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Found 26 results

  1. First off guys, thanks for E1.31! Now having said that, I have some requests to make life a LOT easier using LOR's DMX modes. First off, a more efficient way to convert existing channels from LOR protocol over to a DMX universe. I am unable to find any way to change an entire controller such that it will automatically address the channels. I have been switching all of my DC controllers and FireFli controllers over to DMX. I've had to do the following: 1. Change the controller type to DMX. 2. Change the universe to it's appropriate value (2 in this case) 3. Change the address to the DMX address I want it to have. Now that may not sound that bad, but I have 7 FireFli units that I just changed. 7 * 48 channels or 336 times I had to repeat the above. It would be great if we could drag a box around a group of channels and tell it to set them all to DMX, all to Universe "X" and start the addressing at "Y" and let it go to town. The Channel editor is a MAJOR PITA when it comes to setting DMX address btw. If you could open up that input box so we could just directly key the number, it would be MUCH easier than using the mouse wheel, or scrolling the choice box. That approach worked fine when we were picking a number from 1 to 16, but when picking from 1 to 512 it becomes very very frustrating, very quickly. Side note: Deleting controllers could be much easier if one were allowed to delete a range of channels. Having to do one channel at a time is quite tedious. Now, those editing issues aside, here is a future feature request I hope you guys will consider: We have moved into the realm of thousands of channels dealing with RGB pixel elements. While it's very cool being able to control each light on a string, sometimes we just want to control an entire group of RGB elements. If you could add the ability to define Master channels, a *single* channel in the grid that controlled multiple, user-defined channels as an entire group, that would really rock! I have some new snowmen fixtures that use RGB pixel strips around each circle. If I could have a channel to control just the bottom circle's worth of pixels, the middle and the top circles, it would make life with pixels far more convenient. Heck, I could make a Master channel that controlled all pixels in each snowman, and then one that controlled all 8 snowmen at once! (each snowman uses 130 RGB pixels for 390 channels per fixture)
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