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  1. Greetings. Someone posted a video of part of my show online, but it was speed up a bit... it was cool! I would like to do the same in my show.. How do I speed up the play speed of an existing sequence in my show? Thanks! TJ
  2. +1. Ive had the "factory" wires crossed before. Can you solder? BTW... Thanks for your service Mr P. tj
  3. R. If you already have a channel configuration, you should export it and use it when you create your new sequence or import it into your sequence. As far as adding an RGB channel, use "insert RGB cahnnels". T
  4. Welcome to the insanity! Depending on the controller, you will have between several thousand to over 16 million color possibilities. Enjoy! tj
  5. Foam wont help. Any way you can achieve stiffness thru tension? (use the tubing but put it under tension top/bottom? T
  6. I use 2 of these with the existing base and 2 1/2" pvc mount clamps on base. The head pivots 90 deg. so mounting on a vertical surface (as I do) is easy. https://www.menards.com/main/work-lights/smart-electrician-1-light-500-watt-7-800-lumen-halogen-work-light/p-2305286-c-7914.htm Cheap and very, very bright. T
  7. I've bought a lot from Automation Direct. http://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Relays_-z-_Timers t
  8. A $6 relay to save your $250.00 controller is money well spent. T
  9. I know this is overly simple... I drive a wooden stake into the ground. Install a wood screw with a washer thru the center bracket hole into the top of the stake. Walla! full gimbal pivoting spotlight. A 1 dollar can of flat black spray paint for the stake finishes the job. T
  10. Move box. I think cable distance is 100 meters max. Can someone please check me on this? I go 150 feet on 1 leg with a daisy chain beyond that. Never had a problem tj
  11. Plastic Residential LOR Boxes? Use screws thru the mounting holes. They are plenty strong. You can drive a pointy 2 x 4 into the ground, or get fancier from there. tj
  12. ...I'm here. Just dumb incans, LEDs and RGB strips. tj
  13. Lasers can be cool. I had a couple reds ready to go for my Halloween Show... Then realized I live only 5 miles from ICT. (Wichita Int. Airport) ... no lasers for me. I'll use them inside only. Anyway. If you like it, go for it. Have fun with it. tj
  14. Yet another reason not to do work on boards while they are "hot". tj
  15. Soldering is really not that tough, and as stated above, the snap-on connectors are not dependable. I use CAT5. I solder a short cat5 pig tail to the strip. Since cat5 has 8 wires, you can do 2 RGB channels with one controller connector/ cable. I have short runs, and have never had a problem. tj
  16. Mel. You're being modest... You have a LOT more than 240 channels. tj
  17. Once again,,, My Christmas "test" is up and running. Some new, some old. tj
  18. I don't use any extension chords... my display is all wireless. tj
  19. You are correct. I put a CPU fan on the bottom of the enclosure pushing air into the box and out a vent on 1 side, close to the top, with a protective cover. (a spray paint cap glued over the hole with a large slot cut in the lower side). I have used these in July, in 90deg+ weather. I don't run the fans at Christmas. The convection effect cools enough. tj
  20. tjflory

    total Newb

    ...Why would you want to do a silly thing like that? Run! ...Run Away! (see signature caption) tj
  21. I use these. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Carlon-8-in-x-4-in-Junction-Box-E989N-CAR/100404099 http://www.homedepot.com/p/Carlon-12-in-x-12-in-x-6-in-Junction-Box-E989R-UPC/100404149 They come with no holes, so they are truly waterproof. (when you start) They have large flat sides perfect for connectors/ plates. (I use Cat5) Note. The CMB24D just bareley fits in the 8 inch version. The 12 inch would easily hold several boards/ P/S's Menards sells them too. tj
  22. Holiday Coro sells RGB "node" strings. Dumb and intelligent. tj
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