1 universe per strip Universes 21-36 Software: SE 3.80 Advanced All LMS sequences Situation: Run hardware test pattern on PixLite card - all strips light up Run test pattern on xLights - all strips light up Run a sequence from SE, strip #4 does not function (at all) - rest of strips/sequence is just fine. The universe (24) is set up just like the other 15 universes for this MegaTree in Network Preferences. Everything looks good in Channel Configuration (checked for duplicates). It happens on all sequences (however, I did use the same lcc config on each one). Why is #4 not working!!! I know I'm missing something???
  24. Thank you to the folks that have answered many questions over the years. I've exhausted my search skills and must post the question that many have asked before, and their answers didn't solve my issue. I have 2 CTD16PCG3 One of them is 1 day old. I read that I needed to change the unit id on my new controller, so I used the Hardware utility (HU) because there are no switches on the controller. After that, it would no longer connect. The other connects fine, unless I daisy chain it to the new problem controller. My original controller works fine with the Cat 5 cable, and I've swapped numerous cable just to be sure. I have performed 3 resets just to cover my bases. I have tried to daisy chain them in different ways, then went to the sequence editor to see if they would work there, and maybe just not in the HU. In the sequence editor, the original controller works, and the problem does not. I even tried changing the unit number from 1 thru 5 just for grins. The LED blinks green on the problem controller, no matter what I do. Where as the good controller will go solid as soon as I plug it in. It seems the USB is fine, and the cable is fine. I have tried changing the Unit Number back by choose Any device, and it fails. I checked the box that ignores errors and it says "Unit iD may have changed, cannot verify" but it still does not connect, despite all the times I've clicked that darn refresh button. I'm at your mercy. Again, it worked until I changed the unit ID. Hindsight, I believe I changed it incorrectly. I used the SET NEW ID instead of Change Existing. There's got to be a cure for the common noob mistake.
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