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Found 138 results

  1. Check out our new how to video about making Linear RGB Wall Washers. See it on youtube at this link We made them 6ft and 12ft for less than $30 each. The 12ft one was daisy chained to the first so it did not need the DMX controller and the price was under $30 but even with the controller it would have been less than $40. Printable instructions at www.mrtoomanychristmasdecorationsguy.com hope you like it and happy DIY projects to you.
  2. I am interested in purchasing something like these RGB LED spot lights. It seems simple enough. But Ray Wu mentions that I need an RGB controller or a DMX decoder. I obviously don't understand either one of these since all I have is a whole bunch of LOR controllers. Is there someone that can help me understand exactly what I need in order to wire the 3 different colors so I can plug them into my LOR boxes in order to control the 3 colors separately? Thank you.
  3. I want to build a animated shooting star with my LOR 12v 16ch controller. Need a source to buy string of lights in 12 volt. Of course a in expensive price. Please advise. KJ
  4. so I used the holiday coro programmer and was able to connect and run the flood off LOR.. I moved it outside and connected an enttec open & holiday coro adapter.. 100 foot of cat5 cable.. when I was using the programmer and 5 foot of cat5.. I saw no problems .. the flood would strobe and react the way we expect it to when running the LOR sequences.. now that it's going through all these connections and a long cat5 cable it doesn't react as quickly or strobe anymore ... does anyone have any suggestions on what I can change or know the max length of the cat5 cable? not sure if I can get a video of it outside with Sandy coming but I am uploading a video of it working great inside on the short lines and holiday coro programmer here is the video when it was going well http://youtu.be/fkcmE_JyKoI
  5. Hi everyone, I know the answer is somewhere on the internet, and I do apologize, but I can't seem to find it. I'm very new to Light O Rama, and I have been looking for info on how to get started and connect a setup for 6 Cosmic Color Ribbons to make a tree. Can the Ribbons be safely cut and shortened? I understand about getting a starter package, but it's confusing there after. For this type of setup, do I or don't I need a 16 Channel starter package? I'd like to keep the setup as simple and convenient as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dave
  6. I placed an order with acehardwaresuperstore.com for spt for my display, just as a warning google these people first! Worst company I ever went through! I'm trying to cancel my order. They said it was back ordered, now they say they never actually had it but its still on the site. Just my 2 cents, but I recommend steering clear of them.
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to add DMX to an existing LOR network? I don't mean plugigng in another dongle into my computer..... I mean controlling DMX lighting out of one of my LOR controllers. Either directly or by adding a DMX dongle to the extra Cat 5 port on the controller. I understand how to do it by adding another Universe / network. I'd just rather not have to run another cat 5 outside if I don't have to....I read through the AusChritmas guide and one other and if it was explained I missed it.
  8. Greetings, we use LOR's for our daynamic lighting and have run into an issue. Where a light was dislodged and popped a fuse. I'm wondering now since we can't see the fuse status by looking at it and finding a DMM when I in panic mode sucks, Can I replace the Fuse with a Breaker. What are the Pros/cons for this action? I've not done it yet but it would simplify my stress if I could just see the button popped out to know something went wrong.
  9. I've seen some interesting things online of people using 5mm LED's and converting their old Incandescent to LED using the same strings and sockets but adding resistors? I'm wondering if anyone did this before and if they had success? Does anyone know any good video/ website/ forum/ page where there is a detailed step by step DIY on how to do this? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  10. I'm searched the boards and there seems to be two answers to this question. I'm looking for insight from someone who has connected a 120VAC relay to a LOR controller output. Do I need a snubber (or a C9 acting as a snubber)? or Will the relay itself work without causing damage to the controller? This post says it is necessary. But there are many other posts that only mention a relay without a mention of the snubber. I have third gen controllers. My understanding is that they don't need snubbers. Does that apply to the use of a relay also? Lastly, is the snubber there to protect the controller or is it just there to make sure the the relay functions properly?
  11. I recently inquired about a voice over from The Demented Elf, Kevin was really helpful, understanding, and listened to all my requests! I will recommend him to EVERYONE and his prices are extremely competitive, you wont beat it I promise! Plus, his service is just amazing. I would love some feedback on what you think about these voice overs and what your favorite? My personal favorite is #2 & 3? Any feedback appreciated!
  12. Guest

    DMX Bridge-Switch Combo Enclosure

    I wanted to have a place where our RPM DMX bridge and ethernet switch would be housed all together. The RPM-DMX bridge converts E1.31 into four universes of DMX protocol. More info here.
  13. Hello: I've put together my first 5 CTB16Kpcv1 kits. It went quite smoothly, however, one of my my controllers is having some problems where the led may come on, may come on temporarily very dim, or not all all. This is without the CAT5 being connected. So I need to trouble-shoot. Is there a published trouble-shooting guide that I can follow? Regards, Mike
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