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  1. Greetings. Someone posted a video of part of my show online, but it was speed up a bit... it was cool! I would like to do the same in my show.. How do I speed up the play speed of an existing sequence in my show? Thanks! TJ
  2. tjflory

    RGB strips mmmmm what s happening

    +1. Ive had the "factory" wires crossed before. Can you solder? BTW... Thanks for your service Mr P. tj
  3. tjflory

    RGB color challenges

    R. If you already have a channel configuration, you should export it and use it when you create your new sequence or import it into your sequence. As far as adding an RGB channel, use "insert RGB cahnnels". T
  4. tjflory

    Dumb RGB LED's - Mixing Colors

    Welcome to the insanity! Depending on the controller, you will have between several thousand to over 16 million color possibilities. Enjoy! tj
  5. tjflory

    Full LED Strip PVC Support

    Foam wont help. Any way you can achieve stiffness thru tension? (use the tubing but put it under tension top/bottom? T
  6. I like to give credit when credit is due... I ordered a simple video with dancing skeletons for my garage door, It was ready the following day. I had forgotten to tell them the format I needed for LOR. They had that format for me the following day. The Video looks great. I am very happy... so rare these days. T
  7. Here's the final verdict: Kutop refused to send my property or refund my money. Paypal said they would refund my money but I had to return the error items with tracking. It would have cost 42 dollars to ship to china. Bottom line: Paypal does not refund return shipping for non Ebay purchases. BEWARE! T
  8. tjflory

    The neighbor from hell

    Wow. Sounds Terrible. (I've got one of those too) As Dcroc said.. kinda... You attract more bees with sugar than with vinegar. Often, that type of personalty feeds on conflict. I know its difficult, but try to be extremely overly nice with her. It may be worth the while to avoid conflict and acting out on her part. T
  9. tjflory

    Does anyone know how many lights

    Same here for my arches and sticks. Takes less than a minute to change a failed section. T
  10. tjflory

    Light O Rama service is so bad...

    Oh well. Helzberg probably stole it too.
  11. Well... Paypal wants me to return the items to CHINA which will cost 2/3 of what I paid already for the wrong items. I am not happy with paypal or Kutop International. T
  12. tjflory

    Light O Rama service is so bad...

    Sheesh... Helzbergs has had my Wife's wedding ring for 6 weeks and 2 days to replace a 1/4 carat diamond under warranty. They could learn a thing or two from the Good folks at LOR. T
  13. Sounds good. I have never had to do a claim. T
  14. These folks did not send me what I ordered. They admitted their error. They offered a (very) small partial refund. I asked them to send the correct items and I offered to return the incorrect ones. I asked for a refund and again offered to return the incorrect items. They stopped responding. The matter is in claim status with Paypal. T