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  1. seriouslylosingit

    best way to illuminate wooden decorations

    I feel fortunate that I have the ability to use a jigsaw and have a knack for painting, HOWEVER........ I am trying to determine the best and sturdiest (if that is a word) way to add lighting. Currently, I have either done a ground flood or added simple string lights to each decoration. I am experimenting with a hole saw and staple gun to place receptacles through the back of my wooden décor. This is something of a pain in the butt and since both sides of most of my decorations are painted, this ruins the look of the back side... Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Here is what I am dealing with. (One picture I am unable to upload) I cannot take credit for all of these decorations. I have a Craigslist addiction as well and have acquired some of them by simple luck. Feel free to email me directly if it is easier than posting Thanks in advance for your help, Roberta Roberta.j.rieger@gmail.com
  2. Newbee very late to the party ! I just purchased a 16 channel LOR and want to put it to use this year. I would appreciate advice from some of the seasoned users for their suggestions on some simple displays or display ideas that give the best bang for the buck. I am sure some of you have tried ideas that worked better than others. I realize that with very little time my display will have to be simple and I am not going "big" this year. I am thinking of net lights on bushes and wrapping a tree and some porch columns. For the open spaces are displays such as mega trees and leaping arches good to start with ? Is a single color best to get more animation or are several colors better in a smaller display ? I recognize personal preference and exterior house features will greatly affect the outcome. Also, I am hopeful for the kindness of others to share some of their craftsmanship of 16 channel sequences. GiGa Wilson shared some of his files - THANK YOU. I would like to collect some sequences set to TSO or Mannheim Steamroller tunes. But at this late date any sequences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help !
  3. cgreenfield

    Pex Discoloring in the Sun?

    Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone who has pex incorporated into there display has experienced the pex discoloring? I heard somewhere that it discolors and becomes brittle in UV light and just wanted to hear some other peoples experience with it because we are integrating pex in our display. -Thanks, Chris-
  4. I have added in CCR's to my show this year. I tested them before I took them out of the box. I put them out and when I go to hook up the last controller on the network it works fine until I plug in the network cable from controller 5 to 6. Then the CCR controller for #6 dies. No red led's to show network status. NOTHING...... Any ideas? I have tested the network cable and its good. I just cant figure out what is happening. I want to get this figured out before I hook up the last one I have left.
  5. Mason5743

    New to light o rama

    Hey everone I'm 17 and very new to light o rama. I just ordered my controller so I don't have money to spend on sequences so if anyone could plz email me some plz masonphone13@gmail.com
  6. josuemtz

    Adding RGB

    I'm new to the LOR and would like to start expanding my show. I know it's already too late for this year, but want to start figuring things out for next year. I bought a 27CH RGB Controller, I've created a 3 pin XLR to CAT5 cable using the following pinout RJ45 pin 4 to XLR pin 3; RJ45 pint 5 to XLR pin 2, and RJ45 pin 6 to XLR pin 1), I also have an external power supply. BUT I cannot get the board to communicate with the program. I've watched about every youtube video and have read information on the forums, but I can't quite figure out my problem. I've read some information that LOR with communicate DMX without the need of a "converter" such as entec, but I dont think my board is really a DMX board, but rather a dumb board. I've tried setting it up as just another LOR device with RGB channels, but again cannot get it communicate. I currently only have a 16CH controller. Any ideas? I've also heard some people get together in the sacramento area. I'd like to join you guys for your next meeting and meet some people that I can learn from. I'll appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Josue
  7. So i am getting ready to do my light o rama show for this Christmas, last year was my first year and got the whole lighting thing worked out but to control it was very tedious. I ran cat 5 from the LOR controllers outside into my garage and used a Cat 5 to USB adapter from light o rama and plugged it into to my old laptop in the cold garage, while I did the programming inside the controlling was very hard to do in the garage. This year i would like to use my much more powerful desktop which is upstairs this means i would have to run cat 5 up to my room just for LOR... I did my research and believe that this is not the case... If i were to use DMX and E1.31 i could control this from my room with out running cat 5 so here goes my assumption. I would run the cat 5 into the garage and convert into DMX with a crossover cable allowing for it to communicate with a E1.31 bridge, the crossover cable would connect to one of the 4 universes on the bridge and then would output as E1.31 using IP, from there i would plug it into my Ethernet jack in my garage and then connect it to my network, this would give it an IP and allow me to go to my network connected desktop upstairs, and access the whole LOR setup over E1.31 and IP from there i would use LOR S3 advanced with support for E1.31 and connect to the LOR network using the IP allowing for me to connect to lights... This is the map that i planned out and assume would work Lights -> 2 CTB16PC LOR Controllers (Daisy Chained)-> RJ45 Crossover Cable (LOR to DMX) -> E1.31 Bridge -> Network (Ethernet) -> Computer -> LOR S3 (Using my normal shows and standard controls) This is what i believe is true from the research and reading i have done on the internet, if this is not true someone please tell me before I order my supplies to add this functionality to my setup. Here is the area i have questions about... 1st --- If I want to add DMX lights (non LOR) to my setup can i connect these to the second RJ 45 connector on the E1.31 bridge and will this allow for me to control the DMX lights on the LOR S3 and will all of these lights on the same universe... or does S3 not use universes? 2nd --- Can I expand in the future adding another E1.31 board to my setup adding another IP on my network and still use all the lights in the same show 3rd --- Can I add support for E1.31 sACN allowing me to control the light show on any device on my network and if I use an external IP and port, control outside my network... and what would I need to add this functionality to my setup 4th --- WHERE CAN I FIND A E1.31 BRIDGE!!!! I have searched for a good one that uses RJ45 connectors for DMX in and E1.31 out (but i guess i could just use 3 pins for dmx) and have found 2 reccomended ones that are both out of stock i found one kit but don't know how hard and how long it will take to build. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas for what E1.31 Bridge i could use I only need 1 maybe 2 (in the future) DMX universes Bridges http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22&products_id=245 http://www.j1sys.com/ecg-d4/ Kit (in stock i might get it if it isn't that hard to build) http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=157 Other Options (Would These Work???) E682 ??? http://www.advateklights.com/shop/mantis-pixel-mapping/38-pixlite-4-controller.html These 2 Look the most compelling for what I need and there price would they work for what i need http://www.advateklights.com/shop/mantis-pixel-mapping/38-pixlite-4-controller.html http://www.j1sys.com/ecg-d4/ or maybe the kit...http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=157
  8. Currently (v3.12.0) to create DMX RGB pixels in the Visualizer you must create them one pixel at a time using the "Single Bulb" tool. This can be difficult if you have a large number of pixels, and since each bulb counts as a fixture in the Visualizer you are limited to 1000 pixels because the Visualizer only allows 1000 fixtures. In the next release of S3 the Visualizer will have a DMX Pixel tool that will make it easier to create DMX pixel strings and since each string counts as a fixture, your only limit will be having 1000 strings instead of 1000 pixels. Until the next release, there is a "back door" method of defining DMX strings using key words in the comment line of a Prop that holds one or more CCR strings. The visualizer will still think it is a CCR, but when imported into SuperStar, SuperStar will treat the CCR as a string of DMX pixels and export them as DMX pixels. The dmx keyword feature in in v3.10.14 and above. If you have an older version then download the latest version by going to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "S3 Download" then click on the "Download Now" button. There is a new keyword that you can put in the comment line of a Prop that tells superstar that the prop is to be treated as DMX lights. NOTE THE KEYWORD WILL ONLY WORK IN THE COMMENT LINE OF A PROP, IT WILL NOT WORK IN THE COMMENT LINE OF A FIXTURE. If you have a visualization with CCR fixtures you must use the "Add new Prop" tool which is the rightmost button on the Visualizer toolbar. Create a new Prop, add the CCR fixture and then you put the dmx keyword in the comment line of the Prop. The following is an example of how to use this new feature do the following: 1) Launch the Visualizer 2) Click on the "CCR Draw Wizard" tool, this is the one that has a multi-colored circle with a 2 segment line on top of it. (do NOT use the "Draw Cosmic Color Ribbon" tool) 3) Do a click and drag to draw a single line, double click to terminate the line. 4) A dialog box titled "Number of Pixels" will appear, Type in a name for the "Prop (CCR) Name" and then change the number to the total number of pixels in your DMX string. This number can be any number from 2 to 500. In other words, don't worry about having it be more than the number of pixels in a CCR which is 50. In most of my testing I used 60 as the number of pixels in a string. 5) After clicking on OK, a dialog box will appear titled "New/Existing fixture". Use the default which is "Create as many new Fixtures as required (Recommended)" 6) After clicking on OK, the visualizer will create a string that will have one or more CCRs in it, enough to create as many pixels as you specified. Don't worry about defining the Unit IDs for the CCRs, you can leave them undefined because SuperStar will ignore them. 7) On the right side of the visualizer are two buttons labeled "Fixtures" and "Props". Click on the "Props" button and then double click on the prop that you just created. 8) In the comment line of the prop, add the text "superstar dmx=<universe>,<channel>" (do not enter the double quotes into the comment line, just the text inside the double quotes) <universe> is the universe to use for the first pixel of the prop and <channel> is the channel to use for the first pixel of the prop. For example, if you had 6 strings with 60 pixels each, you would add 6 props and you could add the following in the comment line of the props: superstar dmx=1,1 superstar dmx=1,181 superstar dmx=1,361 superstar dmx=2,31 superstar dmx=2,231 superstar dmx=2,410 In the above example, the third string starts with universe=1 and channel=361. SuperStar will automatically bump up to the next universe when it runs out of channels for the current universe. So the last 10 pixels in the third string will use universe 2. Also, as noted earlier, when SuperStar sees the keywords "superstar dmx=" then it ignores the unit id settings in the CCRs that are in the prop and uses the universe, channel settings that you specify. Note that because SuperStar is using the comment line to supporting dmx, you cannot play the exported sequence back to the visualization because the Visualizer doesn't recognize the dmx settings that you placed in the comment line. Also, when superstar exports the dmx strings they may appear to be in random order. This is a bug in superstar. In the Sequence Editor you can reorder the rows by right clicking on them and selecting move up or move down, but you don't have to, it will play to your lights just fine regardless of the order of the rows in the Sequence Editor. Also, this approach was designed for a matrix of DMX RGB pixels. If you use it for a string of DMX RGB pixels that is a part of a larger visualization, it will work, but superstar may place the DMX RGB pixels onto a sequencing row that is out of order in relation to your other lights. As you can tell, when I created this feature I made sure it would basically work but I did not test it well for all situations.
  9. Hi guys. I was debating to dive into some RGB lighting to do some cool color changing, chasing FX etc. I know many smart people here have already gone down that road. I read many of the faqs but I am still a bit confused. Not looking for something overly complex. This will be an experiment of sorts. Maybe just put some RGB lights on the two front eves of my house and integrate with my existing 16 channel controller. Any recommendations? Should I get the LOR RDG Controller add on with light strands and start there? What about a single Pixel strands? Will that work with my existing controller and accomplish what I want? Maybe I should steer clear of RGB and just do it with regular lights and additional controllers. So much to consider. Sorry for for the noob questions but I just got started in this stuff for Halloween.
  10. Frank_DeSanto


    Hi I'm new to lor and I was looking at purchasing my own rgb pixel lights. Can anyone advise me best way to connect them to my control. Thanks
  11. Has anyone ever removed all the 1 1/2' female "pigtail" power cords that are connected to the outputs of the LoR 16 channel AC controllers and used a 10 conductor "snake" instead? Sending out all the Neutrals and Grounds seems to be redundant. What if a 10 conductor cable was used for a long run (that's 1 LINE per channel (8) plus a common NEUTRAL (1) and a common GND (1)), then close to were you need to plug-in your lights you had a 'breakout box' that the snake connected to, with the breakout box having 8 switched outdoor outlets? Could money or frustration be saved doing this over having 8 extension cords?
  12. disneythunder

    STP 1 or 2

    Hello all, I recently came across what I believe to be SPT wire at a garage sale and managed to pick it up for 50 cents. That was a great deal for 30+ feet of wire. My only problem now is that I don't whether it is SPT 1 or 2. It has no markings on the insulation, which looks pretty thick. The copper itself looks to be either 18 or 20 gauge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. canadianchristmas

    halloween light show 2014

    Wow, I got everything sequenced, put together, and hung up in 30 days, 30 days ago I did not think I would be able to do a halloween show because of time. here is my first video I have posted. I should also mention I'm 16 years old and was able to got this all done by my self in 30 days. If you would like any sequences or have questions let me know. Also If you have any tips for filming my lights better its a bit of a bad video quality. Thanks! and Happy halloween!
  14. We have added a page on our website to help you put lights on your wireframes. It's not much but we hope it will help you light up your frames. This info was gathered for several locations and people and combined into one location. Here is the link http://www.wireframedlites.com/howto.shtml and if you have anything to add to it please let me know.
  15. Hello All, I need some help with anyone who is familiar with 10w RGB Led Floods from Ray Wu. I had posted my question in another thread where Tom recommended I open a new topic to get more exposure. I recently started learning about light-o-rama and rgb leds. I also recently purchased the CMB24 controller board. I was looking into connecting this with some 10w rgb led flood lights. I have heard good things about Ray Wu's store and his products. I found the following floodlight on his store. http://www.aliexpres...2037336497.html I want to find out if I can use these out of the box without any changes/hacking as some of the other rgb flood lights need. On the flood light description it mentions about wireless control. Hence I have a feeling that it may not work out of the box. I reached out to Ray and this was his response: "this 12v rgb flood light is 4wires, it works in the same way as the below rgb strip and rgb nodes: can work with LOR 24 channel 12 volt controller http://www.aliexpres...1742526381.html http://www.aliexpres...522236867.html" I would prefer to avoid hacking so I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks for your help! Cheers, Andy
  16. MacDaddyEug

    RGB Newbie Help

    I need some help, as a newbie jumping into the RGB world. (sorry about the big pics too) I have watched a lot of the videos....and I get it...but just not confident that I get it! I have connector pig tails , the 27 channel circuit boards , RGB LED strip CCR , RGB flood lights, 15 DMX modules and RGB CCB (I think) I don't yet have the power supplies, because I don't know how many I need. I have 100 of the CCB, 5x 15m of the CCR, 15 RGB floods. I have one USB connector (RS232?). Do I need another adapter for the RGB set up? I am running 6 x 16 LOR controllers. I guess what I am asking is how do these things go together? Do I need 1 DMX module per flood? 1 DMX module per strand of RGB? I am a little lost as to the actual set up............. Any assistance or pointing in the right direction is most appreciated. Thank you in advance. Garreth MacDonald Eugene OR
  17. Hello, I just purchased my first LOR controller! Anyways. I received the controller, pieced it together, and got a nice flashing red light! Excellent! So, before I purchased, I had done plenty of research on the LOR and everything about it. I found out that all LOR's accept DMX-512 Natively! Aint' that awesome!?! Coming from a stage lighting background, I loved the idea. Reading further, I found that Light-o-rama has their own guide to making an XLR to RJ-45 patch cable to run DMX signal to your LOR. Here:http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/DMX-DOC.pdf I followed the instructions EXACTLY, even checking continuity on each pin when I was done. I even created the crossover version of the patch cable like listed in the .pdf. And still, no cigar. I can't figure out why this doesn't work. Is there a different way of doing this? are the pins wrong? Whats the issue here? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  18. I have a 10x17 (170) pixel matrix sign I have just made. Hopefully I have not messed up with the design. I looked over at the Holidaycoro site and saw where David suggested that the pixels go right to left pattern. I did not do that. I went up and down from the right corner going left. Hopefully I have not messed up. I know this topic is under the "Software" side of things so here we go (again if I have not messed up on configuring the pixels). How do I get the above mentioned pieces of software configured correctly to reflect my pixel layout? Also when exporting it, how can I label the channels in S3 without having to go and type in changes on all 510 channels? Thanks, Robert
  19. Hello all, just an FYI ... I placed for a shipment of things from Rays Store, and as usual, he had it shipped out and it arrived in 4 days! I have placed another order, and just to let everyone know, Customs from Shenzen to China Mainland (which is where the package goes to leave china) has slowed things down. See Ray's email below... "my dhl forwarder said there is a sudden very strict inspection in the board between HK and shenzhen (China mainland),and my DHL forwarder use HK DHL, once the inspection has been approved, the dhl website will update the tracking number information. i have explained this matter to many customers these 3 days, this is a Emergency situations for us." thanks Kip
  20. Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing the CMB24D Controller + 8 RGB single pixel ribbon. The idea is to create a smaller mega-tree with 8 rows, or if it doesn't look dense enough, add to my existing megatree (link below). According to the store info, it requires an external power supply and enclosure. I really have no idea what I'm looking for there. It looks like there's a PSU available on the website here: http://store.lightorama.com/1260waposu.html, is that any good? What enclosures would you recommend? How hard is it for a noob to cable this up? Is soldering required? Is this really the best solution for a "dumb" single-pixel mega tree, or are there better solutions out there (specifically all-in-one, assembled kits, for lazy people like me.) Last-Year's Megatree:
  21. Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing the CMB24D Controller + 8 RGB single pixel ribbon. The idea is to create a smaller mega-tree with 8 rows, or if it doesn't look dense enough, add to my existing megatree (link below). According to the store info, it requires an external power supply and enclosure. I really have no idea what I'm looking for there. It looks like there's a PSU available on the website here: http://store.lightorama.com/1260waposu.html, is that any good? What enclosures would you recommend? How hard is it for a noob to cable this up? Is soldering required? Is this really the best solution for a "dumb" single-pixel mega tree, or are there better solutions out there (specifically all-in-one, assembled kits, for lazy people like me.) Last-Year's Megatree:
  22. I have ten (10) sets of CCR Controllers and matching power supplies for sale. They DO NOT include the CCR Ribbon. Each set is $40.00 (plus postage). They have been used the last 2/3 seasons with my Christmas display, and as of this post they all have been tested and working. Also, iDMX1000 with LOR iDMX1000/DMXKing CAT5 Adapter Cable (3 PIN XLR). This controller is approximately 4 years old, and only has very limited use for testing. It has never been outside, nor has it been used in my display. iDMX1000 is $130.00 (plus postage) includes CAT 5/3 PIN XLR Adapter. http://www.holidaycoro.com/3-PIN-XLR-to-CAT5-RJ45-Adapter-p/cable-3xlr-cat5.htm All Controllers are in excellent condition and have never been abused. PM me if interested or post if you have any questions.
  23. cjcruz

    RGB Nodes

    Does it matter which end is the input on the 12v RGB dumb nodes. I notice one side of the nodes have ICs.
  24. I just purchased a CMB24D and some 10w flood lights. I also purchased a cable guard cg1500 enclouser to mount it in and was trying to figure out how to mount it when I came across this at Holiday Coro. It allows you to mount the board and a power supply. I ordered it and it worked awesome. I got it all up in running quickly. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-O-Rama-LOR-CMB24D-Mounting-Kit-p/641-kit1.htm
  25. Would anyone have Carol of the Bells (Dubstep) by Capital Kings with no RGB's sequence for free or to purchase? I would be happy with beats to add to my mega trees and arches. 32 or 64 channels would be fine. EMAIL TROBERTS21277@GMAIL.COM