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Found 199 results

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlON7zGizmw, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-J0CJmu43M, Here are two I did this last Halloween.
  2. Hello, 1st Year, I have setup my CCR tree. It is working great with a few songs purchased. Now completing an additional 48 channels througout the yard. 1) Is there an easy way to merge the 48 channels to the 12-CCR channels? Even if it is using the random sequencer. When I tried to import a configuration to the CCR Sequence it overwrote the 12 CCR channels. Was reading the forums and may have learned that if I add 48-channels at the top, then import my 48 channel configuration, it will put them at the top above my CCR sequences, correct? Will try this later tonight but wanted to be prepare and post now so I know of any other way. 2) What if I had a 48-Channel sequence done already? Can I merge a sequence? (i.e. 48 channels above the 12 CCR Ribbons) Will copy and paste work from 2-different sequences with similar timing? Truly, I didn't spend an over abundant amount of time learning the the software; I am watching them them nightly, just wanted to get a quick tip to get up to speed this year, being it's growing late. Thanks, Karl
  3. I have 8 songs in my show, 7 of them work perfect (or at least like I expect). The 8th song starts off out wonky, and then a few seconds into the song is perfect. The song plays perfect on the Sequence Editor and visualizer. I had the same issue last year with this particulare song. Last year it was kind of tricky to get the song to work at all. Tried converting it to a bunch of different formats till I finally got it to work. This year the newer tool (3.10.12) sucked in the origonal iTunes song and didnt complain at all. But I still have the first few seconds out of sync? Any sugesstions? I did run the verifier on it and all is good as far as it is concerned... Thanks!
  4. added 2 cosmic color bulb controllers to my display, how do i change the unit id for the controller all at once or do i have to change it one channel at a time in channel configuration for each 150 channels thanks in advance
  5. Hi I am new to the Light O Rama system and so far have had no issues with it. However I would like to run my songs in a 5 minute gap which I have figured out, but is there a way to keep the lights on throughout the delay time? I have not been able to figure that part out. Thanks in advance for your help! Joe
  6. With the top version of the LOR software you cant set up interaction or as they say it ... hit the BIG RED button to start a sequence. Does anyone know the response speed. My old Commodore 64 used to have a plastic overlay music keyboard that you put on top of the computer keys to play notes. I would like to do the same sort of thing by connecting up a MIDI keyboard to the LOR controller and mapping the keys / notes to the lights. From a quick search about 80 odd physical circuits would be required. The response time is what has me worried , could it be played "LIVE" Alan
  7. Hey everyone, My father just programmed his first Light-O-Rama show. It looks excellent! But there is one small issue. When the show restarts there is a split second where everything shuts off, then the show restarts. My dad said that he didn't know how to fix it, so I was wondering if the nice folks here on the forum had a solution. If not, it's no big deal. I just thought it was worth a shot! Thanks a bunch for reading this, hopefully a solution exists!
  8. I have three controllers and would like to have one operate independent of the other two. Two of them are used on a mega tree and I would like the third to operate some arches on a set routine
  9. Silly question, but there is part of a song I don't want, is there anyway to cut it out using the software? (other than the "change total time")
  10. Every time I open my sequences with 19 tracks, I have to close all the tracks. Can SE remember at close of file in the .lsv file which tracks are hidden?
  11. Have trouble with stability of a 4 1/2 minute long song. If I program in 1/4 speed every note I program hits the mark right on. When I play the song at normal speed, the on mark may or may not be in time with the music. It may be advenced or retarded or right on. If I play the entire song from the begining the 1st half will be in time and the second half will be ahead of the song. I copy the 2nd half and move it .2 to .3 seconds to the right. This does not correct the problem. Playing the entire song from the begining multiple times yields different results. Christmas is just around the corner. I't frustrated. What to do? Using .1 timing grid. Rich M
  12. mharr77

    Error Message

    Have a new 16 channel starter package and when I try to use Beat Wizard or VU wizard it says my license does not let me use this feature. Why is that? Or, have I done something wrong?
  13. Hi everyone, New to Light O Rama.. I've done some researching and I'm having issues with Sequence Editor not loading the complete song (TSO Wizards). Loads just a tad past the 50 second mark. I've applied the license (advance software package) and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  14. Hi, I am an owner of some LOR products, I was wondering - in order to set up my Arches to make a fan-type motion, what would I have to do? Like have them turn on one buy one, then close like a fan? I'm a little confused as far as the creative aspects go, Not sure if any patterns exist that I can plug into my software. Also, how would I have the lights turn from on to off, like an inverted fan pattern? Thank you!
  15. My elderly mother is a very good girl but she wanted Blurred Lines for Halloween so that's what she got! Mom is 66 years old and on oxygen but still loves to boogie and is addicted to the beat of this song, absolutely loves it and has even been seen trying to shake her bootie when listening to it. We don't have the heart to tell her how dirty it is because she loves it so much, she wouldn't listen to it if she actually understood the lyrics. So here's to you mom and mums the word. PS take a look at the clip Thank's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OmRPExmqwA&feature=c4-overview&list=UU0XKPQABXZ2WHTVFlSrqGVw
  16. I have 2 CCRs running as 2 arches per CCR. When setting up the config in SSE it looks to me like I have to put both controllers in the same location for both CCRs, either left or right of the device. Is it possible to tell the config that one controller is to the left and the other controller is to the right of a specific CCR? This is how I essentially have mine set up, controllers in the middle of the CCRs. As it is now, I have to code one of the CCRs essentially backwards because I have to tell SSE the controller is on the opposite side from that where it is actually located.
  17. Hello, I have been forced to help in creating a light show for my employer. I knew nothing of this software until recently. Besides trying to get all the licensing information figure out I now need to get familiar with this program which I've been doing. Right now I'm struggling to figure out the best way to do this. There are 3 main sections in which I can basically copy the 1st and use them for the other sections.The questions I have are What's the best way to create these sections. Do I just add them to the one main file? How do I add different songs or switch songs out if they end up not liking them? I have been doing a lot of research and youtube videos to figure this out...in fact I'm youtubed out. Can this stuff be hired out? lol I do see they have sequences already made for sale. Any help/pointers much appreciated!
  18. Hi Guys, I am from Brazil and after years trying I could bought my LOR set to start making my light shows. As per this reason, It's my first post on the forum. I could not find anything here about my problem but if I just re-questioning something, could someone put me on the right direction? I am having a annoying problem using LOR and DMX to work together… I have 4 LOR controllers working on a network using the USB 45 Adapter on COM3 port and I just bought an Enttec DMX dongle that should work with my RGB light floods. At first I could make it work fine, but after a windows crash I had to reinstall my computer and cannot make thing go again. For the record I am running windows 7 professional edition. It seems to me, that windows is recognizing LOR USB485 and Enttec DMX dongle as the same thing, because it show as I have 2 “FT232R USB UART” connected to the computer. After reviewing all the configurations for the 100th time, I tried to test everything with freestyler. When I have only the Enttec DMX connected, I can control the light floods as a charm but when I connect the USB 485 the communications just stop. At the sequence editor, I cannot use the DMX with the dongle alone both… The LOR controllers work fine even with the dongle, but the DMX don’t. (P.S. The Control Light are checked) My DMX universe Is set as Universe 1, with the dongle as adapter and Protocol ENTTEC DMX USB PRO (I cannot find the open DMX) but I already tried the Raw DMX as well (as seen on the youtube videos) The driver I am using are CDM20600 for the dongle and CDM20814_Setup for the USB 485. Sorry for the long text but I wanted to explain the best I could. If someone can help I would be glad. Thanks in Advance, Sergio Chamma.
  19. Hi, Anybody can share Halloween sequences for 9 DMX Flood Lights? this year i am gonna use them like this: http://vimeo.com/22643187
  20. Ok this may seem trivial to some of you but I want to chop up the scene off of national lampoons christmas vacation . 250 lights and the drum roll and haleiluja ect. any one have that file or know where I can buy it or software I can purchase ?
  21. I do most of my sequencing in my office using dual monitors (lots of real estate). I then transfer the sequences to my laptop to go to the "workshop". I'm having a real problem getting the animation backround image to transfer properly. I have a different user name on the laptop so the file paths are not the same. I've tried re-importing the background image but can't get it to line up. (Also, with a large image, one cannot get to the OK/Cancel buttons on the bottom of the animation windows). Is there any way I can get this done? Desktop image has 54 rows and 126 columns. The original jpg was 5392 x 960 panorama.
  22. I think this is a bug, but it may be functioning as designed. Also, I couldn't find a list of known issues. So, if this is on the list, I apologize. Also, I am not sure if this is the method or place to report a bug. So, here are the replicatable Steps Open SE Select New Sequence Tab Select New Animation sequence Click Ok (accept defaults) Click on Timings Select Add New Freeform Grid Name the Grid Hit Enter Pull Down Timing Grid Selector Select New Grid Pull Down Timing Grid Selector Select The Default Grid Pull Down Timing Grid Selector Previously created Freeform Grid is not on list.
  23. I am new LOR User. I am using 3 units running on one regular network. I purchased some sequences-I am not good in sequencing myself and don't have extra time and Halloween is very close. Sequences are made for 4 monster faces (8 channels per face)and strange thing is happening...I set up the display, the faces and bunch of pumpkins (8 total-1 pumpkin per channel)and on some sequences it looks like the channels are misbehaving, there's this song from Glee-Stop Believing and there's a part where there's a solo female singing...the sequence shows monster-face #2 singing but nothing is happening on my display-all faces are off (I checked the set up, compared the sequence channels and my channels -they are OK, but on that part where the solo singing is the monsters are off-and one should be on, and then as the song continues, the channels are behaving normal and all the faces are on as they should be, synchronized....and this is happening with at least 5 other sequences that I have...they will start fine and then (for some song in the middle and some songs at the begging of the song) channels are not responding, nothing is happening, and then as song continue, channels will respond as all is fine...I am sorry for lack of better explanation, but I don't have no clue where to start with this problem....Thank You
  24. Just curious if anyone else has had problems with the clipboard in the sequence editor? When I go to add a new clipboard it will ask me to name it, then after clicking ok it says "Cannot save clipboard (unexpected error)". I'm using copy and paste quite a bit and it seems to be working fine, but it would be nice if I could save different clipboards for quicker use. I had another problem recently trying to get the audio to play at 1/4 and 1/2 speeds but nothing seems to work. I re-installed the software hoping that would help but it didn't. I say that because I'm thinking about re-installing to see if it fixes the clipboard error, but I'm afraid it won't work just like the audio problem. Any thoughts? I'm running Windows Vista 32 bit and LOR ver 3.10.6
  25. I have a question: I am interfacing a servodog controller with my 16 channel LOR controller. I already have a sequence file for the LOR controller. How do I add the Servodog channels as part of the same routine? I have 10 singling pumpkins and want to ad a talking skull. I have interfaced the skull with the computer and it functions as expected. Now I want to add the movement of the skull with audio sequence that controls the pumpkins. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Big Al
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