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  1. My first and only sequence plays just fine in Sequence Editor and in the Visualizer (two controllers, 32 channels). However, none of my test lights that are connected to my two LOR controllers come on when SE plays my sequence. To confirm everything is connected correctly (again), I launched the Hardware Utility, and ran a bunch of the tests. The two controllers passed all the tests. I closed the Hardware Utility, closed Visualizer, closed SuperStar, right-clicked on the LOR icon and checked off the "Use the LOR Visualizer", and made sure there is no schedule enabled (I've never created a schedule). I ran the sequence again in Sequence Editor. It runs on my monitor just fine, but still, none of the test lights hooked to the two controllers come on. I'm guessing I'm missing the obvious. Ed
  2. HI Gang, So I have a Show Challenge here... The Sequences are fantastic... When I play them through the sequence editor. The DMX Fixtures stay on as they are told to do. WHen I play the sequences with the SHow on Demand, It uses the DMX Fixtures, but if they are not moving or just staying on in a color, it turns them off, I use these DMX Crystal Balls, and DMX Floods.. During the Sequence, playing everything happens as its supposed to. But in the show player, its turning my DMX fixtures off before the sequence tells them . UG Show launches in 5 days and there is no Aspirin! Log File: 11:34:31 PM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:34:57 PM: DMX listener error 2: Request timed out / 0: 11:34:57 PM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:35:02 PM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:34:57 PM: Show Player starting (for on demand shows) 11:34:57 PM: Schedule loaded 11:34:57 PM: Initializing LOR networks 11:34:58 PM: LOR networks initialized 11:35:02 PM: Request for show on demand received: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\2015 Light Show.lss 11:35:02 PM: Show Player initialized 11:35:03 PM: Starting show: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\2015 Light Show.lss 11:35:03 PM: Loading sequence: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Sequences\Sign.lms 11:35:04 PM: DMX listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error / 10053: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure 11:35:05 PM: Starting Background: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Sequences\Sign.lms 11:35:05 PM: Loading sequence: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Looney Tunes Opening.lms 11:35:05 PM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:35:07 PM: Starting Startup: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Looney Tunes Opening.lms 11:35:29 PM: DMX listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error / 10053: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure 11:35:29 PM: Ending Startup: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Looney Tunes Opening.lms 11:35:29 PM: Loading sequence: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Celtic Carol-Lindsey Stirling-2.lms 11:35:31 PM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:35:37 PM: Starting Musical: C:\Lightorama\Sequences\Celtic Carol-Lindsey Stirling-2.lms
  3. Hello all. Quick intro about me. A long time ago i was a member of Do it yourself C and made my own board for my moms house and put on a light show. if your interested here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI93rYJLA2I now 8 years later my mom is running a botanical garden and wants her own light show! its too late for custom stuff so she is looking to puchase a large kit from you guys. Although I am more experienced than most in this field your products and website has me and her alittle confused. i want to make sure she doenst over or under buy what she needs. Here is her email to me--- " Hi Nick! So here is the main website for the product:http://www1.lightorama.com/ We want to put up a tree like this :http://superstarlights.com/SuperStarConstruction/CosmicColorRibbons.phpIt does this (this is just one sequence)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BbOf-WhXxk So we want to add this tree but I want to be sure i get the correct hardware. I think I can get the starter kit. I think this is the set up I need. http://www1.lightorama.com/stand-alone-show-directors/ Then I would buy the already made sequences:http://superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php Let me know what you think..... " She will be putting a tree like the one shown with the exact light stands and channels so she can just purchase the already made sequences. But it will be on an island with only power so she will be using the easy linker pair (i think!) to transmit the sequence from her PC to the ShowTime Central Starter package hardware. http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html **She will not be trainsmitting over raidio signal she will be hardwiring speakers to her PC(?) Im looking for a fast response as she just informed me that the prices are raising. OVERVIEW- Basicall this is what she will need. Please correct me if im wrong. 1. Residential Series 16 channel starter package http://store.lightorama.com/rese16chstpa.html -- My first question is how many channels does this setup need? Is it expandable and compatible with RGB Cosmic Color Ribbons? Can I expand it to the amount of needed channels? 2. (12)- Cosmic Color ribbons (included is ribbons, controller, and power supplys) http://store.lightorama.com/cocori.html 3. Easy Linker Pair http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html 4. THe sequences she wants http://superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php I know that is alot to advise but its not really straight foward how your hardware and sofware works with echother for a more advance system. I hope you guys can help us and if there is a better spot to post for support let me know please. Thanks in advnace -Nick
  4. This isn't my first year, yet I always seem to have issues. Current issue is spanning across two separate computers. fault: Ther serial port has a problem you may need to select another port- Overflow Trace: Set Intensity. 1. auto config works, selects comm port 4 2. refresh works picks up CCR unit 1D 3. update unit works. problems occur when I try to test the ribbon using the hardware utility. If I click on the on at 100% = Overflow Trace: SenIntensity then comm error Fade 0/100%= overflow trace: Fade then the comm error any attempt to test the ribbon results in an error. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- problem 2 (maybe connected) using same controller and comm port before the error and test my show through the sequence editor the lights work. Only on a test program, If i use it on my newly sequenced show the roof ccrs on Aux E numbers 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F are all working at the same time. one ccr is plugged in Aux E comm 4 unit 1C responds to commands from my sequence from units IC/1D/1E/1F and I cant tell you why???
  5. How do I create a PSA and make it play with lights?
  6. Sometimes at the end of a song the sequence will lock up in play mode. The song will finish, but it will not stop. Stop button will not work, I can not get the sequence to work again with out shutting down the sequence editor. This has happened in different versions of LOR. Its not always the same song. I hope this will not happen during a show. Does anyone have an idea why this happens? Gary N
  7. I have been busy building effects in Pixel Editor. I copied the sequences to my show computer to see how they look. None of my "movie" effects render on the show computer. All other PE effects work fine. The movie files are in an identical directory on the show computer. If I go into PE on the show computer and re select the movie file PE renders fine. If I have to do that for all of my songs I've got a big problem because I have used the movie effect frequently. I must be missing something. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Newbie question: Can anyone suggest an efficient workflow for applying timings and colors to dumb RGB devices? Here's my problem: I'm using the John Storms method for breaking down my songs and getting pretty good timings. I can easily apply those to my regular CTB16PC Channels. What takes me FOREVER is applying those timings/colors to 5 dumb RGB ribbons that I have mounted to my eaves! If I copy/paste the timings then I can make any of the colors were I can paste into the primary colors or combinations of those... but when I want to make anything other than 100%, then I have to go manually edit those intensities, fades, and levels. For instance, orange is 100 R and 80 G... to get that I have to paste the timings into the R channel (easy at 100%), then paste them into the G channel, then manually go in and set all the Green intensities to 80% and fade ups from 0 to 80 and fade downs from 80 to 0...... very time consuming! Plus I found that the colors in the palette don't match real life--- for Halloween, I used the orange and purple from the palette, then when I tested on my house, didn't like them at all, and had to go back and change the levels manually again! I think to myself: There HAS to be a better way that I'm not aware of. I can't find any good tutorials out there on how to program the RGB devices. The LOR site has a good video on the color fade tool, but that's all that I can find. So - all you RGB Geniuses out there - what workflows have you found to quickly apply timings and colors to RGB Devices? I'm essentially only working with 5 pixels and it takes forever! I know there are shows with millions of pixels--- I've heard of NutCracker and SuperStar for those. But what to use for my setup with 5 "pixels" on the eaves of my house???
  9. Let me start off by saying, last year I tried Pixels for the 1st time. I started too late in the season and didn't have enough time to learn, troubleshoot, and therefore Pixels didn't happen. This year, hoping to try again. I got a new controller, Alpha Pix 4 I can control the pixels using LOR S4 Advance as long as I use Universe 1. SETUP: Pixels are plugged into Output 1 Settings on the controller for Output 1 is Universe 1 Settings in LightORama's Network settings have the AlphaPix IP address for Universe 1, 2, 3, 4 Sequence editor has 300 channels (1-300) for Universe 1. All plays normal NOW If I change the sequence editor for all 300 channels to be Universe 2, AND I change the Alpha Pix Controller for Output 1 to be Universe 2, Nothing good happens. Side question, why does the sequence have to play for 10-15 seconds, sometimes, before the lights will begin responding... at that point they will respond appropriately ... .just seems like when changes are made, there's this delay where nothing works. And this is only in Univ 1, because univ 2 still doesn't do anything. All of you that are reading this, I thank you for your time and feedback. To spend your time reading new posts and helping others is ( in my opinion ) what Christmas is about (in this generation) ... Its about giving because you want to, not b/c it's expected and not b/c you hope you get something back. I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you all for helping and I hope that I can soon begin giving back and helping those that are just getting started. Gratefully, Michael
  10. I am relatively new to LOR but good with computers. I am looking for suggestions as to file structures for multiple PCs running LOR. In my case, I have a desktop that I prefer to sequence at, then have a laptop that I need to take to the garage to run shows from. What is the best way to save the LMS/MP3 files so that they can be easily accessed from both locations? Here's possible solutions that I've tried and problems I've run into: I have a NAS that automatically gets a nightly backup to an online service, so I'd prefer to put them there. No problem at home. I can just map a network drive on both computers and using LORPOST.exe set the program on both PCs to go to the mapped drive. Problems: 1) when the laptop is away from the network, then it won't have the data files, as windows doesn't support cacheing local copies of network shares. 2) there seems to be lots of files that get opened/closed in the background when a sequence is opened/edited... these are different on the different computers and LORPOST seems to change the location of those "scratch" folders. Dropbox - Seems like the perfect solution - I tried it though, and again the "scratch" files seems to be a problem. Just opening the sequence editor causes dropbox to "update" nearly a hundred files that then cascade up/down through dropbox to all my computers (some that don't even use LOR, but are on dropbox!) Problems: relative vs absolute path names. When I open the sequences on different computers, it seems to be using absolute path names for references to external files. Namely the MP3 and the S3 visualizer background. Why is this a problem??? because the user names on the 2 computers are different, so the c:\user1\dropbox\LOR\... is different than c:\2nduser\dropbox\LOR... structure; furthermore, [i'm weird] and one of my PCs has a 2nd HDD named R:\, which is where that user's files are stored! In writing this post, I may have come up with a solution, that I need to try... perhaps I forget about using the recommended LORPOST.exe to reassign the directory structure, and just manually copy the structure to my dropbox folders, then everytime I open/edit/save a LMS.MP3 file, make sure it goes to the dropbox directory. At least then the local scratch files would be computer specific (on respective C or R drives) but the ultimate data save location would be centralized/backed up. Perhaps there's a registry setting to redirect the data location? Poking around, there's a HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Light-O-Rama\Shared node. There are several paths defined in there but some seem a bit cryptic --- for instance AudioPath and UserDataPath seem promising, but what is CanonicalAudioPath? Is UserDataPath the user data (i.e. registration info) or is it the file save location? What then is the NonAudioPath? That being said, I'm not sure that would solve my problem with relative vs absolute file pathways though. It would seem that LMS files store the absolute path, so even though the audio will always be in LOR\Audio and Sequences will be in LOR\Sequences, they will be different absolute paths on the 2 PCs so opening on a different device than what was last saved will require pointing the sequencer to the 2 files again... Anyone have any suggestions or experience with a setup like this? Thanks! Josh
  11. Sorry if this question was asked already. I am newbie!!! I have watch just about all the video tutorials and The question I have is can you use music from a CD that is already loaded on to the computer and uploaded it into sequence editor. Thanks.
  12. Enjoy my first attempt at sequencing the singing pumpkin from Holidaycoro. I set it to Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy. https://youtu.be/M7g2LZNuwRk I started by sequencing the 8 small pumpkins, which I think is the easiest. Then worked on the pumpkin outline, then eyes. The mouth movement is what took the longest at 8+ hours. I found I got better at it as I went, and ended up going back to the beginning and re-sequencing some parts. Most of the sequencing was done at 1/4 speed so that I could discern the various syllables from the music track in the waveform. Most pop music repeats itself, so I was able to pretty much cut and paste various parts to other parts within the track. The video was shot using my Android phone, imported in to iMovie, and overlayed with the audio used in the actual display. My first attempt at sequencing was last Christmas, which I did a 16 string tree set to Let it Go from Frozen (https://youtu.be/XCNl_hYYkBs). Enjoy.
  13. This is my fisrt year with LOR. I been working all year, and I think I have a great show, 32 channels, about 14,000 LEDs. I have played around with sequenceing, and decided to use Richard Holdmans 2010 show. It was one of the best ideas I had, not only is it one of the best displays I have seen, but it is how I have learned how to use the sequence editer. I have learned alot this year, about LOR, using a Computer(which I also had to buy, and figure out), and so much more. The forum is great, I just started using it a few days ago, and I been reading , and reading, very helpful. Everybody seems to be very helpful. Hear is my question, stupid or not. How do I turn on my lights with out a show. Am I missing something in LOR? I figure I have to run a sequence of just the lights on for 5mins. or so, call it show and run it. Calling it lights on. Next I run that from say 4:30 to 6:00. Next run my musical show from say 6:00 to 8:00. Next go back to my lights on show from 8:00 to 10:00. Do I have this right, or is there so other way to turn on the lights? And if I make a sequence of just lights on, whith no breaks in it, will it repeat over and over with out the lights stopping inbetween?
  14. I converted some incans to RGB. Then I copied the sequencing from the incan to each of the 3 channels. R, G, and B. Now I have all my sequencing, fades, etc in white. I would like to be able to pick a color and quickly paint the white to that color. In my example I am trying to convert to Orange. I know I can get colors manually by pasting to the R, G and B rows. But how do I get a complex color to paint on top of white ?
  15. Module: SequenceEditor Software Version: 4.1.2 Advanced OS Version: 8.1 Description: Large .lcb files are causing Cannot Allocate memory erros and causing SE to freeze on the right side and becoming unuseable. See attached. Repeatability: Appears to be happening when the .lcb is greater than 250mb. I have seen this maybe 6 times BUT I have also been sucessful. I did notice an Explorer memory error on a reboot and I did have sucess after that reboot. Just started this years programming and I will try on another system and see if I can find something more predictable.
  16. So in finally added a second controller and also have a projector this year. Problem is I have no clue how to implement a projector. Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to integrate video? Basically I have two video files. One file I just want to play in a window during my normal musical sequence. The other I want to actually use the audio. I am assuming it's not as simple as inserting a video into a sequence I have already created. This is only my second season so I am still learning. Thanks everyone.
  17. Just wondering if there is a benefit to using the 0.10 timing grid over other timings? I am thinking that the best grid to match a song would be to use the beat wizard and then subdivide down the grid to something near .10s. But then the engineer side in me was thinking that would end up in weird mathematical timing numbers and maybe that would not be as efficient as possible for the LOR controllers? Can anyone shed some light on what/if timings are more or less ideal for sending out to the controllers? Thank you in advance for your attention and support!
  18. So far I've watched a few videos, setup my 8-dumb-RGB channels in the Sequence Editor, and done a lot of Googling, but I've yet to find a good answer. I've spent about an hour going through the first 10 second of an existing sequence. I know how to bring up the color fade tool, but is that really the only way to assign colors? It seems very inefficient that I need 10 clicks to make a channel "orange". Are there shortcuts or any other tips/tricks you can provide to speed things up?
  19. I have a sequence that had 80+ Channel. I'd like to fade the last 10 to 15 seconds of the whole sequence. Is there a simple way to do that?
  20. I am starting to update my last years Halloween light show and I have some RGB lights that have been sequenced in LOR. Can I use PE to update my RGB with some of the new effects and keep some of the old effects from LOR or do I have start all over?
  21. I purchased a pixel matrix screen from HolidayCoro with 600 pixels. I intend to use it with Superstar. It has the PixLite 4 DMX board. My questioning is on these lines: I'm watching the LOR video on "Exporting your Superstar sequence to the main sequence." As I'm following the instructor, I'm going with copy and paste, but I'm creating a new "ADD DEVICE" section. The box opens up directing me to select "Universe 1." Ok, I'm good so far. Next is the # of channels. With 600 pixels on this matrix screen and 4 ports on the board, how many channels do I need, 4? Or is it 4 outlets x 3 (red, green and blue) totalling 12 channels? Or is it more? I'm licensed for 24 CCR's but I'm not going with LOR's CCR's but the above named matrix screen. I'm rather confused as to how to proceed. Let's say that I have the sequence in Editor made up and the sequence In Superstar made up to go along with it. I can only follow the procedure so far with the video as he doesn't advise on DMX. So, I need help. The person at Holidaycoro couldn't help me but he assured me that this is fully compatible with LOR, but he personally doesn't use his products with LOR. Perhaps a Youtube video to instruct me will do. Thanks Y'all!
  22. I'm now at a point where I need to use the clipboard more often and I seem to be missing a step because although I can see my clipboard (the items I add as well as the default ones in both SE & SS); but if I look in the folders where they are supposed to be saved there is nothing in the clipboard folders for either Sequence Editor or SuperStar. I discovered this because I was trying to flip a graphic and when I went to use Bob's tools and I opened the clipboard folder there were no files located there. I must be doing something incorrectly but I have no idea what. Tried searching the forums but did not find anything specific to this problem. Have I missed a video or thread that walks me through the process of using the clipboard? Thanks as always for the great support from LOR & all my fellow forum users! I always learn alot from all of you. this is my 3rd year using LOR and this forum has gotten me through more than 1 stumbling block. Tom
  23. I'm using 3.12.0 Advanced. In most of my sequences when I hover the cursor over a cell a pop-up gives me information about that cell. I have one sequence where that does not happen and I have spent hours looking for information on what I may be doing wrong or what I need to do to get the pop-up information. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks. Bany
  24. Hi Everyone, Anyone know if there is a way to delete an intensity file imported from SS once saved in SE? I had started a sequence in both SE and Superstar and thought I was done with SS so I exported in S3 to the SE. It's just 2 CCR's. Now since upgrading to S4 and Pro level I made changes to the SS sequence then exported to SE as an intensity file. When playing back in Visualizer my additions/changes are not playing, only my original SS sequence that was exported previously. I think the layout in Superstar is wrong as the CCR's are still on the "regular" network and I will move them to Aux A running 500k speed but forgot about this when exporting. Is there anyway to delete/remove the intensity file and make corrections to SS network config/layout? DevMike, I remember you mentioning the bak file at Expo but I tried that and got an error when trying to open SE with that file. I appreciate any help given. Thanks, Al www.saunderschristmaslights.com
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