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Found 199 results

  1. Ok, I tried to attach a video, but it is too big. I'll try to explain my problem. Picture it.... I have four RGB bulb trees controlled by two controllers (Trees 1&2 controlled by controller 7) (Trees 3&4 controlled by controller 8). Ok, so I have my music and sequence going on sequence editor and I'm watching the trees light up. Here is the problem: When Tree 3 comes on Tree 2 turns on as well (Tree 2 is not suppose to turn on). Now before anyone says check control configuration, I have. In fact, I have deleted the controllers, refreshed them through the hardware, put them back into a new controller configuration and it does the same thing. Now get this. I create a new sequence with my newly saved control configuration. First, I turn tree 3 on for a few seconds at fade, then turn on Tree 2 a few seconds at fade, then back to a fade of tree 3. When I play the sequence, tree 2 did not turn on with Tree 3. Great! However :_( When I put several fades in a row of Tree 3, that is when tree 2 turns on with it. I have tried two other controllers and it did the same. I hope I explained it well enough. Wish I could post a video. Anyone able to help?????
  2. Hi, I am new to LOR. I have just purchased a CMB24 and a 16 Channel AC Controller. I was hoping to use sequences from the sequence store this year while I get used to the software. I noticed that all the sequences have been developed for the 16 channel controllers. Each sequence refers groups of 16 channels. I would like to know if it is difficult to convert a sequence to use the CMB24 along with one 16 Channel AC Controller or if there are pre-designed sequences I can purchase that use a conbination of the CBM24 and 16 AC Channels. If the answer to the above is no I would be interested in any advice anyone has to offer on the best way forward. Cheers
  3. Hi to all Does LOR Software has an remote input setup option to controled by external DMX or Midi controller ? I mean i would like to start, stop or pause LOR shows via external DMX controller. Such as DMX Console sends DMX command to the LOR editor and start it. If it has this kind of option could you please let me know how can i do this ? Best Regards Admin Note: Could you please move this topic to under the E1.31 - LOR S3 or appropriate section.
  4. I have created a sequence in the SuperStar Sequencer for my 24 CCR matrix. However when I export the SSS sequence and import it into the Sequence Editor, the colors seems to have shifted. What was White in the SSS is now a brownish color. I should also add, that I am using the CCR's as a "template" for my Strips that are controlled by a e682. (since its really easy to add 24 CCRS in the SSS visualizer), I can sequence in SSS, export it to Seq Editor , then copy and paste the CCR Tracks to a DMX track for actual live output. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -dave
  5. I'm relatively new to LOR sequencing. A friend shared his sequence "Thriller" with me but I can't edit it to fit my show. There are six "Tracks". I don't know what "tracks" are. I have 32 channels, and have never dealt with tracks. I can edit Tracks 1 and 2, but not 3, 4, or five. How do I "unlock" the tracks? All tracks go to the same song. I'm confused!!
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie this year looking at buying LED rope light to try LOR this Christmas season. I had a couple of questions about Sequencing Software + LED rope lights that may help in deciding (a) whether I buy rope lights or incandescent and ( what effects I use in the software. Dimmable LED? If I buy this kind, does this mean I can use the fade effect? I intend to also use the twinkle and shimmer effects with LED rope light. Will this be possible? Hanging LED onto a GUTTER. How should I go about this? I saw other posts advising velcro, some saying zip ties with a screw insert, others tell of electrical tape. Which one has worked THE BEST? Show length. In making a show, how many songs should it last? I don't want people to have to sit for 20-30 minutes for a whole show (unless they wanted to), but I also don't want it to be just 2 songs. Currently I am sequencing (with some assistance) 3 songs.Any and all insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. The short version of this question is: Goal is to create a Channel Config that includes my existing Channel config named "Halloween 2014" (13 RGBs followed by 36 regular channels followed by 5 more RGB's) and my new 200 Smart RGB Matrix Channel Config named "Matrix"."Matrix" Channel Config was created by exporting the Superstar sequence for the matrix to LOR Sequence editor. Channels were then converted to RGB. Channels then had to be renamed to reflect what they actually controlled. Channel config exported.I create a dummy animation sequence in LOR.I import my existing LOR Channel Config "Halloween 2014"I insert 200 RGB Channels AboveI Import the Channel Config "Matrix"The 200 channels for the matrix are fine, however the channels from "Halloween 2014" are a bit messed up following the import of "Matrix". "Halloween 2014" RGB channels have been split in 3 each and all need to be converted to RGB. The "Halloween 2014" RGB channels also have been renamed (all the same name) and must all be re renamed to their original.Any suggestions on how to simplify this? Also, since I can't seem to copy and paste anything in this forum window (what am I missing here), I am attaching the more detailed description in a Word document. Thanks folks! LOR Channel Config Question.doc
  8. I have 12-CCR but this year I bought dumb CCR's and floods but I can not figure out how to sequence them. Any help??
  9. Hello, I have been doing a bit of research about the LOR system and associated software and am close to making a purchase. I have one question that I can't seem to find an answer for, sprites. Is the S3 software capable of running independent sprites based upon external inputs provided by the input pup or is this strictly linear? I was hoping to run different light sequences at the same time based upon separate inputs, similar to what can be done in flash (for those of you who are familiar). From what I can tell, the software is strictly linear and the input pup only provides access to starting different shows from beginning to end as opposed to running different shows at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello People of the LOR Forums, I was remaking my channel configuration and i created a CCB Device using Insert Device and set it to 2 Unit IDs per Device(1 per string). Then I opened up the channel settings Dialogs on the string 2 resolution, macro, and color channels to get the Settings so i can move the channels to a new group so they are out of the way. I noticed the Unit ID and the channel IDs were the same as the string 1 resolution, macro, and color channels' Unit ID and corresponding channel IDs. That means that string 1 has 2 sets of the resolution, macro, and color channels and String 2 has 0. Is this is a bug or am i missing something? -Chris- NOTE: If it is set to 1 unit ID per CCB it is seperate Channels.
  11. I would like to create a 24x50 matrix using superstar. However I'm not using CCR's, I am using generic WS2811 strips (50 pixels long) I was able to successfully create a quick visualization of the matrix, however it's based on CCRs. So when I export it into the sequencer, I would have to have 24 CCRs and then copy the data over the DMX channels that they really exist on. Is there anyway I can avoid this additional step? Also is there anyway to get around the 1024 fixture limitation on the visualizer in S3? I tried to make a 24x50 matrix and got stuck after 20 of the strips were completed. Thanks _Dave
  12. I am creating a medley of songs that will run directly off my computer in LOR. Is there a cap to the length a single musical sequence can be? Anything else I should note? Thanks!
  13. I have a CMB24D DMX Card and have a 5050 - 60LED/M - IP65 RGB Strip connected to it. In my sequence I have Orange programmed as a color but My strip is not lighting as orange. The majority of my other colors are accurate. What I'm trying to find out is there a way I can pause with the strip on to figure out what color to select in the sequencer to get the color I want?
  14. I know the updates are supposed to be here this season. I was just curious if there has been any news for a time frame. I am still practicing my statement made earlier this year about continuing on with what we have now. It's slow going but it's going. I have had numerous emails and PMs asking how to incorporate pixels and how to do it efficiently. So, LOR, is there a time frame, or are we still in a holding pattern? Just a curious query. Looking forward to the new stuff. Thanks, Ron
  15. Upgraded to windows 7, 32 bit. Installed my LOR software and have used it to do some more programing for 2014 show. Everything was fine until I realized that I had not installed my 485 converters and drivers. I have tried everything to get the lights to work after the install and cannot get them to work. Control lights is check. I have set up the preferences for the network. I have two computers set up this way both with the same problem. S3 software very glitchy since this was done. Unplugging the USB 485 adapter fixes all of my issues, so the problem has to be with the adapter install. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Used the latest drivers on the LOR website believe they are 2.08.30. All works fine on Hardware utility also.
  16. I have a question regarding adding a CCB to the sequence editor. When i initially add the device to the editor, i see 2 new black lines as i would expect to see. After creating arches in the Visualizer and going back to the sequence editor I find 600 plus regular channels assigned to the CCB and no black RGB channels. How do I fix this? What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. Newbie. Just unpacked and hooked up my new toy last night. I figured out how to connect and play with my CCR via the Hardware Console and the S3 software. Issue: When using the Sequence Editor, if I picked full yellow or orange colors and then played it on the CCR the colors were completely off. Yellow was a pale blue and orange was a greenish yellow. If I use the Hardware Utility > Console, I can play with the sliders to get an acceptable yellow and orange. So I know that the CCR can produce these colors. Question: Is there a way to fix the color mapping from the Sequence Editor to produce a better color match on the CCR? Thanks, Kim
  18. This thread inspired a related question. Thanks Bob for your assistance. My sequencing computer is intentionally set to not use compressed sequences. My show computer is set to use them. The problem is my two computers are not on the same version of SE. Well really two problems. I dont bother to copy the compressed sequences to the show computer as it detects they are from a different version and recreates them. So I dont want to create them on the sequencing computer as they are not being used there. The 'use compressed' setting does cause them to be created for some reason. The show computer plays fine but is very slow to open a sequence in SE so I don't want to do it. Show player auto detects the out of date or missing compressed sequence and builds it on the fly... while the show waits.. which is undesirable behavior. I cant fix a sequence and copy to show computer without causing a long pause. Why does unchecked 'use compressed' still create them when saving SE? Is there a way to create a compressed other then open and save in SE or at moment of first play. What would happen if the two computers on different versions were sharing a folder and each wanted their own version of a compressed sequence?
  19. Newbie here - getting a 1 year start on my first show for 2014! Following all the tutorials I could find, I created a pretty simple mega tree, assigned channels and colors of strings, but I can't figure out how to make the lights blink when I'm playing my sequence. How do I get my fixtures created in the visualizer to work when editing a squence? Am I missing some sort of import into the sequnce editor? thanks in advance - dave
  20. Just building a new server that will run this years show and have 3.10.14 installed on it. Everything was working fine so I duplicated the OS to the second (backup) HDD. Then when I went to test that the DMX was working I noticed that it wouldn't control the lights during a test DMX sequence running into a 27ch controller unless I ticked "Control Lights under the "Play" menu AFTER I had started the sequence. It can be ticked before I hit "Play" but it gets deselected and ONLY controls if I select "Control Lights" when sequence is running. Thinking I and/or LOR had an issue with 3.10.14 I tried it on my edit machine which has 3.10.6 installed on it. Alas, it is the same! Yet it had been fine a week ago? I even made another test sequence! I have been thru all the options but it makes no difference. Currently I only have a DMX controller but will check it with a LOR controller later this week . . . Any ideas? Here the "Play Menu"
  21. Hey! I'm new to LOR, but have the slightest, slightest experience with DMX dimmers and lights. I wondered if I could connect the LOR network to a DMX dimmer for some incandescent lights. I know LOR controllers are the best thing to use, just, I only need five outlets and buying an LOR is too expensive. I guess I could also program DMX with the LOR Sequence Editor just like I can program lights on LOR controllers. Any help is appreciated.
  22. How can I get rid of the tools panel on the left side of LOR 2.9.4? Yes, I know I can "hide" it, but whenever I move the mouse quickly over to the left side to start my sequence, the panel pops open. This is very irritating. I don't need the panel at this point and want it off so I don't accidentally select it. I can't see anywhere where this is possible. Is this a registry hack? It should be an option under preferences whether it is used or not.
  23. I am using a servodog to run my skull but have not figured out how to control the rates in which the servos move. I understand that intensity controls the amount of movement, but what controls the speed or rate of the servo? I want run my servos at a slow rate. Tanks in advance Big Al in Orlando
  24. Ok so I am getting this down a lot more than I thought I would be, just playing with 16 chan right now and I am trying to figure out what way the pros add the music? I have tried Tap but man that is just not as accurate as I would hope, maybe reflex issues:^) Also when editing how can I hear the music and edit at the same time, say like 40 sec - 45 sec without having to restart the music from the beginning. Can I slide and see the effect as well as hear the music at the same time. Right now I have everything stretched out in the living room, just 8 channels and I am just feeling things out, what a fun hobby, thank you guys for taking the time to help, I asked one other Q so far and had like 5 responses in no time. Thanks for your time and help. Chris
  25. I have about 8 sequences running in the show. In the "Background" there is an animation sequence that fires up the projector on box 0A channel 16. with all on for 1 minute on a loop. I can't tell how many times it loops, I can't even remember how to build a loop. The problem is that when the show starts up about sequence number 6 the power on channel 16 turns off and then turns on again. It takes a minute or so for the projector to warm back up then. I am not sure why it turns off except maybe at the end of the sequence of loops maybe?
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