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Found 199 results

  1. This is a little annoying thing. I think that either I am doing something wrong or that i'm missing the way to correct it. Here is what I have done: I open an musical sequence that has my channels and tracks correct (it is a completed sequence so there are multiple timing grids) I export the channel configuration I create a new musical sequence I import the channel configuration from step 2 At this point, there are a bunch of timing grids. All of them are (unnamed timing grid) Freeform: (no timings) At this point I have to delete them one at a time. Any suggestions? Is there a way to import or export without the bogus timing grids? Is there a way to mass delete timing grids? I've searched the forums and the help file, but nothing there.
  2. Hi All I am running 2 CCR's one on channel 5 and one on channel 6. I have created the sequences in superstar and then exports and copied into the main sequence editor. Everything looks great when I run a demo with the visualizer, but then things fall apart. When I run the show on the actual hardware the 2 CCR's run the same sequence when they should be doing slightly different sequences. Any ideas on what might be going on? Thanks
  3. Is there a way to start a sequence from a windows command line? I know that a shell command can be executed from a sequence, but I'm wondering if there is a way to do the reverse of this. Also, if it can be done, can it be done while the schedule is enabled? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have used a starndard LOR setup last eyar with 32 channels, worked great. I purchased 6 CCR's for a mega tree which I setup fine in my sequences. When I added a 27 channel DMX controller attached to an Enttec Open USB I found I couldn't get the lights to work. When I removed the CCR's and clicked on control lights it worked fine. Also, when I clicked on the control lights it stopped my normal lights working. Any ideas? I have checked the CCR's as my tree is already up and it works great only when I try and get them to work together I have issues. Getting frustrated. I've attached a pic of the setup of the DMX only showing USB to Enttec Open USB to D-Splitter then to controller to lights. No connection problems at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Roger
  5. I'm currently running v2.3.4 (I'm not sure how relevent that info is) and am currently trying to program a musical sequence. Since it is on the lengthier side, I tried utilizing the "Play visible screen" option. To my dismay, when I do this, the audio track no longer lines up with the programming (seems a couple of seconds ahead). When I play the sequence in its entirety, the programming lines up again. I'd very much like to avoid needing to listen to the entirety of the sequence every time I make a change, but am having obvious challenges programming to a track out of sync. Is this a problem with anyone else? Is it a software problem? Is it the audio file itself? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I have a sequence that I did with a French song. My question is there anyway to change the music to english song using the same programing. Thanks
  7. I have a sequence that plays about a minute into the song and then when I have full lights go on the 32 channels it does not play that 3/10 do a second nor the sequences in between. but the it picks back up later in the song. I have tested all 32 lights in hardware utility and all work individually as we'll as all 16 when I test all strands. Is there something I am missing?
  8. I have written a weird little specialized utility program in C#, and anyone who would like a copy is welcome to it. Email me at: forums at drwiz dot net. Basically, I have a number of channels that are controlling things that should always be either fully on, or off. No shimmer, twinkle, or dimming. Things like Neon and LEDs on solid-state power supplies, small motors, etc. When creating my own sequences from scratch, that's not a problem. I just keep that in mind as I do it. But I am taking a lot of sequences created by other authors and adapting them for my own display. So I have to make sure those certain channels are always either on, or off in those sequences. To use the utility, you enter a list of special channels, then choose a .lms sequence file, and it will parse thru the file and change all shimmers and twinkles to on, and change all dims and ramps under 50% to off, and all dims and ramps over 50% to on. Source code (in C# for Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4.0) is also available for anyone who would like to adapt it for another purpose.
  9. Hello, my name is Stefan, and i write from italy, so, pls, excuse my anglish not too much correct. Hope someone can help me... I installed the s3 software in my home pc to prepare the sequence, and work, grat, control light, etc etc My idea is use the portable pc to control the light show during the christmas time. So, i installed the s3 software on the pc... and, not work, i receive this error : error creating new animation... and not only this, error come out every team try to open any kind of sequence, musical or not. So, hoping to explain me, is impossible to open an existing simple sequence or creating a new one, at the moment of open the window whit the grid the program goin in error and nothing more is possible to do. So, I thinked at bad installation, so, removed and reinstalled, same thing, so, i'll tryed to install the preious version, same thing. I also tryed two other pc, the same thing. the pc where the program work good have the win 7 installed, all the other pc where not working have win xp. cecked, also, the win player, and in all the pc are the 11 version, also the hardware seems perfect for what is requested. Finally, another strange things...if use the consol i control all 16 channels whitout any kind of problem. I past all night to try to fix this issue... pls, someone help me ? tks a lot in adv! stefano, Florence,italy
  10. I have been using my desktop to edit and create my sequences..everything was working fine...could even see them on the visualizer. But today, after actually setting up my lights and plugging in my controllers and CAT5 cables and USB485 adapter to my computer, when I hit "Play" in the sequences, NOTHING!! It doesn't even move!! And yes, I do have the "Move Grid With Play" checked and the "Control Lights"..but nothing..no movement, no sound, nothing... Hardware Utility finds all my controllers, and I can test all the lights, just the sequence editor is not working. Even did a reboot of the computer... Even reinstalled the LOR software...still nothing. Am I missing something REALLY simple?? Using Windows 7 if that matters...
  11. After upgrading to the newest version 3.8.0 when playing sequences in the sequence editor I am seeing that the Animation wizard and the visualizer will randomly miss or skip showing lights. If i replay the sequence then they will show different results. I have tried turning off the Visualizer streaming (that is running on a seperate computer). This did not solve the issue. I do see that if i am running both the Animation display and the Visualizer at the same time they miss the same lights at the same time. I am worried that when i connect my show for real that my controllers may miss the lights too. Has anyone else seen this issue of missing lights in the animaions on random basis. Tom
  12. All of my current sequences use a straight 0.04 timing. I bought some sequences (for the singing trees) and want to copy/paste the seqencing into my current files. They are all in a 0.05 timing format. I'd like to avoid using tracks, so is there a way to convert the tree files and get them into a 0.04 format so I can just drop them in my current files? My thought is to add the new channels into the current file, rework the tree file so the seqence stays but the timing marks are at 0.04, then I'd copy the lines and paste into my current file. Does this make sense? Thank you Matthew-
  13. Hello, LOR v3.8.0 Hoping someone might be able to assist. We are producing a fairly large scale production for the holidays and are using an iDMX1000 with current firmware but are running into an issue with DMX not passing out of the unit correctly some of the time. We are using almost all 512 channels. The problem occurs when trying to turn on (at full, 100%) larger groups of channels at the same moment. For example if in a sequence a group of 7 or 8 channels comes on all together, they don't come on or will be delayed by several seconds, or behave sporadically, but if I reduce the number of channels to 3 or 4, they come on fine and behave fine. I notice a few work ways to avoid this. For example if the group comes on using a fade up, they will all work, OR if I stagger the group by a couple of 10ths of second, it will work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Our lead tech suggested I inquire about the possibility of changing the DMX transmission speed, but I am not seeing that so not sure if it can be done. Anything else i should check? Im not super savvy with this stuff, so I hope this makes a little sense. Thanks,
  14. I purchased 2 CCR's in the sale and intended to use them to go up my 30' flag pole. So I would place one controller at the bottom and one would be mounted in the middle to cover 30'. As I started programming using superstar a problem with that vision arose. How can I get the command to flow from the end of one rope to the beginning of the other. So if i have it do a morph I want it to go from the bottom of the pole to the top. It Programs it to start at the beginning of both ccr's. Like if someone did 3 leaping arches how do they get it to start at the first arch and go across all 3. I do not want to cut them and join them together. Thanks
  15. I purchased 2 CCR's in the sale and intended to use them to go up my 30' flag pole. So I would place one controller at the bottom and one would be mounted in the middle to cover 30'. As I started programming using superstar a problem with that vision arose. How can I get the command to flow from the end of one rope to the beginning of the other. So if i have it do a morph I want it to go from the bottom of the pole to the top. It Programs it to start at the beginning of both ccr's. Like if someone did 3 leaping arches how do they get it to start at the first arch and go across all 3. Thanks
  16. mrgolfdoc1


    Im new to LOR and Im having problems getting my music in the sequence editor.Ive followed all the instructions and downloaded Audicty..I bought a song from Itunes copied and paste it in the editor and it says it cant run it.. I downloaded an mp3 song that are in my music download but the sequence editor sats my downloads are empty...I need help
  17. Hello Everyone. Hopefully I can find an easy solution but I doubt it. I have had my Halloween LOR display for several years now. My old house had no street or pole lamps anywhere near it. I could set my lighting low because he neighborhood was so dark. But now I have bought a new house and there is a pole lamp (city owned) about 50 feet from my display. I am looking for a way to up the intensity on several sequences by maybe 20% or more, to compensate for the street light, with out having to change 10,000's of individual lighting commands. Is there a way to ramp the lights up without going through light command by light command. There are 1000's of lighting changes per sequence. There are very few long steady areas in the sequences. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  18. m1ke05

    Sequence Editor

    First time Light O Rama user here so, I've purchased the Advanced Software and plan on building my own shows, but when I open the Sequence Editor and select "New Musical Sequence" under the "New Sequence" tab it prompts me to choose a file. Default location is under "Audio" but there is nothing there to open. Adding an MP3 does nothing also. I'm sure I'm missing a step somewhere Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  19. I was wondering if there is an automatic way to change the directions of the morphs when creating an instant sequence. I have a lot of mini trees and bushes that I want sequence with morphs, but i want the morphs to do different things (i.e some morph up, down and even go around the trees).
  20. I've recently fielded a couple of questions on the easy way to build a Visualizer and/or how to keep the Visualizer in sync with your configuration. The secrets? Names... Names... Names... (and knowing when to match on Name or on Key) The easy thing to do is ensure the channel names are identical between the Visualizer and the Sequence Editor. You can set up either first, as long as you some how make the channel names IDENTICAL between the 2..... Here is how I would do it: Create a Visualizer with all the elements (fixtures/props) you want in your show, but don't assign any channels. Basically PLAN what you want it to look like. Keep in mind how many channels you will ultimately have, etc.... Once you are happy, create a sequence in the Sequence Editor defining all the channels. For now just name the channels (something meaningful), and set the color. Export that to a channel config file, and then Import it into the Vis as a reference file. Depending on how you want to do it, either use the Channel Wizard to assign channels to props, OR edit each fixture and wire the channels (click the row, then click the small button on the channel properties and select the correct channel). Doing that ensures the names match. I personally suggest editing the fixtures and wiring by hand so you don't have to assign a bunch of fixtures to props, but the choice is yours. Now do your SE programming. As long as you are under 256 channels, the SE can control the Vis with just the channel names. If you have more than that, you'll have to do steps 6-8 first, then come back to 5. In the SE, assign all the channel properties - Device, Network, Unit, Circuit Export that as a channel config file Start up the Visualizer, load your Visualization, then load this new Channel Config File as a reference. When asked if you want to update your fixtures say YES and do so BY NAME. Now any time in the future.... If you change a channel's KEY in the Sequence Editor, perform steps 7 and 8. A 'key' change is a change to a channels Device Type, Network, Unit or Circuit. If you change a channel's NAME or COLOR, perform steps 7 and 8, except match on KEY not on NAME. If you change a channel's name AND it's key at the same time in the Sequence Editor, you will manually have to update the fixture(s) that used that/those channel(s).
  21. I run the S3 Sequence Editor (SE) on a computer that I use as a non-linear editor (plenty of horsepower). I run the S3 Visualizer on a laptop loaded up with XP so that I can see where the Sequence Editor is on the timeline and watch the Visualizer at the same time. I have a direct ethernet cable connected between both machines with both machines having static IP addresses (SE =, Visualizer = The data rate between machines is 1 Gigabit. There is no gateway address assigned to the network adapters as there are no routers or other equipment between machines that require it. I'm running the latest build of S3 on both machines. Most of the time, when I tap the space bar to play the sequence, it starts immediately and plays fine. About every ten minutes, when I tap the space bar the Sequence Editor freezes for up to a full minute before it starts to play. When it finally starts, it plays fine and the Visualizer is in sync as always. While the Sequence editor is frozen, I've pinged the Visualizer machine from a command window to see if there is a network issue. The Visualizer machine always responds immediately so I know it's not a connectivity issue. My best guess is that, for some reason, the Sequence Editor is having a network issue, witness that it never freezes when I don't have the two machines interconnected. I have two network adapters on the SE machine and I've already tried disabling the second adapter with no improvement. Any ideas on what might be causing this issue for me?
  22. Does anyone know how to convert a simple graphic into Superstar for a grid of CCR's without having to redraw every pixel? Thanks!
  23. tlathum

    Newbie HELP!

    Hi guys, I just got my LOR new system and started trying to create a sequence. My setting from what I’ve learned by watching tutorials from Light O Rama and others is. 1. In the Initial Timing I set it for a tenth of a second. I do this because I found the beat wizard doesn’t set the beats where I want them. 2 in the Play option on the file menu at the top I choose the slowest time and use the space bar to stop where I hear the first beat I want to set. The problem is that when I stop and set the beat and hit the space bar to start again it doesn't start at where I stopped. I've tried using the option in the Play Range menu but still it start the song somewhere else than where I stopped it, and this throws the all the beats off that I've already have set. I don't have a problem at the begging of the song just when I get further into it. the only way I can keep it all straight is if I let the track go all the way back to the beginning and that is time consuming at the least. Am i missing something or is there a setting that I not choosing. I hope all this makes sense and if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Tim
  24. So I got a sequencing question. I loaded a song into the Sequence editor. When I play the song using the "Play, Full Sequence" option, it plays fine and all of my timings are on que. When I go to "Play, Visible Screen" setting, the timings are about half a second off. Im thinking its a problem with the bit rate of the audio file but im not entirely sure. Has anybody else had this problem?
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