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  1. Thanks Tim. I think that I did that all correctly. I just find it odd that the hardware utility can see it and control lights, but that the sequence editor can't control lights. I feel like I am missing some crucial step.
  2. I need some help. I have a generic USB485 (not LOR). The hardware manager recognizes it and it identifies all of the controllers. I can control them from the control panel. However, when I set this to AUX A or even to Regular network, the sequence editor won't light the lights. Any ideas?
  3. I did it already. See the video
  4. Here is my finsished product. I hope that you like.
  5. 4000 lights, first year, 33 channels. I wouldn't worry too much about traffic. I'm not putting you down, just speaking from experience. My first year was 15,000 and 184 channels and we never had more than a few cars at one time.
  6. Thanks guys. I will play with it. I've never done a trigger. I don't have the header for the controllers yet. I think that the CCR controller has an input. It looks like a 3.5mm. Am I correct?
  7. I wanted to so something special for opening night. I'm thinking that a trigger is the way to go, but I haven't used them and I'm not sure that I can do this with a trigger. Picture this, my house has a huge talking face. I want to carry on a "conversation" with the house. A the beginning, the face would be in a silent mode (lit up and maybe glancing right and left and occasionally blinking). I say something like, "OK house, let's start the show" (then I click a button) LOR runs a sequence where the house talks to me and then goes back to the silent mode. I respond to the house and then click the button again LOR runs a sequence... (and so on). Any thoughts of how this could be done?
  8. Only half? Like channels 1-8 or 9-16? Or is it some random half (like 3,4, 6,7,8, 10, 15,16)? If it is the first, check for power before and after the fuse.
  9. I use three channels to chase 24 candy canes. That is 8 per channel
  10. eurbani

    Between shows?

    If this is your first year, you may be dissappointed in the traffic unless you live on or are viewable from a fairly busy street.
  11. My 8 year old set my CCR strip on the floor and then he (or a friend) stepped on it. Only one pixel damaged and only two colors wouldn't light. After poking around with an ohm meter, I found that two of the surface mounted resistors were not connected. I was able to fix it. It isn't pretty, but yay!
  12. I will have 37 controllers in the show this year. I have bunches of triple taps and power strips, but since I will be 90% LED, I just don't see the need for any 30 Amp controllers. I run my display off 6 outlets. 37 - 30 AMP controllers would need 74 outlets (best case, I would need about 34 triple taps).
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